Low temperature solidifying powder coating

Low temperature solidifying series powder coating
Product description
The basic materials of this series product are epoxide resin and firming agent. It is also a kind of thermosetting powder coating with good physical, chemical and decorative characters.
Powder properties
  The general diameter of particle30~38um,<64um particle proportion>99%, or customizing
Softening point
  60~95℃ changing according to different color luster
 It has good fluidity and is easy to transportation. The fluidity index can be got from our local liaison office.
Storage stability
  <30℃Storage,1 year
Film performance
  Eyeballing   Neat
  GB/T9754-88   All the luster
  GB/T1732-93   1Kg*50cm
T Bending
  GB/T6742-86   0T
  GB/T6742-86   ∮2mm
  GB/T9753-88   >6mm
Adhesive force
  GB/T9286-88   0 grade
  GB/T6739-86   >H
  96~100℃ distilled water 2hours   Nondiscolouring,no foam formation
Acid resistant
  5%H2SO4   1 year   Nondiscolouring,no foam formation
  48%HCL   1 month
  5%HAC   1 year
  5%H3PO4   1 year
Alkali resistant
  5%NaOH   30 days   Slightgloss losing
  5%NaCO3   30 days
Solvent resistant
  Acetone   50 times   Nondiscolouring,no foam formation
  Ethyl acetate
Thickness of pinhole
  35~55um film thickness
Salt spray resistance
  GB1771-91   1000hours  No change of film, single-side corrosion of underlining is lower than 2mm. This experiment used chromic aluminum panel with the film thickness of 100um.
Muggy resistant
  GB1740-79   1000hours   Slight gloss losing of film,<1 grade
Light fastness

Low light fastness, we advise not to use it in outdoor environment..

Execution conditions
Pre process
Parkerising treatment
  Notice: the pre process should be inspected once in 2 hours, and the inspecting methods should be according to the medicine suppliers’ requirements or our company’s pre process introduction.
  This series is fit for the following spraying methods: static spraying; friction static spraying; and some other spraying methods (requiring in advanced).
  Notice: the pre process should be inspected at least once in 2 hours, and the inspecting methods should be according to the customers’ requirements or our company’s film test methods.
Solidifying conditions
Solidifying conditions
  It is fit for the following solidifying methods: electric heating, radiating heating, infrared heating, fueling or gas-firing. (Tell us in advanced) Notice: Periodically inspecting
Application area
 Cookers, crust of apparatus, electromechanical device, indoor furniture, automobile parts, etc. in low temperature solidifying conditions.
Special effect
  Many effects, such as wrinkle, metal, color blended, etc. for special surface effect coating , please refer to our company’s use guideline.
Packing and transportation
  20kg in paper skin lined with polyethylene, non-dangerous goods, transported by all kinds of ways, avoiding sunlight, avoiding damp and hot and avoiding in touch with chemical goods.
  Please refer to our company’s operation guideline, and ask our company’s Safety Technology Report from our liaison office.
The special coating for children’s toys should tell us in advanced, because it should be produced in some special technologies to guarantee that there are no hazard factors in our products.