A lotus in midsummer

  In midsummer, when the lotus is in full bloom, people who appreciate the lotus move to the lotus pond one after another.
   The lotus pond is full of fragrance, the lotus leaf curls up and stretches, and the lotus flower stands in the middle of the water.
   In this summer, staring at a standing lotus in awe, let it walk into your eyes, thoughts, and then into your heart. It seems that the lotus people have their own thoughts, and everyone should have the answer that belongs to their own lotus.
   Looking around, large tracts of lotus leaves have grown in the lotus pond. They lie on top of the water, layered on top of each other, the leaves are connected, and under the sunlight, they spread endless blue waves. And the pink lotus flowers stretched their waists straight, and all emerged from the green gaps.
   This large patch of green and calm pink is firmly held up by a lotus pole that stands tall and strong. And the lotus whip is attached to the bottom of the lotus pole. The lotus whip has one knot after another, and the knots will regenerate a new lotus whip, intertwined and closely connected. They gave birth to fibrous roots, rooted deeply in the thick, turbid silt, sticky and firm, and formed a stable and firm underwater world, allowing the lotus to bloom so firmly between the heaven and the earth.
   Duckweed in the water often flows with the water, stops because of the water, and wanders in uncertain places, because they have no roots. Lotus, never assumes a wandering posture, always sticks to the place of growth. Looking at this kind of lotus, one can’t help but give birth to a kind of steadfast growth strength in the heart.
   Since ancient times, Chinese literati have liked lotus very much. They have used countless poems to praise the lotus standing upright in the water.
   Li Shangyin praised Meilian’s casual innocence with “Only the green lotus and red stalks, curling, opening and closing are innocent”. Zhou Bangyan used the words “The surface of the water is clear and the lotus is lifted in the wind” to express his depressed homesickness. Among them, the most famous chapter in praise of the lotus is Zhou Dunyi’s “Ailian Shuo”, which has “Jin Tao Yuanming loves chrysanthemum alone. Since Li Tang, the world loves peony very much. I love lotus alone.” On the side of his government office, he dug ponds and planted lotus, named “Love Lotus Pond”.
   I often think about the turbulent and complicated life in today’s life, and whether people will always be inconsistent and undecided when they are in it. Do you also need the “clearness” of Lotus? I think it is needed.
   Let others disturb the world, so many choices, people should be like lotus flowers, not noisy, not affected by the surroundings, and then they can make their own choices firmly.
   There are many aliases for lotus, such as lotus, hibiscus, water bloom, water dancao, hibiscus, water hibiscus, jade ring, red lotus, Xike, lotus root flower, spiritual grass, etc., among which there is an alias called “Buddha’s beard”.
   In Buddhism, the lotus is the seat of the Buddha. The lotus was born in silt but clean, representing a pure heart, just as the Buddha hoped that people would not be affected by the disturbances in the world and build a pure and undisturbed lotus kingdom beyond the three realms. Therefore, the lotus was endowed with Buddha nature. And this kind of Buddha nature of lotus is endless and endless.
   Lotus nature can become human nature. Everything comes from the heart. We should look at the world with a lotus heart, which is “the heart is pure with one thought, and the lotus blossoms everywhere.”
   Yu Guangzhong once said: “I would like to be here with every lotus. Keep the small world and keep the mystery. It is so far to the east and very close to the east. If there is a god in the heart, the lotus will form a seat, and the lotus platform will be like a platform.” At that time, when we see a lotus in full bloom, our heart will quiet down unconsciously, as if we have become it.
   Lotus nature should be rooted in people’s hearts. When we need firm growth and firm self-selection, it will appear for the first time and will continue to grow.
   The lotus is firm and stable. It never wanders, drifts with the flow, and is not affected by the disturbance and dirt around it. It will stand upright in the middle of the water forever, not stained with fiber dust. It is slowly seen and understood by people, and then rooted in people’s hearts, it becomes a kind of spiritual power. When a firm and stable power is slowly acquired deep in the heart, perhaps no matter when and where one is in, the sense of wandering and uncertainty can also come to an abrupt end.