Afraid of being buried

From time to time, someone complains that they are “buried”, especially after drinking high alcohol and getting a little drunk.

The writer said: I have written so many works, and I have not been famous yet. This world is really unfair! The actor said: “I’ve been acting for a lifetime, and I’m still out of the ordinary. My artistic talent is buried!” Officials say: In terms of ability and qualifications, I originally belonged to that position. I was squeezed out of life by others, and I became angry when I thought of it. The business person said: I have the talent to do business, but unfortunately I was born at an untimely time and the environment is too bad, otherwise I can be a celebrity in the business world. Even the half-aged mistress complained that she was too silly to marry back then. A flower was planted on the cow dung. If she wanted to leave it today, she would have to marry a multi-millionaire.

In short, many people feel like it is bright and dark, vaguely, and have a feeling of being buried. It seems that Wang Bo’s two words “Feng Tang Yi Lao, Li Guang hard to be sealed” are just for themselves.

So, what kind of talent is not buried? If you look at it from a secular perspective, they are nothing more than high-ranking officials, wealthy people, famous people, great blessings, and people who are recorded in the annals of history. However, looking at ancient and modern China and foreign countries, in all dynasties and dynasties, when these types of people are in the minority, it also means that the vast majority of people are “buried”.

For example, for writers, the Chinese Writers Association has more than 10,000 members, and the provincial and municipal Writers Association has more than 100,000 members, but only one or two hundred people are really famous, and there are thirty or forty people who have national influence. Many writers have worked so hard to write for a lifetime, and millions of words have also appeared, and they are still unknown. In other words, it was buried.

Another example is the total number of actors. The total number is unknown. It is not an exaggeration to say that there are hundreds of thousands in the country. There are 100,000 people in Beijing alone, which is known as “North Drift”. At the gate of the Beijing Film Studio, there are thousands of actors crowded every day, and a large crowd is squeezed into the crowd, waiting eagerly for the crew to pick it up. No. In fact, many of them have talents for acting. There is no alternative. There are too many monks and porridge, so they have to be “buried”.

In fact, no one is buried. Everyone has the value of existence. A person who is not afraid of being buried will never be buried. No matter what occupation you are engaged in, as long as you are doing a career you like, creating value, contributing to society, and doing things that are beneficial to others, you will not be buried, and you will have a meaning of existence. Why do you care about your reputation, position, and wealth? Does anyone remember you?

Get out of the small circle of gains and losses, get rid of the fame and fortune, underestimate things outside the body, don’t make random comparisons, and self-pity, there will be no fear of being buried. Look at the ordinary people around us, who are simple-hearted, keep themselves safe, work at sunrise, rest at sunset, eat well, and sleep sweetly. They never have the idea of ​​being afraid of being buried.

In another ultimate sense, loyal bones are buried everywhere in the green hills, where is the loess not buried? People are to be buried in the end, not buried here, buried right there, not buried is temporary, and buried is eternal. Life is short, decades of things, and it’s over after you say it, don’t worry about yourself, do nothing, and hurry up and do what you should do is important.

How can I not be afraid of being buried? It is also very important to position yourself correctly. When you make a drop of sea water, you will not be afraid of being buried. When you are a wave, you will definitely be buried. When you make a handful of soil, you will not be afraid of being buried. As an ordinary person, you don’t know what to bury, and if you claim to be a famous person, you will be immersed in the fear of being buried at any time.

There is a famous monument to an unknown soldier in Moscow. The inscription reads: “No one has been forgotten, no one has forgotten anything.” Those who worry about being buried all the time, might as well savor the meaning, calm and calm your mind. Being a human being is of great benefit.