Power off the pause button

  I am most afraid of power outages in summer. Even if you don’t turn on the air conditioner, you can know that the air conditioner is on standby at any time, and your heart is somewhat at ease. Once the power goes out, you know that the air conditioner is completely empty, and your heart suddenly panics. Mobile phones and computers are even more important organs of modern people, especially at night. Why is there only variety show Taobao chasing drama to relieve worries? Without sufficient power and internet, what hypnotism can be used?
  There was a power outage in college, and the girls happened to be hiding in the dark and talking on the phone. Little secrets and cautions flowed down the phone line quickly, whispering a kind of private pleasure. Over the years, everyone seems to be hurrying on an accelerated elevator. If there is no appointment, no one will have the patience to accompany you on the phone. It is just a power outage, and it is not a natural disaster or man-made disaster that causes empathy. Your complaints have no meaning to others. , Is purely a mental harassment of dumping emotional garbage. If you don’t say anything, you will be blacked out a hundred times in your heart.
  The ubiquitous big data has made people impatient to wait. Logistics will tell you that your order will be delivered in a few days. When there is a traffic jam, the mobile phone map will tell you how long the congested road is. The bus software positioning can see where the nearest bus is going, knowing that it is slowly coming, it will achieve the effect of Wangmei quenching thirst. Except for unexpected power outages, no one can immediately tell you where the wire is broken and why it is broken.
  Amao said that amidst the embarrassment, confusion and helplessness of the power outage, her sorrow would take advantage of the vacancy to breed and spread. This kind of emotional internal chaos is even more maddening than an external attack. She will become irritable and want to rush out, stand in the yard, tiptoe to vent her anger. If she is nervous, the good person will raise her phone and use her madness to brush data for herself. The advantage of the power outage is that no one is willing to take pictures of others with the little remaining power. However, when I changed my mind to the fact that it was a little bit upright and unhappy, I gave it up.
  The life of a power outage is like being pressed the pause button. I am inexplicably anxious because of doing nothing, and I paced into the yard. A round of moon shone from the gap between the two buildings, and a layer of light was spread on the ground without interference from other light. , It looks particularly bright and vivid. If you have to have a melancholy full of solitude and nowhere to pour out, this moonlight is more suitable for drinking or composing poetry. I stepped on the shadow of a plant, and the memories of the power outage came to my mind. It didn’t seem to be completely bad: I took my child to the hotel on a hot summer night when there was a power outage. . At that moment, my child and I jumped up and cheered, even more excited than winning the prize. On a winter night when there was a power outage, I used gas to boil a large pot of water. The family sat side by side on the sofa, soaked their feet in candlelight and chatted for a long time. The child said, “It’s like watering plants.”
  I remembered a modern hermit I knew, who lived on the top of a mountain, and the first thing to do in the morning was to water the plants. In the early morning chill, listening to the sounds of the birds, he said that he was not watering the plants, but watering for watering. It was very comfortable during the hour of watering the plants. He said, “If these poetic things in life are not important, what else is important?” On the night of the blackout, I was bathed in the light of the moonlit night, feeling like a plant watered by moonlight.