All night she dreamed and wondered

“Then star nor sun shall waken,
Nor any change of light;
Nor sound of waters shaken
Nor any sound or sight.
Nor wintry leaves or vernal
Nor days nor things diurnal;
Only the sleep eternal
In an eternal night.”

Ruth had fasted for three days. All she drank was a cup of warm milk
twice a day—and drank this very slowly. The third night after saying her
prayers she fell into a sound sleep. It was darkest midnight when
Cresto, with many of his friends, came to protect Ruth. All were dressed
in disguise—in long black robes. Ruth gradually felt her soul gently and
silently carried away in space to the underworld.

“Cresto, dear, were you ever in this awful, dismal, dark, place before?”

“Yes, dear, all souls from earth are taken here at death and judged. I
was here a few days until I was judged for every act I ever did. No soul
can escape this court. Darling girl, when you are taken here, I will
come with you. I beg you to live such a perfect Christian life that our
dear judges will not keep you long. Some stay thousands of years in this
one place, others, only a few days. Christ descended and remained here
two days Himself. He was perfect. The third day Our Lord ascended up to
Heaven. He rose in great power and glory. Dear Ruth, if you follow in
His footsteps, you need not fear to go where He has been. Jesus has
surveyed the narrow road that leads to the gates of Heaven. He is the
one who will light the way for us. Here our Lord and His hosts of
angels, judge the living and the dead. Christ and His own followers have
been judged here, so that they may be just to the wicked. He obeys and
keeps all laws that He commands us to keep. This is Divine justice to
all. Praise His Holy name. He is most Divine! We are one universal
family and every soul is treated alike. We all get our reward here,
whether it is good or evil. Hades is surrounded on all sides by awful,
grim, ghastly, rivers of woe. Millions upon millions of firm, silent
boatmen carry the dead here to be judged. They row you safely and
silently to the great wide gates of Sheol, these cold stone gates are
broad and high. Justice alone holds the keys. Souls at death cannot
fly—they gradually learn to later. Those living here are all
earth-bound. Sin has weakened their souls to such an extent that they
cannot fly, and have not life enough to try. Constant sin is slow death
to the soul. Here life has death for a neighbor. The great gates of
Purgatory are daily and nightly thronged with millions and millions of
angel guests. Just as the earthly prison should be thronged to see that
justice rules! It is our business to see that no innocent soul stays in
prison on earth. No one should be cast into prison on circumstantial
evidence; this is an awful crime. The prisons on earth should be as good
and just as the ones are in Purgatory, but they are not. You can change
the laws and make them so in time if the people of earth all work hard.
To understand Heaven and Hades we must study the last two chapters in
the Bible. Read Revelations 22:15. Study all of Revelations.”

They walked on deeper into the woods of lonely darkness. It was misty.
The angry dark gray clouds above them would not admit a ray of sunlight.
We saw great monsters among the cold gray rocks; in the wide crevices
were huge, long, green serpents, with mad, fiery red eyes. These snakes
were the companions of low men and women, of drunkards, gluttons, and
former prostitutes. Snakes and all ugly animals have ugly thoughts. They
are on a low mental plane.

“Ruth, dear, your sweet disposition, your constant prayers, have made
your face beautiful. Some of these poor, ill, low, ugly, fallen women
tried to console themselves with ugly dogs and cats on earth. There were
no babies, or children in Hades to pet, and as these poor, half clad,
half starved women would try to pet these dogs, they would growl and
snarl and bite them. All animals were cross; there was no love or
harmony there.”

“Cresto, why are these hungry dogs and snakes with these poor, sad, ugly
men and women?”

“Dear, like seeks like; love attracts love; enemies that hate each other
most, must live together. The wonderful power of gravitation draws them
together. Look well, dear, and remember the result of hate. It is as
strong to attract as love is. All animals have souls and thoughts the
same as we have, only they are undeveloped. Men and women having the
same thoughts as animals and snakes are attracted to each other; here is
another lesson on the law of gravitation. It develops the soul more to
adopt children instead of dogs or cats. The soul of a child is Divine.
Every one must live in the soul world or live in this underworld to
suffer with dangerous animals in Purgatory, until developed out of this
state. It takes intelligence, strength and energy to get out of
Purgatory. Science proves this. You see, dear, how easy it is to get
here? How hard to get out?”

