A boy with a basket on his back, a dark horse who won the championship at the age of 14

  Recently, at the Guangzhou station of the 2022 ASICS Youth Tennis Tournament, a tennis teenager with a basket on his back attracted attention. The boy’s name is Wang Fa. In the semi-finals, he became a dark horse and defeated the favorite for the championship 6-3. Then in the final, he beat his opponent 6-2 in one go and won the championship trophy.
  Wang Fa is from Cangyuan County, Lincang City, Yunnan Province. He is the first batch of children in the local area to officially play tennis. In 2016, Wang Fa was selected by the Yunnan Wild Elephant Tennis Club. Zhang Xiaohong, the head coach of the club, recalled: “It’s a good seedling, it’s a pity not to cultivate it!”
  Tennis training is very hard. Every day, the children get up at 6:30, Start training subjects such as serving and swinging at 11 o’clock, and swing the racket no less than 7,000 times a day. In the afternoon, it is more than two hours of continuous physical training, including routine items such as 9-kilometer long-distance running and bench press. In the evening, it is time for cultural class study.
  The children were frugal, and their shoes were worn out before they thought about changing them; the tennis balls were fluffed and they continued to play, which touched Zhang Xiaohong very much. It is precisely because of this spirit that the children make rapid progress.
  Wang Fa cherishes every opportunity to play. Because of tennis, Wang Fa walked out of the mountains for the first time, met the tennis world champion for the first time, and won the championship by himself for the first time; because of tennis, Wang Fa changed from a shy and introverted boy to a confident and cheerful boy. Tennis is changing the trajectory of Wang Fa’s life, and it has also opened a door for him to understand the world.
  Applicable Topics: Changing Destiny, Striving to Realize Dreams

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