My mom

  ”Miss He, can I have an extra chocolate today?” I shouted across the study. In my world, Miss He is a more intimate name than Mom, and Miss He herself likes this name very much.
  Ms. He is humorous and funny. At that time, the China-US trade war, her manuscript quoted Mr. Qian Zhongshu’s words: Fighting a trade war with Americans is like falling in love with the elderly, endless. The originally serious and heavy venue suddenly became full of fun. Miss He alone has such a whimsical idea. She always said: Life is boring at two points and one line, and you have to have fun yourself to be clear.
  I can accept the envy of everyone. Before the sixth grade, I didn’t make up a lesson. Although I finished bottom in math exams, Miss He never gave up on me. I don’t understand that when subtracting, the ones digit is not enough to borrow one from the ten digits. Miss He took me to count the beans, tirelessly. Ms. He tells me a few math problems and reads a few poems every night. During the summer when I was reading “Red Stars Shining on China”, Ms. He gave me an in-depth analysis of how the Communist Party of China has come to the center of the political arena step by step. She also took me to observe the changes in shadows at different times. Miss He worked hard to walk into my world, she grew up with me slowly.
  But I know that Miss He is really tired. She was all working overtime for seven days of National Day. She stayed up until three o’clock in the morning for class preparation, and she even needed medication to fall asleep. For the manuscript, I have interviewed all kinds of people and walked into the countryside myself. At that moment, I felt sorry for her, and I advised her not to be too serious. She firmly told me that there is nothing to be tired of. Standing on the podium is her dream since she was a child, and her original intention has long since turned into plain. Love is the source. At that moment, there was light in Miss He’s eyes.
  Miss He is actually a very artistic young woman. She learns to play gourd silk, likes to read, listen to songs, occasionally write small essays to earn some manuscript fees, grow flowers, and listen to the cicadas singing. It is so uncomfortable.
  For me, Miss He gave up a better opportunity in her life. Bearing both internal and external pressures, she is suppressed by emotions, but this is the super power that society gives every mother. She had to do it. This is the reason why post-90s aunts fear marriage and childbirth. Miss He is really brave.
  Thank you Miss He for beloving me. The universe is vast and life is vast, I only shared my heartbeat with Miss He.
  The soft yellow evening scent bloomed, and the wind was gentle. Our love remains the same.