a walk is a little trip

  In my spare time, I often go for a walk alone. Whether in the community, or in the streets, or in the park, the location is different, the scenery is different, but the mood is the same-relaxation, lightness, and leisure.
  Whether it is work or rest, after staying in one place for a long time, only by breaking out of the immutable, daily life, and red tape in a timely manner can a person be autonomous and free.
  For me, walking is a shortcut to physical and mental freedom.
  On the road, a gust of wind from afar, with the fragrance of flowers and birds from other places, crosses the urban and rural areas, gently lingering around you. All of a sudden, your understanding of Rumu Chunfeng is not only clear in your chest, but also penetrating. The flowers and plants on the roadside seem to be more colorful in the morning light and moistened by the dew. Even if some of them cannot be named, it will not affect their beauty in your mind at all.
  The row of telephone poles standing on the side of the road, connected and appeased by 4 wires, still silently stick to their posts. The skylark flapped its wings and flew over, and the clear and crisp chirping resounded through the sky. They are also walking in the air. Listen—the clear cry and joyful mood should be known to the blue sky, to the white clouds, to the whistling of the wind, and to passers-by. The stray cats who passed by occasionally looked up and glanced at it, and went to look for food again.

  Walking is even more relaxing.
  On the road, people walk casually, but their eyes are jumping, constantly looking for their favorite habitat. At this time, you can’t be restless, and you can’t be too purposeful—look, the sun shines golden from morning to night; flowers, plants and trees nod, wave, and stretch their waists in the wind; ;The river rushed to catch up with yesterday’s partner wholeheartedly. They have no extra movements and thoughts, and spread a dynamic and static scene in front of your eyes. Appreciate it well, this trip is not in vain.
  Standing on one’s feet, not only footsteps, but also a person’s love and thoughts. If immersed in the ups and downs of gains and losses, love and hatred for a long time, people are prone to numbness, loss, blind comparison, and cocooning; in nature, a person can easily open his heart, take mountains and rivers into his eyes, and then forget himself , integrated with the heaven and the earth. People are simple, just a part of nature. And walking, which seems to be leaving, is actually returning.
  When taking a walk, you will look forward to freshness, novelty and novelty. It is best to change the scenery, but what you look forward to more is to change your mood. Life is full of ups and downs, and people’s hearts are full of mixed tastes. It is impossible and unsuitable to indulge in one taste. When you think that you have encountered an insurmountable gully or threshold, and then you are depressed, maybe after going out for a walk and getting close to nature, you will suddenly become enlightened and let it go with a smile. When you think that you have made some achievements and stand out from others, when you feel a sense of arrogance and arrogance, you may open your eyes and gain insights. The fireworks in the world have never favored anyone, nor neglected anyone.

  Walking is not limited to geographical location, but also to the spiritual world, such as books. Take a look at other people’s lives, savor the diverse world situation, think about the past and the future, spread your thinking and think more, this is the best way to “dissipate form and spirit”.
  Mr. Dongpo said: “Life is like a journey against the road, and I am also a pedestrian.” As transparent and sophisticated as Su Zi, he also regards life as a journey, appreciating the natural scenery and experiencing the various states of the world. A person’s life, from childhood to old age, has different tastes at every age and stage. We must try our best to walk well, and we must end with fun.
  A walk is a little trip. On the way, when encountering familiar scenery and scenes, instead of lamenting that “there is nothing new under the sun”, it is better to relive and reminisce about the past and old feelings; and do not get carried away when you encounter new things or interesting strangers—this It is a snack carefully prepared by Fate, and we must show equal sincerity and love in time.

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