Ukraine no longer applying for NATO membership

On March 6, local time, a member of the Ukrainian delegation to the Russian-Ukrainian negotiations, chairman of the parliamentary group of the Ukrainian People’s Servants Party Arakhamiya said that NATO is not ready to discuss the issue of Ukraine’s membership in the organization for the next five to ten years.

He said that the Ukrainian side will no longer work on submitting an application for NATO membership, but will discuss some “non-NATO model”.

Members of the Ukrainian delegation in the Russian-Ukrainian talks: the sides are satisfied with the current negotiation process

A member of the Ukrainian delegation to the Russian-Ukrainian talks, chairman of the parliamentary caucus of the People’s Public Service Party of Ukraine, Arakhamiya, said on 6 local time that both sides are satisfied that they are able to listen to each other’s positions and carry out active discussions.

He said that the only thing that cannot be agreed with the Russian side at the moment is the issue of Crimea and the recognition of independence of Luhansk and Donetsk.

European Commission President: Ukraine needs time to join the EU

In an interview with the media in Berlin, Germany on March 6, European Commission President Von der Leyen once again expressed her views on Ukraine’s accession to the EU. She said she welcomed Ukraine’s application to join the EU and that “there is no doubt that the brave Ukrainian people belong to the European family”. But at the same time, Von der Leyen noted that there are clear rules and processes that “cannot be bypassed” and that accession to the EU does not happen overnight. She also did not give a clear answer on when this process will bear fruit at the earliest. Von der Leyen stressed that right now, the most important thing is to provide as much support as possible to Ukraine in the current conflict.

Previously, von der Leyen has repeatedly stated that the most important task today is to end the conflict and that Ukraine’s accession to the EU should be the next step in the discussion. It is widely believed that the EU cannot actually do too much about Ukraine’s accession, except for expressing solidarity and intentions. Since Ukraine is too far from the standards required by the EU in all aspects of political, economic and social development, its path to the EU is destined to be a long one. Scholars also point out that it is necessary to manage the expectations of Ukraine’s accession to the EU and not to let the outside world expect too much from it, and the EU should not make too many unrealistic promises.

The Russian Defense Ministry held a press conference to inform about the latest developments in Russia’s military operations against Ukraine.

The briefing said Russian forces have largely neutralized the Ukrainian Armed Forces Air Force and warned regional neighbors not to provide airports for Ukrainian warplanes to use as bases.

The Russian Defense Ministry also said that the Russian side has uncovered a U.S.-funded military biological program in Ukraine during the military operation. Several Ukrainian biological laboratories near the Russian border had been engaged in biochemical weapons development. After the start of the Russian military operation against Ukraine, these laboratories urgently destroyed viruses capable of causing plague, anthrax and cholera. The Russian side has now released the relevant materials.

Russian military says it has destroyed 93 Ukrainian aircraft

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Vladimir Konashenkov said on Saturday that Russian forces have destroyed 93 Ukrainian aircraft, 69 of which were destroyed on the ground and 24 shot down from the air. In the past day and night alone, Russian air force and air defense units shot down five Su-27, one MiG-29 and two Su-25 fighters of the Ukrainian army.

Since the start of the fighting until March 5, the U.S. Army has destroyed 44 Russian aircraft and 44 helicopters.