< XIII > Drug For Veterinary Use

< XIII > Drug For Veterinary Use
Albendazole 5%,100ml 1Bottle/box
Albendazole 5%,500ml 1Bottle/box
Albendazole 2.5% 100ml 1Bottle/box
Albendazole 2.5% 500ml 1Bottle/box
Albendazole Bolous 300mg 50’s/box
Albendazole Bolous 600mg 50’s/box
Albendazole Bolous 2500mg 40’s/box
Avermectin Inj 1% 5ml 1Bottle/box
Avermectin Inj 1% 20ml 1Bottle/box
Avermectin Inj 1% 100ml 1Bottle/box
Avermectin Powder 0.2% 5g/Bag,500mg/Bag
Avermectin Tablets 2mg 1000’s/Tin
Avermectin Tablets 2mg 10×10’blister
Ceftiofur Sodium For Inj 0.1g 50vials/Box
Ceftiofur Sodium For Inj 0.5g 50vials/Box
Ceftiofur Sodium For Inj 1.0g 50vials/Box
Ciprofloxacin Inj 1% 5ml/Vial
Ciprofloxacin Oral Solution 100ml/Bottle
Enrofloxacin Oral Solution1% 100ml/Bottle
Enrofloxacin Oral Solution2% 100ml/Bottle
Enrofloxacin Oral Solution20% 100ml/Bottle
Enrofloxacin Inj 2% 5ml/Vial
Maduramicin Ammonium Oral Solution 2% 10ml/Vial
Norfloxacin Inj 25% 50ml Bottle
Norfloxacin Inj 25% 100ml Bottle
Ivermec1000’s/Tin Injection 1% 20ml Bottle
Ivermec1000’s/Tin Injection 1% 50ml Bottle
Ivermec1000’s/Tin Injection 1% 100ml Bottle
Ivermec1000’s/Tin Injection 3.15% 50ml Bottle
Gentamicin Inj 5.0% 50ml/Bottle
Gentamicin Inj 5.0% 100ml/Bottle
Lincomycin Inj 600mg/2ml 2ml/Ampoule
Multi-Vitamins 250g/1000’s/Tin
Erythromycin Dry Syrup 227g/1000’s/Tin
Oxytetracycline Inj 5.0% 50ml/Bottle
Analgin Injection 1g/ml 100ml/Bottle
Dexamethasone Injection 4mg/ml 100ml/Bottle
co-Smz Injection 480mg/ml 100ml/Vial
Cephalexin Water Solution Powder 150mg/G 100g/Plastic 1000’s/Tin
Niclofolan Tablet 300mg 100tablets/Bottle
Chloramphenicol Inj 20% 50ml Bottle
Oxytetracycline premix 25% 200G
Levamisole premix 20% 1000G
Tilmicosin phosphate premix 20% 1000G
Colistin sulfate premix 4% 1000G
Tylosin tartrate premix 20% 100G
Salinomycin premix 12% 1000G
Diclazuril premix 1% 1000G
Tiamulin fumarate premix 80% 1000G
Norfloxacin and berberine premix 9g+2g 100g
cyromazine premix 250g
Diclazuril premix 0.5g/100g 100g
Albendazole premix
adamantanamine premix
chloramphenicol premix
Oxytetracyclin long action injection 5% 100ML,50ML,30ML,20ML,10ML
Oxytetracyclin long action injection 10%
Oxytetracyclin long action injection 20%
Oxytetracyclin long action injection 25%
Ivermectin long action inj. 1% 100ML,50ML,30ML,20ML,10ML
Tylosin tartrate injection 5% 100ML,50ML,30ML,20ML,10ML
Tylosin tartrate injection 10%
Tylosin tartrate injection 20%
Tylosin Base injection 5% 100ML,50ML,30ML,20ML,10ML
Tylosin Base injection 10%
Tylosin Base injection 20%
Doxycycline injection 10% 100ML,50ML,30ML,20ML,10ML
Sulfamonomethoxine sodium inj. 10% 100ML,50ML,30ML,20ML,10ML
Florfenicol injection 10% 100ML,50ML,30ML,20ML,10ML
Florfenicol injection 30%
Iron Dextran injection 10% 100ML,50ML,30ML,20ML,10ML
Iron Dextran injection 20%
Enrofloxacin injection 5% 100ML,50ML,30ML,20ML,10ML
Enrofloxacin injection 10%
Compound Sulphate Kanamycin Injection 2% 100ML,50ML,30ML,20ML,10ML
Gentamycin sulfate injection 4% 100ML,50ML,30ML,20ML,10ML
