Alternative Russia, keeping bears as pets

   The Russians are often referred to as the “fighting nation”. Even the “pets” they keep in their daily lives are very different. Among them, the most crazy one should be keeping a bear as a pet!
   Although all animals have spirituality, beasts are beasts after all, and it seems too crazy to live and play with people! However, Russians do have bears as pets (family members), and not even in just one or two cases.
  The custom of raising bears has a long history. There have been many photos of “men walking bears on the street”
   in Russian history, and there are people of all ages who raise bears. From a photo taken on the streets of Moscow in 1963, a middle-aged man walked with his head held high and led a cub; around 2014, a strong man was also photographed walking with a cub on the streets of Moscow, showing that Russians keep bears The habit of being pets seems to have been around for a long time.
   The most famous case of raising bears in recent years is undoubtedly the story of the star bear Stepan. Even though most people can’t imagine someone raising a bear like a son, having three meals with this 136-kilogram bear, huddled on the sofa and watching TV, playing ball with the big bear in the open space outside the house, or asking the big bear to go to Watering the flowers in the garden… But for the couple Svetlana and Yuriy, all of the above is just a part of their daily life for 24 years.
  Orphan Bear Adopted by Kindness
   Stepan was found by hunters in the forest as a three-month-old grizzly bear cub, motherless, emaciated and in dire condition. The couple decided to adopt the cub, who they named Stepan for the cuteness, and not have any more children of their own. The couple moved their home to the suburbs and fed Stepan with dairy and fish. Soon Stepan grew up to be a 2.13-meter-tall bear weighing 136 kilograms.
   Stepan, who is huge in size, has a docile personality and loves to hug people. It has been fully domesticated, and it lives happily with its adoptive parents and family of three. Stepan eats a lot every day. He needs a large bucket of milk porridge, 25 kilograms of fish, vegetables and eggs to feed him. Stepan has often had the opportunity to eat outside after becoming an animal star more than two years ago, but his adoptive mother said: “He doesn’t like to eat food outside the family.”
  Like a child, the bears in
   the cartoon like to eat sweets and honey, and Stepan is no exception. His favorite is the Chinese Panda brand condensed milk. Secretly hide the condensed milk, but Stepan will find it in the end.
   Stepan’s favorite thing to do every day is to sit on the sofa and watch TV. Many life photos show that Stepan likes to snuggle up next to his adoptive parents and watch TV at night. He loves to act like a baby, and the family of three often “hugs”. Stepan’s adoptive father said: “He is very friendly to humans and is a sociable grizzly bear.” The
  sprinting speed is unstoppable. Although the body structure of the grizzly bear is similar to the brown bear
   from the biological point of view, the grizzly bear’s body structure is similar to that of the brown bear. The body appears fatter, fluffier, and heavier. The average adult grizzly bear is about 2.5 meters long and weighs 230 kilograms, and the larger one can even weigh up to 350 kilograms.
   The male grizzly is about 1.3 meters tall at the shoulder when crawling and about 2.7 meters tall when standing, while the female grizzly is much smaller than the male bear. The shoulders of the grizzly bear are powerfully muscular and bulged, and the claws are quite long, up to 15 centimeters. Due to their large size, adult grizzlies try to avoid climbing trees, but they are surprisingly agile and can run at a high speed of 50 kilometers per hour.
  Can do housework and love family members
   Stepan ‘s adoptive mother said: “No matter what people think, he is really not aggressive at all. We have never been bitten by Stepan. He has many talents. He can throw the ball, catch the ball, move He also likes to have a picnic, and he also knows how to help the neighbors carry heavy objects, or water the plants in the garden.”
   Unlike ordinary bears who run away when they see people, Stepan likes to interact with people, especially with children Playing, the neighbors and this behemoth have been able to get along with each other calmly, and sometimes secretly feed things to Stepan. Also because of his relatives, Stepan has participated in the shooting of more than 20 films, and often appears under the lens of famous photographers, becoming the most exposed bear in Russia.
  Angel guardian child face fearless
   Russian photographer Olga Barant-seva took a group of shocking but heartwarming photos at the beginning of this year──Children and bears in the forest, let Stepan embrace a group of innocent children in the forest and on the snow, children We are also not afraid to play and take pictures with grizzly bears. The photographer said: “This bear is really friendly. It likes to hug others, just like a big dog.”
   According to the photographer’s observation, at first, some children were very scared, but after playing together in the end, it was difficult for the staff to move the bear away. They separate, after all every kid wants a “big teddy bear”.
   Under the lens of Olga, the big grizzly bear is in the same frame as the little girl, just like a picture in a fairy tale. The grizzly bear embraces the children in the forest, and the children play and take pictures with the grizzly bear without fear. These are amazing The beautiful and warm photos also prove the spiritual connection between humans and animals.
  Beauty and the Beast Best Bodyguards
   A mother and daughter had a picnic in a forest in Moscow and invited Stepan to be their bodyguards. As a result, no animals dared to approach them within a radius of 10 meters.
   In fact, this is a picture Russian photographer Olga published in a pet magazine last year. In the picture, a female model and her daughter are having a picnic and wandering in the forest near Moscow. In the warm and harmonious picture, Stepan is like the most loyal bodyguard of the hostess, allowing the mother and daughter to take a leisurely forest bath in the wild, not afraid of encounters. to wild animal attacks.
   According to Stepan’s real owner, his adoptive parents, Svetlana and Yuriy, their house is open on weekdays and even at night, but no thieves have ever visited.
   In the photographer’s photos, Stepo leaned on the heroine’s back docilely, or let the little girl lie on the bear’s back, everything seemed so harmonious. Female model Irina said frankly that when Olga invited her to take pictures, she was a little nervous and asked if her daughter could join. Finally, such a warm and touching modern version of “Beauty and the Beast” was born.
  Kissing the Bride Stealthily for the Witness A
   British couple invited Stepan the Grizzly bear as their wedding witness two years ago, but Stepan kissed the bride in front of the groom before the wedding was complete.
   In this wedding held on a farm outside Moscow, the couple invited Stepan to be the host of the wedding. In order to play his role well, Stepan put on a black bow tie. The simple and elegant wedding venue is set under a canopy, surrounded by green leaves, flowers and fruits. The 30-year-old groom Dennis and the bride Nilya exchanged tokens piously in front of Stepan, and made vows to each other for a lifetime.
   During the wedding ceremony, Stepan looked very relaxed and active, and even took a lot of photos with the bride and groom. At the critical moment, it even played the role of a witness, holding the hands of the couple tightly with its bear claws to express mutual love and “bless” the couple holding hands, but in the next second, the witness stretched out a long The long tongue kisses the bride.
   Dennis said: “We all knew that Stepan was a very kind bear. But he was huge and sometimes behaved very unpredictablely. We felt a little scared, but we are very happy that his dream came true in the end and will always remember it. Live this unforgettable day.”

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