As they went deeper and deeper into the lonely forest they saw a large,
filthy, dead sea covered over with green slime. The odor from this
stagnant water made them all ill.

“The only fish here is the ugly octopus. These poor, weary, tired men
and women catch them and cook them on the rocks and eat them.”

They did not see any fruit in the forest. These folks were too angry and
lazy to cultivate the ground or make the most of their punishment. All
they wanted was revenge and an excuse to get out of work. They all
seemed to be cowards and indolent. The awful rivers and lakes were green
and slimy. The air was cold, misty and damp all the time. No stars or
moon mingled in the dark gray clouds above. There were no flowers or
birds or lovers here. The land was full of muddy green swamps. They saw
them bare-footed, walking in the mud up to their knees. Some took on
each other’s conditions; all looked mean, blue, cross and ugly; they
would fight, groan, swear and curse one another. We could not find any
real love there. It was all cruel hate. Angels often came down when they
were fighting to part them. Then some would cling to their robes and
hold on like mad men. An electric shock from these high angels’ minds
would throw them onto the ground again. O! the power of mind or soul!
Every time they would hurt or abuse another, they were forced to stay
another day in Purgatory. Men or women who had tortured or helped in any
way to torture any prisoner or helpless child or insane person, or any
one in their power on earth, were tortured seven-fold there; their
innocent victims were permitted to come here and torture them. This is a
just law and is followed out to the letter in the underworld. One cannot
escape justice any more than they can escape life. We all live on and on
whether we go to Heaven or Hades.

“Ruth, here is another proof that the wicked are punished just as the
Bible teaches. Here in this underworld the souls of the wicked groan and
moan and are tormented day and night. Here the awful blackness seemed
touched and blended with green and blue fire, the air was poisoned with
awful furies. Ugly long, yellow and black, fiery-eyed, serpents are
everywhere driving the inhabitants here and there, ‘there was no rest
for the wicked.’”

The serpents were even climbing the trees. The trees all looked dead,
old and withered. All the men and women seemed lost; not one could find
their loved ones. All were parted! All lonely! Their only companions
were those they hated most. Many had been in this awful place for years
and years. Many would stay years longer, because they had made slaves of
lovely young girls. These poor, helpless girls had gone on to Heaven,
and the men that ruined them were still suffering here. They suffered
more than their former victims ever did. Ruth was so glad to see these
men suffering. Young girls have a right to honor and sacred love and
homes. These men and women that once sold sweet, lovely young girls for
money, prayed for death; but there is no death in Hades! It was awful to
see these souls live on and on to suffer and groan from remorse of
conscience. There would be no justice without this great mighty
underworld court, or Purgatory. The sins and crimes of darkness, of all
the universe, are concentrated here. This is a terrible and dismal
region of darkness, misery, despair and sorrow! Hades is a place in
space down in the opposite direction from Heaven. It is God’s mighty
Court of Justice. There is no money or bail given there. You cannot
bribe the Judge or jury. Their souls are laid bare! Their hearts and
very thoughts are judged. All their past acts are recorded. Justice
reigns supreme. Every act and thought is pictured in space. Every sound
ascends and is recorded by our angels. Science is a perfect
photographer. All acts and thoughts are retained on the lens of the

“Cresto, is that why these men and women seem so insane?”

“Yes, dear, their minds are all darkness from sin and ignorance.”

“Cresto, please take me home out into the fresh air, I cannot stand
their awful looks and misery.”

“Come, we will go at once. I should have taken you back sooner.”

“O! what happiness to fly from darkest Purgatory, out into God’s lovely
star light. To soar like a free bird in the sweet, pure fresh air. What
a contrast from that awful place!”

“Ruth, are you not glad you have chosen missionary work instead of

“Yes, dear, from now on I shall be perfectly happy in doing good. I must
commence my work at once. Now is the time. How lovely it is to float
like this among the stars. Away in space! To float like a bird among the
stars and clouds is perfect ecstacy! Each star looks like big, bright
double balls of light; one was blue, one was white. Cresto, this is a
heavenly sight!”

