Stem cell IQ tax worth 600,000 yuan

  In the past few years, “stem cell therapy” has been blooming everywhere. The advertisements advocated that a single injection of stem cells can rejuvenate and cure all diseases. Many people have paid IQ taxes to liars.
  To this end, the “Administrative Measures for Stem Cell Clinical Research” issued in 2015 clearly pointed out that charging research-related fees to stem cell clinical research subjects is a violation of regulations. In other words, there is currently no stem cell therapy for a compliance fee.
  What surprised the scientists was that the wealthy who could not pay the IQ tax on stem cells in China actually organized a group to go abroad. They traveled thousands of miles to a stem cell treatment center in Ukraine and spent RMB 600,000 to inject embryonic stem cells. The cost of a course of treatment was as high as several million RMB.
  And the rich people not only don’t feel heartache, but also feel good about it: “The clinic said that after a course of treatment, a person can be 30 years younger. I just had an injection of stem cells, and I felt that my whole body was warm, and the effect was obvious!”
  In fact, Injecting allogeneic cells can easily lead to rejection. After the injection of stem cells, the whole body feels fever, which is the immune rejection. When chicken blood therapy was popular in the 1980s, some people had a fever after injection of chicken blood, which was also due to immune rejection. Therefore, rather than saying that Ukraine’s stem cell application is technologically advanced, it is better to say that it is backward in supervision.
  Stem cell therapy is indeed effective, but most stem cell clinical studies use pluripotent stem cells, or specific cell types that have been induced to differentiate, for specific indications, and undergo rigorous preclinical safety and efficacy evaluations. A simple and crude injection of stem cells like a Ukrainian clinic has great ethical, legal and scientific problems.
  What is even more frightening is that the stem cells used for injection are extracted from aborted fetuses, and a considerable number of fetuses are aborted because of serious congenital diseases, such as tumors, congenital gene defects, etc. If the cells of these seriously ill fetuses are not quality-controlled and injected into the human body as a panacea, the consequences will be disastrous.
  There is also a reliable “life bank”, that is, cell cryopreservation technology. At present, neonatal umbilical cord blood cell storage (whether self-retention or donation), as well as neonatal umbilical cord, placenta and other tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cell storage, have undergone time-tested for more than 20 years. Adult immune cell storage It is also an emerging direction in the past decade.
  Under cryopreservation conditions such as liquid nitrogen, these cells retain their life activities as much as possible, “freezing time with temperature”, waiting for new scientific discoveries and technological inventions to appear. These new scientific discoveries and technological inventions may be used to treat diseases, delay aging, and present the strength and beauty of life.