Safety syringe

The company recently launched the internationally advanced “disposable safety injection needle” series of products, which adopt displacement technology and can be matched with the syringe to form a safety syringe, which is used for the injection of liquid medicine in environments such as skin and muscle, eliminating the most harmful Risk; it can be fitted with a pen-type blood collection needle holder (Holer) to form a safe blood collection needle; it provides a completely enclosed blood collection environment, which is widely used in the safe collection process of venous blood specimens in clinical, outpatient, hospitalization, and emergency procedures. Later, the venipuncture needle can be automatically retracted, and the needle seat is destroyed. Simplify the operation link, provide work efficiency, ensure the quality of collection, ensure the safety of operation, and improve the technical level of medical staff in diagnosis and treatment.

M-type Syringe

SL-SN protective safety syringe

Z-type Syringe

Disposable safety syringe【retractable self-destruct type】

Disposable safety syringe [Needle tip protection type]