Won another “Nobel Prize for Love”

Love is a kind of tacit understanding, it needs two people to have a good heart

The optical fiber invented by Kao Kun, a Chinese scientist, changed the world, and he was awarded the 2009 Nobel Prize in Physics. However, in his opinion, the Nobel Prize is not the greatest achievement in his life, and the honor that makes him feel glorious and haunts his life is his sweet love with Huang Meiyun.

When Huang Meiyun and Gao Kun first fell in love, they felt a common language and were very happy together, but she also had worries, worried that her mother would object, and worried that Gao Kun would not be specific and that her love for her would not last long. She decided to deliberately separated from Gao Kun for a period of time, allowing time to test the love between them, so she proposed to Gao Kun not to meet each other for 6 months to test whether she really fell in love. Gao Kun suddenly became anxious: “Marriage is the most important thing in life, and it takes a lifetime to complete. Scientific things should be experimented, but marriage experiments can be done! The reason why I don’t want to do this experiment is still , I will miss you very much even if I am separated from you for one day!” Gao Kun also used the verse in “Feng Qiuhuang·Qin Ge”, “There is a beauty, and you will never forget it. If you don’t see Xi in a day, you will think like crazy “Describe the feeling of reluctant separation. Huang Meiyun was very moved, and finally agreed to Gao Kun’s marriage proposal and tied the knot.

Behind Gao Kun’s many honors, flowers and applause is Huang Meiyun’s silent dedication. In 1963, after Gao Kun put forward the “optical fiber” theory for the first time in the world, he was ridiculed and questioned by many people. When Gao Kun felt isolated and helpless, his wife always encouraged him to strengthen his confidence and not be discouraged. Encouraged by her, Gao Kun resisted all opinions, immersed herself in painstaking experiments and repeated exploration and argumentation. She often appeared in her husband’s laboratory as her husband’s assistant. Gao Kun opened a postgraduate course on optical fiber at Yale University and published the book “Optical Fiber” for students to use. Huang Meiyun spent a lot of effort on the publication of this book, which greatly improved its readability. Her husband prepared and designed the program and slides for each lecture. Once, Gao Kun was invited by the British government to read a paper at the British Science and Technology Museum. In order to perfect the slides that her husband needed, Huang Meiyun added a number of night shifts. With the support of his wife without complaint, Gao Kun persevered in it.

Gao Kun is busy with scientific research, sleepless and sleepless, and has no time and energy to take care of his wife and children. Huang Meiyun does not complain, and always understands and selflessly supports her husband. Sometimes, a family drive to the mall on weekends, Gao Kun always stops at the office on the way: “Wait for 10 minutes, I will go to see the results of the experiment.” But Gao Kun usually forgets the time as soon as he goes to the laboratory, and waits for him. When they got back to the car, the family was often asleep waiting. Once, Gao Kun, who planned to play with his family on the weekend, once again proposed to go to the laboratory for 10 minutes on the way. He forgot the time. After more than two hours, when he walked out of the laboratory, he found that his wife and the children were missing. Up. Just when he didn’t know how to go home, his wife drove the children to pick him up again, and brought him fragrant meals in an insulated lunch box: “I’m afraid you stay in the laboratory for too long and forget to eat. You are hungry. Your body is broken, eat it!” Gao Kun was both guilty and moved. Huang Meiyun always does her best to support her husband like this, love flows through her heart like a trickle.

Huang Meiyun is not only Gao Kun’s good helper, but also a good adviser to her husband in his career. Whenever Gao Kun faces a decision in his career, Huang Meiyun will give her husband mature suggestions, so that her husband can take the path that suits her without hesitation. In the spring of 1986, the Chinese University of Hong Kong cordially invited Gao Kun to be its president. After receiving the invitation letter, Gao Kun was undecided whether he should be engaged in scientific research or education. Because at that time an American research institute invited him to join, he was very obsessed with scientific research and wanted to go. But thinking that I had been a teacher there for 4 years, it was not appropriate to rashly refuse, so I was in a dilemma. Huang Meiyun gave sensible support to Gao Kun’s decision: “Don’t be embarrassed, let go, do what you think should be done, and I will always support you!” So, Gao Kun has been in charge of the university for 9 years and has benefited a lot. , Achievement and retreat. He always recalled this, and was very grateful to his wife for helping him make this decision.

In 2003, Gao Kun contracted Alzheimer’s disease. Huang Meiyun will never leave, she takes care of her husband like a child. Huang Meiyun takes care of her husband’s daily affairs, including daily life, diet, exercise, and arranging activities. Under Huang Meiyun’s meticulous care, Gao Kun’s life was fulfilling and happy, and he could not see that he was a patient. In front of people, Gao Kun always said emotionally: “She’s very good!” Huang Meiyun asked him once, “Do you remember who I am?” Gao Kun smiled and nodded: “Of course, absolutely!” Huang Meiyun suddenly burst into tears. . Seeing his wife in tears, Gao Kun comforted and said: “I’m fine, this is a small matter, don’t worry.” Huang Meiyun admitted to the media: “Gao Kun is my’Prince Charming. We broke through family resistance and got married, and we grow old together.” She dedicated all her endless love to her beloved. That’s why Gao Kun in her later years forgot to devote her life to the optical fiber business, and forgot that she was a Nobel Prize winner, but she could not forget the support for him behind his back for more than 50 years. lady.

More than 40 years after Gao Kun first proposed optical fiber communication, the Nobel Prize in Physics was long overdue. Some people commented on Gao Kun: “Your research has completely changed the world and promoted the economic development of the United States and the world. I am proud of you. The world owes you a great favor.” Because Gao Kun has already suffered from Alzheimer’s. In case of illness, Huang Meiyun drafted a speech for her husband, summarizing the most dazzling achievements of Gao Kun’s life. It can be seen that Huang Meiyun is indeed the person who knows Gao Kun best.

If there is a wife like this, what can the husband do? Gao Kun said that he has received countless awards, but he always feels happy most, and accompanied by lifelong awards, is Huang Meiyun’s virtuous wife who can match his case. Whenever and wherever he mentioned his wife, he could not hide his happiness: “Everything I have achieved is due to my wife, thanks to her virtuous qualities, my honor will always follow She is closely related!”

The prosperity of the world finally did not retain Mr. Gao Kun, the people of Sri Lanka have gone, and the demeanor will last. The emotional story between him and his wife can also win another “Nobel Prize for Love”.