Authentic chocolate, you need to add chili

  In 1519, this year was the first reed year recognized by the Aztec priests. On the ninth day of the wind in April of this year, the Spaniards sailed from the east of the Yucatan Peninsula on a large ship that has never been seen by Native Americans. Log in. In Tenochtitlan, the capital of the Aztec Empire, King Montezuma II, amidst domestic turmoil, internal and external troubles, decided to personally meet these uninvited guests with pale skin and tendrils and holding strange weapons.
  The king was convinced that they were the messengers sent by Quezarkat, the feathered snake god. According to the prophecy of the Aztecs, after being exiled by his opponents, the feathered snake god sailed to the ocean, and promised to return in shiny armor on the ninth windy day of the reed year, revenge against the enemy, and regain the loss. Of the country.
Chocolate Prequel

  In 1519, Spanish explorer and colonizer Hernan Cortes led the Spanish army to invade the Aztec Empire.
  Although he is not sure about the true intentions of the Quetzalcoatl, the “savvy” Montezuma II believed that opening the door to the guests should be sincere. In addition to sending exquisite gifts to the Spaniards, Montezuma II also entertained him. Ertes drank a bitter, hot drink that he loved very much. This drink, called Chocolātl by the Aztecs, comes from a seed called “cocoa”, which can make people feel excited. In the Aztec language, it means “bitter water” or “bitterness”. drinks”. The Aztecs believed that the cacao tree was the tree of life, and the cacao bean was a gift from the Quetzalcoatl to mankind.
  Later, Chocolātl had a familiar name, chocolate, chocolate.
The taste of chocolate

  In the Aztec Empire, cocoa beans, which can be used as bitter hot drinks, were extremely valuable, and the Aztecs even used cocoa beans as currency.
  Before Hernan Cortes, pioneer explorers such as Christopher Columbus had tasted this drink from the locals along the coast of the New World, but they had no respect for the drink of God, chocolate with paprika added. Hot drinks are too hard for Europeans to accept.
  Cortez, who penetrated deep into the heart of the Aztec Empire, was very cunning, and the enthusiastic and stupid king fueled the greed and ambition of the Spaniards. Cortez wanted huge wealth, gold and jewelry, as well as the land and slaves of the Aztec Empire.
  Cortez led more than 300 Spanish soldiers, 16 horses never seen before in the New World, and 4 small cannons to kidnap Montezuma II. Despite the constant resistance of the Aztecs, the Spaniards took advantage of the internal contradictions of the Aztecs and finally captured Tenochtitlan and completely destroyed the Aztec civilization.
  Cortez did not forget the wonderful taste of hot chocolate, he brought the Aztec hot chocolate method back to Europe. It was re-flavored with cane sugar and honey, and soon, hot chocolate drinks became popular in Europe.
  Montezuma II, who loved chocolate very much, had no chance to taste the improved chocolate in this life. In the following year, Montezuma II was killed by his former subjects.