Be an interesting person and do useless things.

Every year, during the winter and summer vacations, the problem perplexing many parents is whether to take their children to travel, where to travel, and taking their children to travel ” to gain insight” has gradually become a necessary topic for many parents during their vacations. Teacher Ge Jianzhong, an expert on family research and education, once pointed out pointedly that taking children out to travel may be ” seeing” but not necessarily ” seeing”.

Some parents take their children to travel as a kind of compensation for not having time to play with their children. Such parents, in fact, do not really understand the meaning of traveling, nor do they realize the real happiness of traveling, just as they do not know the real purpose of accompanying. For children, flying is not the only way to travel. Every new experience is no less than a trip. Parents are busy again, taking out one hour every day and playing, reading, communicating, walking and exercising with their children are the real high-quality company. As we said in the recommended article ” The Leisure Interest of Harvesting Two Rice Plants”, parents shared their own life experiences with their children in the process of walking around and planting rice.

I often accompany my children to stroll in the community on weekends afternoons, enjoying the scenery and gossip, which is a good thing to do.

For a long time, I noticed a family whose courtyard was planted with two rice plants besides flowers and plants. Last summer, two rice plants were also planted in his courtyard, which was supposed to be intentional.

At home is a kind old couple. The figure of the old couple is often busy in the courtyard. The old man is always wearing a pair of white and yellow cotton gloves. He is either emptying pots of soil, pruning dead branches, or hoeing weeds. The old woman is watering the watering can with her hand and watering the plants one by one. She goes back and forth, including the two rice plants.

Seeing that rice sprouted in early summer, sprouted at jointing stage in midsummer and sprouted in early autumn, the old couple did not hurry to harvest the two plants until first frost came.

Unable to restrain my curiosity, I finally stepped forward one weekend to ask. The old man replied, ” When I was young, I went to town without any work. Now I’m retired too. I can’t plant a piece of rice, so I’ll plant two plants to watch and enjoy the rice and smell its fragrance. If it’s nothing else, it’s just for fun. ”

Spring is bright and autumn is solid. Don’t say a plant of rice is just a plant of barnyard grass. Isn’t it also very interesting to watch it sprout tender buds, daily growing, ear and produce dense turns of grass seeds in autumn? The utilitarian heart is too strong and will eventually be trapped by life. Enjoy useless leisure, very good.

When my son went to kindergarten, he loved to show me what he had learned about hand – making. He shouted at me to teach me how to fold paper planes and assemble 4×4 cars. Often, my son followed me – or rather – I ran behind him, trying to fly paper planes by the wind, hoping that the laughter that cut the sky would reverberate for a longer time. We lie prone on the concrete floor, with our manual power and our cheers, the 4×4 car sped up …

Childhood, in my memory a desolate. This is something I have never experienced in my childhood. This is the happiness that belongs to us and only we can experience. What fun it is to be stuck with a hat of ” not respecting the old” for doing useless things with children from time to time!

I know, in my heart, there is still a little foolishness that cannot be suppressed – I want to be a child again, to look at the world with clean eyes, to realize life with a clean mind, to accompany my son, and to enjoy growing up together.

Child daily growing, we are drifting from one water area of life to another. This is the fate of life. The significance of life lies in harvesting all kinds of beauty and possibilities and cherishing them on the way forward.

Most of the time, I have too many words to communicate with my children.

Children, we hope that you will run along with your preset goals, but don’t miss all the sights in your life journey.

Children, don’t neglect those seemingly useless pastimes. CCTV host Ni Ping insists on practicing painting. Her paintings are unique in that they are not only the thin and light ink of traditional Chinese painting, but also the heavy color and shape of western oil painting. The intern nurse Mao is not easy, unable to restrain her inner artistic impulse, she writes songs and finds his own place … Children, those inspiring models, they stick to their inner persistence and have no intention of pursuing ” usefulness”. Leisure, but also inadvertently achieved their life.

Planting beans can not only get beans, but also flowers. Children, we have always encouraged you to like literature and history. We hope you can become a preacher in the ivory tower, wander in the ocean of literature and history, and become a poor spiritual aristocrat. However, this is only our expectation. Life is full of changes. Please follow your heart. We expect that when you are a little older, peace and joy that neither regrets nor shame will overflow from your heart. In this way, you will live up to your leisure interest.

In your spare time, you may as well plant two rice plants. What you can experience is more than the leisure of harvesting two rice plants.