Want to talk to you

“Everyone is lonely. In our life, it is not rare to encounter love and sex, but it is rare to encounter understanding.” Even if it is not good at words People have a desire to express that cannot be ignored. Emotions need to be exported, and it is hard to find a person to talk to. A soul mate with a spiritual fit is certainly worthy of expectations. It is not easy to take a 10,000 step back to properly catch the stalk thrown by the other party and be an appropriate chat partner.
  When I was a student, I had endless gossips with my little sisters. Before high school, you had to use a landline for chat. That was a veritable “talking on the phone”, and now it’s called mobile communication at most. Back then, talking about for hours, the “phone porridge” kept cooking almost every day, and I don’t know where there are so many things to talk about.

  That kind of leisure now seems almost extravagant, and that kind of intimacy is long past. Don’t talk about long-time voice calls with people. I feel anxious after long-term WeChat text chat. I feel that the chatting language device is like a clockwork device that can’t last a few turns in the music box. It’s a bit lacking after a few rounds of dialogue. Then he had to stop, and there was still air around him.
  Even close friends, I can’t steal their overtime with peace of mind. In the absence of the chat “886” terminator, every small chat seems to be able to fade out at any time, waiting for the next seamless connection. What’s more, it is now more popular to talk about things, not to talk about things, and even to talk occasionally and ask warmly, but also to lay the foundation for one day to talk about things.
  I have a friend Q who works in a top hospital. Every time someone adds him as a friend, he passes through in a timely manner and realizes that another patient number introduced by his relatives and friends has come. But S, a friend in the mixed investment circle, has two mobile phone numbers each with 5000 WeChat friends. When he was drunk, he still couldn’t find anyone to talk to, so he called the school tutor to talk about his life in the middle of the night.
  At a party of strangers, I met a reasonable person who thought he could develop into a meaningless meal partner for meeting hot pot bureaus and chatting freely. I never thought that the other party might be setting up a file for contacts, adding the information obtained from the chat in the WeChat friends notes In the column, even if you have an understanding of you, it is still utilitarian. Looking back, business partners are mostly vain, and friends who can spend time together and go to life together are true love.
  When people reach middle age, they feel more and more joyful in the world. In Zhang Ailing’s novel “Be Merciful”, Dunfeng and her husband are remarried couples of very different ages. On the way to visit relatives, they saw a big parrot croaking on the balcony of an old-fashioned bungalow. After a silence, the return journey became more emotional and planned to tell him about the parrot. From this, Zhang Ailing confided the golden sentence: “In this world, there is no feeling that is not full of holes.” Because the two are still in love, they want to talk about the beautiful and trivial daily life.