How does Amazon make money from data?

If you are the owner of a fruit stand, how should you use data thinking to make decisions? Which groups prefer taxis, car users or car users? How did Baidu know I bought a razor in the supermarket? How does Amazon e-commerce make money from data?

This is an interesting guide that can help you fully and deeply understand the mysteries of data business thinking, and can make your business insight more acute.

The application of data thinking is everywhere

What is the most important thing in business thinking? Decision – making.

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Misunderstanding management is a disaster for enterprises.

The reason why I chose this topic is because I found in many forums and training meetings that enterprises have misunderstood or belittled ” management”. In reality, many enterprises also have many problems.

Several Typical Mistakes

” operation is greater than management” VS ” operation precedes management”

Now there is a kind of ” inertia” in language expression. In various occasions, experts and entrepreneurs overemphasize the management mechanism and do not pay enough attention to management. There are many kinds of statements, such as ” management is greater than management” and ” management is not required”. This statement is extremely extreme.

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Brand Path in Super Marketing Era

Marketing, E - commerce, Mobile Internet, Big Data

With the widespread popularization of mobile Internet and the growing maturity of various basic technologies, e-commerce platform, as a more time – saving, labor – saving, money-saving and worry-saving convenient retail channel, has begun to show explosive growth, thus becoming an important retail channel in the current Chinese market.

Many brands have also embraced the major online shopping platforms due to the consumers’ increasingly formed online shopping habits and the development of the entire format, and gradually changed the online shops into the development focus of their own businesses.

However, with the decline of the Internet dividend, the acquisition cost of the pure e-commerce mode has continued to rise. With the rise of the consumption upgrade in 2016, consumers who are increasingly paying attention to the quality of consumption and shopping experience have gradually started to return to offline retail channels. Under the combined effect of these two factors, coupled with the popularity of digital infrastructure and terminals, a new retail revolution has emerged.

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