“My darling, I will hold you closer to my heart and fly on and on with
you just to please you. My greatest happiness is in seeing you happy.
All you need to do is to put your lovely head on my breast, and take
long, deep breaths.”

“Darling, how grateful I am to you, Cresto, dear, to be able to float as
the angels do with you, just for tonight. O! this lovely, perfect night.
Cresto, I love you!”

“All night she dreamed and wondered with the light
Her lover came—and then she understood
The purpose of her being. Life was good,
And all the world seemed bright
And nothing was, but right.”

—Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

The next morning, early at dawn, she saw this Indian prince
clairvoyantly. At first she could not believe her eyes! She thought the
trip to Mars and Purgatory only a dream.

“Cresto, are you a true, living soul? Was my awful dream last night all

“Yes, poor child, your dream was all more than true. Our souls often
travel together. It is a fact that our souls can travel, while our
bodies sleep. Love, there is no limit to the soul’s flight. Our souls
are made in the image of God. Doll, long ago I was once a real, live
Indian prince. I came from another star to watch over you and protect
you, dear. Dreams are often true. I have given you many facts in dreams.
I will also develop you to a higher degree clairvoyantly. You hear me
now, love, clairaudiently. True visions from the other world will often
be revealed to you. Ruth, please remember all that I reveal to you in
visions, dreams, or strong impressions will be real facts,—soul facts. I
develop you to help you make poor, sorrowing humanity happy and teach
you to help others to higher planes.”

“Cresto, why do you spend so much time with me?”

“Dear, I will always be with you. I am your twin-soul—your soul-mate. I
am your other half. Darling child, without you there is no life or
happiness. You are all my very own, my twin-soul. God has made us one. I
love you with all my heart and life! I will often take your soul away in
vision to visit and enjoy other planets. Souls from other stars will
come to teach you and reveal beautiful facts to you. We will help you to
keep busy, happy and content, dove. Ruth all things are dual—all souls
dual. My darling, do you love me?”

“Yes, dear, I love you. I do not know why this new love is so strange to
me, so different from anything I ever heard of or thought of. Cresto, am
I the first mortal ever loved by a spirit? Is this a real fact or am I
still dreaming? Please, dear, tell me?”

“Ruth, do you hear me?”

“Yes, I do?”

“Are you sure?”

“I am positive, Cresto.”

“Now, do you see me?”

“Yes, I see you.”

“My own darling little angel, kiss me.”

Ruth felt his warm kisses on her lovely red lips.

“Now, dear, if you hear me, and see me, and feel my kisses, don’t you
know that I live?”

“I know now that it is true!”

“Doll, you are all my very own. You are the complement of my self-love.
Dearest, there is no individual spirit, male or female, exists without
its one eternal complement. The law of attraction will sooner or later
bring them together. Our souls have always been brought together.
According to science we were once two tiny flames of light. You were a
dim, tiny, soft, white light. I was the stronger and brighter one. We
could not be parted then. Your soul was then effeminate, my own always
masculine. Dearest child, you will always be a lady, I a gentleman—man
through eternity. We had no bodies then, we were all soul, dear. Just
two little lights, imprisoned with a tiny globe of light, floating in a
circle near the lovely, bright Pleiades. So the dear angels could watch
over us and protect our souls. They have protected us ever since and
always will, dear. Some day, darling, we will protect others. There is
lots of work to do in our Master’s vineyard. We will love to work
together; all angels do. In Heaven and all other stars where true
soul-mates are united in holy marriage, they are called angels. In Mars
we almost always see the two together. Sweetheart, our souls were living
and shining in space together for centuries. All others are the same.
God loves us more than we love Him. Our souls are very dear and can
never, never be lost—that is an impossibility. We are one with Our
Father in Heaven. Love, He has made us one for our immortal happiness.
Our souls crave and constantly pray for eternal loving companionship.
You are mine, for you and I, dear, were in embryo in a globe of light,
blended in harmony, and kept together by magnetism for our own
protection; until the angels were sure our souls were perfect and would
be immortal. Our immortality is very expensive, let us prize it and be
grateful, prayerful and always happy. After our souls become very
sensitive, strong, and highly magnetized, we are carried to earth and
become human for the first time. All the rest of the time, our souls
have been taking on immortality, and gradually growing. God created us,
then magnetized us, in the beginning so we could find each other, and be
united now. I have found you again, love, by the law of attraction.
Dear, I will explain more clearly that angels send these sacred little
twin-souls encased in globes of light to your earth by electricity on
waves of ether through the heavens, down, down, safely to earth to live
in mortal forms in order that we may obtain experience and knowledge.
You are my immortal wife, my only love from this day on. Your dear
guardian angel left you in America and me in India. Dear, angels sent
the stork from door to door with you; mothers were all too busy to keep
you long, they did not know your value. Your mother longed and prayed
for a child just like you. She has loved you and kept you close to her
loving heart for sixteen years. Dear, I can see a light around your
sweet, pretty head. Our minds or souls are still light. If mortals could
only see the light. Many can see it clairvoyantly. Good night.”