Gentamycin sulfate injection 10%
Lincomycin injection 10% 100ML,50ML,30ML,20ML,10ML
Lincomycin injection 30%
Ofloxacin injection 2% 100ML,50ML,30ML,20ML,10ML
Diclofenac sodium injection 4% 100ML,50ML,30ML,20ML,10ML
Boron calcium gluconate injection 2% 100ML,50ML,30ML,20ML,10ML
Dexamethasone injection 0.20% 100ML,50ML,30ML,20ML,10ML
Dexamethasone injection 0.50%
Levamisole injection 5% 100ML,50ML,30ML,20ML,10ML
Levamisole injection 10%
Levamisole bolous 1000mg
Levamisole bolous 300mg
Ciprofloxacin lactate injection 2.50% 100ML,50ML,30ML,20ML,10ML
Metamizole sodium injection 30% 100ML,50ML,30ML,20ML,10ML
Vitamin C injection 10% 100ML,50ML,30ML,20ML,10ML
Ribavirin injection 2.50% 100ML,50ML,30ML,20ML,10ML
Sarafloxacin hydrochloride injection 1.00% 100ML,50ML,30ML,20ML,10ML
Bethanechol chloride injection 0.25% 100ML,50ML,30ML,20ML,10ML
andrographitis injection 10g/10ml 100ML,50ML,30ML,20ML,10ML
Closantel sodium injection 0.5g/10ml% 100ML,50ML,30ML,20ML,10ML
Antondini injection 100ML,50ML,30ML,20ML,10ML
Kanamycin sulfateinjection 5.00% 100ML,50ML,30ML,20ML,10ML
Compound aminophenzoneInjection 2.50% 100ML,50ML,30ML,20ML,10ML
Procaine benzylpenicillin injection 2mega/10ml 100ML,50ML,30ML,20ML,10ML
Compound sulfamethoxydizine sodium 100ML,50ML,30ML,20ML,10ML
Aminophylline injection 1.25g/5ml 100ML,50ML,30ML,20ML,10ML
Calcium chloride injection 10.00% 100ML,50ML,30ML,20ML,10ML
astragalan injection 1.00% 100ML,50ML,30ML,20ML,10ML
houttuynia herb Injection 20g/10ml 100ML,50ML,30ML,20ML,10ML
isatidis injection 100ML,50ML,30ML,20ML,10ML
bupleuri injection 100ML,50ML,30ML,20ML,10ML
sulfadiazine injection 100ML,50ML,30ML,20ML,10ML
compound sulfadinzine injection 100ML,50ML,30ML,20ML,10ML
Ofloxacin injection 2.50% 100ML,50ML,30ML,20ML,10ML
Vitamin B1 injection 100ML,50ML,30ML,20ML,10ML
sulfamonomethoxine sodium soluble powder
amoxicillin soluble powder 10%
albendazole soluble powder
kanamycin sulfate soluble powder
enrofloxacin soluble powder 5%
levamisole soluble powder
oxytetracycline hcl soluble powder
tylosin tartrate soluble powder 10%
sarafloxacin hydrochloride soluble powder 5%
apramycin sulfate soluble powder 10%
difloxacin hydrochloride poweder 2.50%
colistin sulfate soluble powder 5.00%
suifaquinoxaline sodium soluble powder 10%
enrofloxacin soluble powder 5%
avermectin powder 2%
ciprofloxacin lactate soluble powder 5%
Compound mebendazole powder
Thiamphenicol powder
kitasamycin tartrate soluble powder
erythromycin thiocyanate soluble powder
neomycin sulfate soluble powder
ofloxacin soluble powder
spectinomycin hydrochloride and lincomycin Hcl soluble powder
fenbendazole powder
compund sulfamethoxydiazine sodium powder
compound amoxicillin powder
florfenicol soluble powder
Amantadine soluble powder
Quaternary ammonium salt-iodine disinfectant 1.50% 1000ml
Iodine 10% 1000ml
0.5%-5% 1000ml
Deciquam solution 1%-10% 1000ml
Peracetic acid solution 1%-10% 1000ml
Dilute glutaral solution 20g/1000ml 1000ml
benzalkonium bromide solution 50g/1000ml 1000ml