Can wisdom teeth not be extracted?

  Wisdom teeth are the third molars humans, oral innermost teeth, so it is closest to the throat. Wisdom teeth come out relatively late, usually when people are 16 years old or later, and they are named because people are more mature in their minds during this period. Of course, some people will not grow wisdom teeth for a lifetime, or all 4 will grow.
  Whether or not wisdom teeth should be removed varies from person to person. If there is insufficient space for the germination of a wisdom tooth, infringement of adjacent teeth, failure to clench teeth, difficult cleaning, caries, infection, inflammation, restricted mouth opening, and facial swelling, then this wisdom tooth needs to be extracted. However, if the wisdom tooth erupts in a normal position, the upper and lower teeth are occluded, it will not have any impact on the oral cavity and life, the wisdom tooth has no history of inflammation and pain in the soft tissue around the crown, and the wisdom tooth does not have to be removed without caries. It can become a so-called “spare tooth”.
  In clinical practice, some patients have severe caries on the 6th or 7th teeth of the upper and lower jaws, most of the crowns are missing, or even missing early, but the wisdom teeth are present and well-shaped, then it is possible to bring the wisdom teeth to the front through orthodontic methods , Instead of missing or missing teeth, restore the chewing function of the mouth, thereby avoiding dental implants or dental implants. After all, as far as the current medical level is concerned, both the inserted teeth and the implanted teeth are dentures, but wisdom teeth are real teeth!
  Finally, it is recommended that everyone has dental caries in the mouth to be treated as soon as possible, otherwise it will become worse and bigger, and if there is no way to remedy it, it will be removed. Although wisdom teeth may become spare teeth, the orthodontic treatment process is also relatively difficult. It usually takes 2 to 3 years to wear braces, and it takes longer to meet complicated treatments. Moreover, not all wisdom teeth can be successfully pulled to the front to replace the missing teeth. It depends on the specific teeth and alveolar bone conditions. You need to go to the hospital to find a professional doctor to check and judge.