A year has passed away. Ruth has not heard from Cresto, or even dreamed
of him. All this time she has been doing all the good she could with her
pen and dear old violin. Cathy de Bathe had gone to California to study
music. Aunt Mary had just brought Ruth a letter from Cathy.

“Here, honey, is a fat letter from youah sweetheart, Miss Ruth.”

“Thank you, Aunt Mary.”

“My Own Darling Ruth:

I was so glad to get your last letter. I am very sorry you do not have
any more visions. I do. I keep it a secret, for my husband and his folks
are all Adventists and do not believe as you and I do.

Forgive me, dear, for not telling you of my marriage before. I married
for love and money; all California girls do. We are not so sweet and
good as you are. My young husband is tall and handsome, with brown eyes,
light curly hair, and weighs over two hundred pounds. You see, my dear,
he is a dainty little California boy. His name is Addison MacRay.
Addison gave me a lovely, modern bungalow. We have a smooth, velvety
lawn in front. A great variety of hanging ferns on our large stone front
porch; around this porch are many kinds of lovely roses, violets, ferns
and other plants. There are two broad stone steps; on either side of the
steps are massive square pillars on each of which is a drooping tropical
plant. There is a great, large oak door, with four pretty, small
windows. We have a long living room, with a sturdy old mission
fireplace. Addison bought beautiful furniture for every room. There is a
large dining room, and a cute little breakfast room. Our room is a
dream—all in blue and white. Off from our little breakfast room is a
large, sunny aviary filled with canary birds that sing all day long. My
husband bought the birds in Paris. We have fruit, flowers and vegetables
growing the year round back of our home. We gather fruit and flowers
every day. We have imported chickens, doves and horses. We drive in the
country every day. Please come and visit us for a few months. I want you
to enjoy our new home. Ruth, come and see it for yourself, I haven’t
time to tell you how beautiful it is. My dear, I have a few friends that
come to our home twice a week, just to investigate the immortality of
the soul. The name of our class is ‘The Divinity Club.’ I have two new
angels in my band, Asa and Ione. Asa said he used to weigh two hundred
pounds; now he only weighs seventy-five pounds. Now he and Ione have a
lovely home in Mars. His twin-soul, Ione, is sweet and just as pretty
and young as you are, Dolly dear. They both worship each other and look
alike; only Asa is much taller. Ione told me a man on Mars would be
eighty-three times stronger than a man on earth. And she said there was
plenty of water from the wonderful canals to supply every one. The red
planet, Mars, is very interesting to me. Do you know much about it?
Please tell me all you know about it, will you, dear?



P. S.—Please write soon, love.”

Addison and Cathy MacRay were the happiest couple in California, they
were going to visit friends on Catalina Island.

“Darling Addison, I hate to leave our new bungalow even to visit our
best friends.”

