One day’s spring scenery

At the end of last winter, I wrote a letter to a friend far away and said, ” I will try my best to swallow the spring in Peiping this year.”

The spring in Peiping came very late this year, and when I didn’t know where it was, I looked up and saw the green leaves in the yellow dust shade and the catkins flying around. Only then did I know that after the thick yellow curtain of dust and sand, spring had not yet appeared and had been quietly far away.

Everything in the world is like this –

Last winter was especially cold and seemed to be very long. Every night, sitting alone under the lamp, listening to the north wind rushing against the window and howling, the small building vibrates and feels that there is not a trace of heat in my body and heart. In the winter, all the happiness, liveliness, strength and life seem to be curled up in the depths of every cell with cold. I comforted myself with boredom and said, ” Wait, when winter comes, can spring be far behind?”

However, the strong wind, heavy snow, and winter ranks are unexpectedly long, and there seems to be no end to them. One day when I saw the ice on the lake softening, my heart suddenly rejoiced and said, ” Spring is coming!” On that night, the north wind rolled up the yellow sand all over the sky and threw angrily at my window, blowing the spring in my heart and scattering it. One day, I saw the willow shoots turn pale yellow. That afternoon, there was still cold rain that could not snow. At dusk, the winter clothes were put on again. One day I saw the peach blossom bloom in the courtyard. It was just after noon. From the southeast of the sky, suddenly there was a dark Huang Yun, followed by thousands of branches of wind. The newly blossoming spring blossoms were all buried in the vast yellow dust …

Ninety days have passed – I don’t believe in spring!

Several friends said, ” Go and see apricot flowers in Daigakuji.” Although I have never heard of spring in my heart, I followed everyone. Arriving at Butler Ridge, hundreds of apricot trees were covered in dusty dust. At first glance, they were covered with fallen flowers and stamens. In the sunny valley of Daigong, there are still a few red apricots in full bloom. However, the strength in full bloom has been exhausted. It is not that the trees are full of red and the stamens alternate with each other.

I thought, ” go as soon as spring is gone!” In the center of the return journey, there is also calm. In this calm, there are three points of mourning and seven points of hatred. In short, I do not believe in spring.

On the afternoon of April 30, a friend asked me to visit Haitang in the Wu Garden in Guajiatun, ” and I like the sunny weather” – in retrospect, that was the only spring in the spring of 1990 – and Haitang was my beloved flower, so I readily agreed.

Dongpo hates Chinese flowering crabapple without fragrance, but I think if the fragrance is not good, I would rather have no fragrance. I planted a few cloves and pearl plum trees in my courtyard. I also had jade hairpins in summer and chrysanthemums in autumn. I regretted the planting. Because these flowers make me have a headache and can’t be folded and kept indoors. Therefore, among the fragrant flowers, I only love orchids, sweet osmanthus, sweet bean flowers and roses. among the non-fragrant flowers, Haitang is my favorite.

Haitang is shallow red, red ” happy but not lewd”, light white, white ” sad but not hurt”, and covered with green leaves of trees, with moderate grain, like a naive, strong and handsome, cheerful girl, is the creator’s most proud works.

In the setting sun, I was sitting opposite the trees and flowers.

Spring is just around the corner!

The four Chinese flowering crabapple trees are in front of Huaixin Hall. The two trees in the north are larger, about five or six feet higher than the eaves of the Hall. After the flowers, there was a clear blue sky, a faint semicircle of the moon, and a distant view of the treetops. On these four trees, there are absolutely exquisite and delicate flowers of Qian Qian, which are blooming on numerous branches.

Have you seen the kindergarten after school? From the small door, a crowd of dazzling happiness, liveliness, strength, and life sprang out of the crowded room. This large group of dancing and surging scattered around the great, in the season of life has become eternal spring!

The spring that worked hard on the crabapple branch made me feel the same.

The hatred of spring in the past spring has disappeared, and the joy of looking up is now reflected in the brilliant spring, the luxurious spring and the bright spring – it seems that spring has lingered and looked at countless times in the past 90 days, with hundreds of obstacles, just for the sake of being at the head of this branch today and being happy and unrestrained.

Seeing it properly, politely decline returned to his master. This spring, I swallow more than I can chew! After three or four days, another friend came to make an appointment, but I refused. It’s always too late to search for spring everywhere this year. I know that if I go there, I’ll be ” as sad as the sea when I’ve lost all my red spots”. I don’t have to worry about the sea when spring comes.

Although there is only one spring day in 90 days, it seems that spring has been avenged and no longer resents and resents. I was satisfied, but I still felt a little regret, just like when children were looking for each other after a fight, everyone couldn’t help feeling angry and happy, but they didn’t want to make up with each other immediately. They only carried their faces behind their backs, bowed their heads and pursed their lips and said, ” If I had known you had come to coax me to find me again, why should I have been frozen there?”