Standard polyethylene powder coating

Standard polyethylene powder coating
Product description
  The basic materials of this series product are polyethylene resin. It is a kind of powder coating adding slipping agent, anti-aging agent, etc. with good chemical stability, insulation, low temperature resistant, good flexibility and nontoxic characters.
Powder properties
   0.91 -0.95(by different colors)
Even granularity
   220-280 microns
Nonvolatile matter content
   ≥ 99.5%
Melting index
   Fluidization float upward≥20%
Storage stability
   Far from fire, lower than 40℃, ventilation, dry, storage for 2 years.
Film performance
  Eyeballing   Neat,smooth(slight wrinkle)
  GB 9761   Eyeballing no obvious difference(compared to the standard panel)
  GB9754   ≥ 40
  GB/T1732-93   1Kg*50cm
  GB 6742   ≤ 2mm
VICAT softening point
( ℃)
  GB 1633   70- 85
Electric intensity Kv/mm
  GB 1408   ≥ 19
Volume specific resistivity (Ω·m)
  GB 1410 10 12 ~ 10 15
Shore hardness
  GB/T6739-86    45~55
Chemical agent resistant
  5%HCL    GB/T 1865   7 days Appearance coating no change
  5%NaOH    GB/T 1763   7 days Appearance coating no change
  5%NaCl    GB/T 176   7 days Appearance coating no change
Film thickness
  GB/T 1764    250~600 um
Low temperature resistant
   Q/HJ 008-2003    -35℃ ,60h no cleft
Execution crafts
  1. Surface process: According to bottom material performance.
  2. Parts warm-up temperature: 250 -350 ℃
  3. Dipping the parts for 4-8seconds. After taking it out, put in 180-250 ℃ /0-5min, and then naturally cool to room temperature.
Application area
  It is fit for outside coating.
Packing and transportation
   20Kg in multi-ply paper bags
  It is a kind of nontoxic powder coating. It should avoid absorbing bug dust. The operating person should take proper dust mask and glasses. If possible, do not keep it in touch with skin.