Fitness sequelae

  On a sunny morning, Chunli ate 5 egg whites in the dining hall of her unit. An elder sister who had never known her spoke to her and asked her to give her the egg yolk she did not eat. Knowing for a long time, the eldest sister knows that Chunli is a fitness person, and asks her how to restore her body after giving birth to a child. “Long-distance running and practicing high-altitude yoga”, Chunli sincerely suggested. The eldest sister thought for a long time, and asked cautiously: Is high-altitude yoga dangerous?
  If high-altitude yoga is as dangerous as the high-altitude circus actors in the movie “Dumbo”, how can a yoga studio be maintained? Don’t worry, as long as you follow the coach’s arrangement, those belts that wrap your body can help your wife gather the pelvis and let the loose ligaments return to their place. Chunli comforted.
  With a pair of Sherlock Holmes-like eyes, Chunli has already seen that her daughter-in-law has given birth to twins. There is no way, it may be that the 10km long-distance running a day activates the area in the brain that can insight into the subconscious and deep emotions of others. Now, Chunli feels that Sherlock Holmes judges that people are stonemasons and blacksmiths based on the location of calluses and knee wear on other people’s hands. Still the cobbler’s skill is nothing great. Because when watching the performance of “Creation Camp 4”, 7 boys gathered their abdominal muscles in order to win the support value. Chunli instinctively judged who would often push barbells instead of curling and whose abdominal muscles. The line is not clear because the dynamic lateral support is not in place, and whoever has not practiced the external oblique muscles and internal oblique muscles, because every time you do the alternate rotation of the ground, you have not persisted for 20 times.

  That’s right, Chunli, who has been exercising for 7 years, has a small meter in her mind. Before the canteen was upgraded, the master came out with chopped green fish, steamed eggs with patties, and diced kung pao chicken. Although there were no nutritional values ​​on the display, she could quickly convert each dish into protein, fat, and calories in her brain. Knowing the pace at 6 minutes per kilometer, how long it takes to run to consume it.
  Of course, Chunli’s abilities don’t stop there. She is still an expert in running shoes research. In the circle of running friends, anyone who started to have knee pain, who started to feel heavy in the heel, or who felt that their ligaments always felt weak, Chunli asked him to bring the running shoes that he often wears for diagnosis. Soon, she touched with her hand and slammed into the sole of the shoe with a fist. From the slight crack of the upper GEL belt and the slight displacement of the gravity guide belt of the shoe, she could judge whether the running shoe can continue to serve and the next pair of running shoes should be bought. Shock absorption type or support type.
  Nowadays, Chunli is dressed simple and plain, always carrying a backpack to work. Most of her personal consumption is spent on finding lighter and more powerful running shoes. Other people’s cure all diseases, her running shoes cure all diseases. The surging physical stamina gained from running allows her to be as happy as she is at any time. The craziest thing she did recently was after the company’s team building was over, she ran on a whim for more than 20 kilometers to the Jiangning countryside to visit her parents who were still working in the orchard in her hometown. The pear blossoms in the orchard are in full bloom, and it is as quiet as a snowfall. The 70-year-old parents still have to climb up and down with helpers to pollinate the pear blossoms with a large brush. When she arrived on the run, she still had the strength to immediately chop wood and burn the stove, and cook a table full of peasant meals for the dozen people.
  While picking and killing vegetables in the vegetable garden at will, the corners of her mouth turned upwards, feeling that her parents were exhausted and returning from work, she found the surprise of a snail girl at home.