At San Pedro they found passageway on the boat Cabrillo. The water was
calm and brilliantly blue. They enjoyed watching the silvery flying fish
on the way. Their friends were at the pier to meet them, Artemus Dawson,
the inventor, Lemanuel Schwarze, Flora Thurston and her daughter and son
were in the party, Ana Marie Thurston was pretty, lively and full of
fun. Mr. Dawson drove slowly up the steep hill to his quaint little
home. All were tired and retired early. All of the guests were up early
the next morning and ready to view the submarine gardens. Mr. Dawson
owned a wonderful glass bottom boat—his own invention. Artemus used
electricity as motive power. By touching a key the boat shot forward
through the foam, producing strains of music.

They looked down through the glass and saw every variety of fish—even
gold fish. It was a fairyland of beauty, and we wondered if these fish
had intelligence. These gardens are wonderful. They enjoyed their beds
of stone and lovely green, lacy blankets of soft, fluffy moss. Long,
hanging ferns grew from their castles of rock. God has made a beautiful
world for the fish to live in. The fish enjoy their wonderful homes.
They obey the laws of Nature, hence they still live in the garden of
Eden. The ugly fish were not jealous of the beautiful gold fish. They
seemed to enjoy each other’s society and live in harmony. How could they
fight in such beautiful gardens? They enjoyed viewing these lovely
gardens of the sea until nearly sun down. By the time they reached home
they were all tired out.

Ana Marie Thurston was a sweet, cheerful little blonde. She resembled
her father, who was killed for the money he possessed when she was a
small child. Albert Thurston was a psychic before he was killed. Ana
Marie had a beautiful sister, who died in New Orleans at the age of
fourteen. Eva Thurston was dark, tall and beautiful. Eva and her father
developed Ana Marie until she was a wonderful psychic. Mrs. Thurston and
Ana Marie were broken hearted when Eva died.

Her friends began to plead with little Ana Marie to go into a trance, or
see clairvoyantly for them. “My father and Eva tell me I can go into a
trance and then I must retire.”

All wrote down everything she said. Ana Marie was controlled by her
sweet, pretty sister Eva. “I am Eva, and my little sister will not
remember a word I say, so please tell her all I say?”

“Eva, dear, we will write every word and show her the notes.”

“Thank you. Please tell my little sister that my father and I love her
and mamma more than ever. My father and I live in Mars now. I died a
true Catholic. The first angel I saw was my father and his sweet
companion. Mamma in a few years you and sister will get married and be
happy. Mamma, please don’t cry so; it hurts us and ruins your own
health. We are with you the same as ever, and are not dead at all.

“Mr. Dawson, your mother, Mary Dawson, is here and sends you all her

“Mrs. Schwarze, your son George is here. He says he is in a fine school
at Lastriste, a large city in Mars. He loves his school and companions.

“Dear Cathy, I see many angels, with bright lights, around you and your
husband. Eno, Cresto, Daisy, Asa and Ione are here. Daisy is a lovely
blonde, with very large blue eyes; she has charge of many circles in
California. Daisy is bright and cheerful, and does a great deal of good
in the world. She lives with her grandparents in a lovely home in Mars.
This home is a wonderful mansion, all stone, and furnished elegantly.
She is a wonderful little artist. Her home is filled with beautiful
paintings that she has produced by herself. She inspires many slightly
talented people on earth to paint wonderfully. Daisy used to visit Cathy
often. Once she gave Cathy a lovely pearl ring. Cathy saw this lovely
ring, clairvoyantly.”

“I do not know how to thank you for that beautiful ring, now, Daisy
dear, please keep it for me until I go over there.”

“I will, dear Cathy. Cresto wants to talk to you now.”

“Cathy, it will pay you to go home in a month. Pack your trunk again and
visit your friend, Ruth. In a few months she will be killed by fear or
lightning, in a terrible storm. The child needs you there, later you
will need her; then she and I will come back and protect and help you.
Can she go, Addison?”

“She may go as soon as we get home. I must go and look after my mines,

“Addison, you will find a rich gold mine, one mile east of the one you
own now. Keep that mine all for your own. I give that to you for your
kindness to Ruth.”

“O, Cresto, I thank you with all my heart! I promise to go to Ruth as
soon as you want me to.”

“Enjoy your visit here first.”

As Daisy loved painting, Ione loved poetry. The poetess began in stately

“I have fed upon manna from heaven above;
Have tasted the fruit of a wonderful love;
I have looked on a land where the sun ever beams,
And talked with the angels in mystical dreams;
And though some visions may die in their birth,
They still leave the trail of their glory on earth.”

