His eyes were also tears of tears

He took Jacquelin from his hand. Jacqueline tilted her blond-headed head against the man’s shoulder. Jacqueline was no longer trying to fight: he was defeated; and it made him so much!… They wept quietly, listening to the play, under the moving roof of heavy clouds, so low-running clouds that they seemed to be hollow trees. They thought of everything they had suffered – so they might all suffer. There are moments in which music conjures up the whole melancholy that has been woven into the fate of man…

After a while Jacqueline wiped her eyes and looked at Olivier, and suddenly they embraced each other. Oh infinite happiness! Religious luck. So sweet and deep it is that it produces pain!

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One woman had a healthy effect on her

That woman was Jacquel’s father’s sister, Martta Langeais, aged between four and fifty, unmarried. She was bulky, her face was regular, but the expression was sad and she was not beautiful; she always dressed in black; in his gestures and movements there was something very valuable; he barely spoke, and he did it quite quietly. He would have barely been noticed by the people, unless his gray, intelligent eyes were so bright and his embarrassed mouth smile so good.

Martha was not seen with relatives as rarely, on days when the couple was two. Mr Langeais felt a disgusting reverence for him. Mrs Langeais did not hide from her husband how little she liked that visits to her. However, because of the necessity of self-indulgence, they forced him to invite him to the dinner regularly once a week; nor did they conceal that they called him alone for the sake of duty. Mr Langeais spoke about himself at these occasions, it was always the subject of his speech. Mrs. Langeais thought about the other things, and smiled at her smile, answering the stranger, almost indiscriminately.

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What would he have told him

Everything was scattered like Christophe had thought. His unwavering sentences appeared, but his letter of correction never appeared, Gamache kindly tolerated him with greetings that he understood his generosity that such hesitation was in honor of Christoph; but he kept his own secret of the reasons for those Christophe’s troubles; and the false beliefs made by Christoph continued to circulate, leading to criticism first in French magazines, then in Germany, where they freted their minds: how could a German artist speak so inappropriately from his own country!

Christophe thought he was excellently inventive when he took advantage of the next interview, which was repelled by a reporter from another newspaper; In this interview he declared his love for the Deutsches Reich , for there was, he said, at least as free as in the French Republic. – He now spoke to an old magazine reporter, and it was because the interviewer immediately put his antirepublic opinions in his mouth.

– Get it to the source! Christophe said, seeing this writing.

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She was sitting one day in the afternoon at her mother’s salon

Despite the success that struggled outside France, the material status of the friends improved slowly. Difficult times came when regular famine was forced. The damage was compensated for by eating two more heavily when the money was received. But for a long time it was a desperate food order.

At the moment, they had a “lean cows” again. Christophe had continued even half the night to get ready for an insanely nuotinkopioimistyön Hechtille; he had gone to rest only at dawn, and slept as a log to take back the controlled night’s damage. Olivier had left the city early: he had an hour at the other end of Paris. At about eight o’clock the caretaker, who brought them letters to their apartment, called the doorbell. Usually he didn’t care to linger at the door unless it soon opened, but put the letters under the door. But now, this morning, he knocked himself. Christophe woke up in his sleep and went to the business to open; he did not bother to listen to what the caretaker smiled and talked to him about a newspaper article;

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“Child slave” phenomenon

  ”To give birth or to survive”, “house slave + child slave = life as slave” – ​​similar bitterness has recently caused unprecedented resonance in the post-80s group in China, and also gave birth to a new term – “child slave “. The so-called “child slave” refers to the life state in which parents have been working hard for their children, busy with their children, and lost their self-worth. Today’s “child slave” panic disorder spreads rapidly among young people in China. It is a social phenomenon not to be born or to be born. In response, a Chinese scholar told the Global Times reporter that some parents buy insurance for their children, and that children must be guaranteed from the age of 7 to 70. On the surface, this is a kind of selfless love, but it is actually a selfish fear, a distrust and suspicion of the child’s ability and society. Compared with China, there are also “child slaves” in some foreign groups, but many foreign parents believe that they should learn to enjoy the time with their children rather than regard it as a burden or investment.

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