Every moment is an opportunity in life

There was a female college student who yearned for a job as a reporter, so she applied for a news agency. She was accepted, but since there were no vacancies for reporters, the supervisor asked her to temporarily do some tea-making for colleagues. A college student full of dreams, only to make tea for everyone, was very disappointed.

However, she still comforted herself: “Don’t worry, there will be opportunities in the future!” So she went to work calmly, making and pouring tea for her colleagues every day. After 3 months, she began to lose her temper, and she always complained in her heart: “I graduated from college anyway! But I come to make tea for you every day.” Thinking of this, she was not as happy as she used to be when making tea, The brewed tea is getting worse day by day, but she didn’t notice it herself.

After a while, one day she brewed tea and served it to the manager, and the manager scolded after a sip: “How did you brew this tea, it’s terrible to drink, it’s a shame that you still graduated from college! Even making a cup of tea! Neither!”

She almost burst into tears and was about to resign on the spot when an important visitor suddenly came and had to be entertained. She had to put away her grievances and grievances, thinking, she’s leaving anyway, so let’s make a good pot of tea! So she made a pot of tea and brought it out. When she brought out the tea and was about to leave, she suddenly heard a sincere admiration from the guest: “Wow! This tea is brewed so well!”

Other colleagues (including the manager who scolded her) all brought tea to drink, and couldn’t help but praise: “This pot of tea is really delicious!”

At that moment, she herself was stunned: “It’s just a small cup of tea, there is such a big difference, or being scolded by the boss, or being praised by everyone, this tea obviously has very profound knowledge, I’m going to study hard…”

Since then, she has not only carefully pondered the water temperature, tea leaves, and amount of tea, but also carefully understood the preferences and mood of her colleagues, and even knew the results of her own mood when making tea. Soon, she was promoted to manager, because the boss thought to himself: “People who are so attentive when making tea must be very shrewd and rare.”

This is a true story told by the Japanese Zen master Oseki Zongen, the same people and the same tea can produce completely different results. It is obviously not the person or the tea that caused the different results, but the concentration and the mood of the experience.

“Drink tea when you drink tea,” “eat when you eat,” and “sleep when you sleep,” the Zen masters say. There is a deep meaning in it, and the difference is that there is no intention or intention.

Only those who concentrate on drinking tea can taste the taste of tea. Therefore, when we encounter a turning point in life, if we can focus on each turning point without thinking about success or failure, and if we can focus on every moment, every moment is an opportunity in life.