Ione read us other poems she had composed. Daisy asked if any of the
clairvoyants could tell the color of their new dresses? Cathy could see
that Daisy wore a pale blue silk, with fine lace trimming; Ione a light
yellow silk, trimmed in heavy, rich lace. Both wore rich jewels and
golden sandals. The maidens from Mars were beautiful, and had long heavy
golden hair. They wore lace undergarments of almost cobweb-like
delicacy, so very fine that it cannot be pictured or imagined. Long
white opera cloaks swept from their dresses. Their snowy, soft white
veils looked like floating clouds in the sunshine. Daisy wore daisies in
her golden hair and at her waist. She was a perfect saint and did all
the good she could on earth. We all adored her. Daisy said there are no
hats in Mars, to make the hair come out; they never wear or make corsets
or high heels. There are no shoes there. They dress beautifully, with
long robes, jewels, crowns, laces and sandals. They do not wear
stockings. There are no fat, ill men or women there. They only eat one
meal a day, and have not time to grow stout. Cresto now told Addison
MacRay all his past. Addison was converted that night. He saw many
bright lights.

“Now that I have told you facts about your past, I will tell you some
facts about Mars: Mars is a land of beauty—a land of love and sunshine,
and music and flowers. We have two softly lighted moons, and many large,
bright stars. We have no dark nights, our nights are only soft
twilights. Our planet appears red from the earth, for we have more
sunlight, more moonlight and electricity. We have our seasons the same
as you have, but our days are longer than yours. Many of our flowers and
vegetables are red in color. Our wonderful electric lights appear red
from your world—they are all colors.

“I weighed over two hundred pounds on earth, now I weigh seventy-five.
We do not need any superfluous fat here. We must be very light and
intelligent in order to fly. We float in the clouds and swim in real
water; dance, laugh, ride, talk, and sing in the same manner as you do.
As a soul advances from star to star, each one has a grand surprise
awaiting them. I was surprised and happy to find out I could learn to
float after my resurrection, and to know God has made an immortal
companion for each one of us. Think of such infinite love! Adam and Eve
were soul-mates. I soon found out here there was no eternal Hell. Some
of the places in Purgatory are as terror-striking. After death, if one
has lived a life of sin or idleness, he is cast into prison in Purgatory
and bound and chained down for years away from all his loved ones. No
one is kept in prison after death unless that person deserves to suffer.

“Many of my old friends are now living happy with their twin-souls in
Venus, Mars and other stars. I love to hear them tell me of their homes
and work. Gentlemen in other planets never wear beards, as it takes
their mental strength; but they can send their double—a picture only—and
appear with beards the same as in earth life. We have about one thousand
wonderful canals, and over one thousand oases with little farms on them.
Our great canals all have wonderful, large stone gates about every one
thousand miles, so we can control the water. After harvest is over we
let the water go back to the poles. The snow in winter keeps the beds of
the canals pure. In this way we can live in Mars over one thousand years
before we are transferred to a higher star. We must take good care of
our health. We pray and keep in harmony with Our Creator’s Divine mind
as near as possible. Our minds rule our physical condition. ‘As one
thinketh, so is he.’ We are eighty-three times stronger than our loved
ones on earth. Our atmosphere is pure and bracing and adapted entirely
to our use. It is hard work for us to breathe on your earth. Eva has
gone home to rest, while others take her place. All the conditions must
be perfect for us to converse with you. Earth-bound spirits can talk
longer, but they do not often give truths. It is a fact, we have all the
water we need. We have all the wealth and land we can use. We do not use
money, but give checks which amounts to the same thing. Every person
gets full wages for their work. There are no peculiar vegetables or men
on Mars, as has been stated in your papers. No immense eye grows to
watch over us. God rules all worlds with His mind and with the help of
His Holy angels. There is nothing crazy or odd where God rules. All
insanity, all strange vegetables and trees, etc., are in Purgatory, or
on earth. Awful things happen where ignorant souls disobey Our Lord and
sin. Good night.”