Nap-Gard series powder coating

Nap-Gard series powder coating
Product description
 The basic materials of this series product are epoxide resin and firming agent. It can be used as thermosetting powder coating of pipeline corrosion resistant.
  SY/T 0315-97 SY/T 4103-95 CAN/CSA-Z245.20-M92
Powder properties
 Even luster,no agglomeration
  GB/T4472-84   1.3~1.5g/cm3
  GB/T6554-86   >150um <3 ; >250um <0.2
No volatility
  GB/T6554-86   >99.4%
Gelling time(S)
  GB/T6554-86   180℃ ≤90 230℃ ≤30
Solidifying time (min)
  180℃ ≤5(min) 230℃ ≤1.5(min)
Magnetic substance content %
  GB/T2482-86   ≤0.002
Storage stability
  <30℃Storage   1 year
Film performance
  Eyeballing   Un-knitting, even color, no bubble, crazing and allowing some decorative design.
Adhesive force
  1 grade
24or48h cathode stripping(mm)
28d cathode stripping(mm)
10% HCL(90d)
  No change
 No change
  No change
  No change
  No change
Distilled water(90d)
  No change
Section hole rate(grade)
Felt hole rate(grade)
Resisting 3°bending
  No cleft
Resisting 1.5J impact
  No pinhole
Electric intensity(MV/m)
Volume specific resistivity(Ω·m)
Abrasive resistance (L/um)
Execution conditions
Process flow
Film introduction
1. Spraying methods:Mainly in static spraying and hot spraying.

2. Oil removing, desiccation: It always fires the surface of pipelines to remove oil stain and moisture.

3. Ball blast or spray sand: The surface process quality should reach Sa2 1/2 grade, anchor wrinkle should be in the scope of 40~ 100 um. After processing, it should be cleared right away, and spray in 8 hours.

4. Warm-up: Medium frequency induction heating methods. When used in single FBE, the temperature should be controlled in the scope of 210~ 250℃; when used in 3PE, the temperature should be controlled in the scope of 180-200℃. (Notice: the heating temperature of steel tube should not be higher than 260℃)

5. Leak hunting: For single FBE, when the film temperature is lower than 100℃, we always use electric sparkle leak hunting equipments to inspect all the coating of each tube with the voltage of 5V/um; and the voltage of 25 KV during the leak hunting of 3PE.

Application area
Packing and transportation
  20kg in paper skin lined with polyethylene, non-dangerous goods, transported by all kinds of ways, avoiding sunlight, avoiding damp and hot and avoiding in touch with chemical goods.
  Please refer to our company’s operation guideline, and ask our company’s Safety Technology Report from our liaison office.