Beautiful Takti

  Stepping into the land of Dakedi, I was shocked by the forest, the air, and the farmhouse.
  Dakedi belongs to Tongxin Community, Jiangna Town, Yanshan County. Although it is connected to Yanshan County, it seems to be another world. The space I live in is quiet, fresh and clear, and everything is done in the most simple way in the countryside. Presented, there is no atmosphere of urban hustle and bustle. The deep and distant blue sky shrouded my head, and white clouds that turned into various animals floated leisurely in two rows along the “U”-shaped mountains surrounding the village from the forest behind the mountain far away from the village. I can even see their limbs and handsome faces clearly, and I can hear the cicadas, birdsong, and cows mooing just out of the circle in the morning or returning to the circle in the evening…but only when they floated to the center of the sky, they all rushed to the sky. It fell into the gourd-shaped clear lotus pond in the village that reflected the small villas.
  The clear mountain spring gurgled down the ravine, and I lost my direction, as if I had stepped into a land far away from the city, a simple and elegant small village of the Zhuang nationality. There is no doubt that the concept of green ecology has been deeply rooted in the hearts of everyone here, and sewage treatment has been scientifically incorporated into the municipal pipe network of Yanshan County. Seeing the clear spring water flowing happily always gives me many beautiful longings. Looking forward to the rising Yanshan County not far from the east where it flows, looking forward to the vast Yanshan mother lake that accepts it – Tinghu Reservoir, and every village that flows through the downstream of Tinghu Reservoir beautiful story. The clear spring water makes people feel the warmth and thickness of this land. I believe that people in the downstream will be full of beautiful longing and reverie for the unfamiliar upstream just like me at this time.
  Dakedi is like a natural back garden in Yanshan County, with the vast Liuzhao Mountains behind it. It is said that there was a Zhuang tribe a long time ago. I can’t verify the specific birth time and background. What I see is its beauty and warmth now. Walking into it, the first thing that catches your eyes is the gate with a three-story cornice tile roof composed of eight large pillars. Under the eaves on the top floor, there is a golden plaque with blue background: Dake bottom, and under the eaves on the first floor. Build a happy home together” is particularly eye-catching. Although Zhaimen incorporates modern elements, it also has the fun of simple and elegant architectural culture of the Zhuang family. Then, directly opposite the Zhaimen gate, there is a small cultural square, where the young and old of the Zhuang family who are good at singing and dancing can carry out various entertainment activities. On the right is a small leisure garden full of various flowers, plants and trees. The courtyards of each household are spacious and shaded by greenery. With the crystal-clear little lotus pond as the lowest point, the Xiaobieyuan is built in a “U” shape along the mountains on both sides, neat and orderly. The middle of the “U” shape is the planting area, the left side is the roadway, and the right side is the health trail. The road is clean and tidy. There are flowers and trees on both sides, and then there is a clear small reservoir, and there is a leisure farm next to it. , There is a camping base on the Kuwei flat mountain. The entire small mountain village has complete facilities for life, entertainment and leisure, and what you can see in front of you is a quiet, serene and harmonious scene of a typical green and beautiful new countryside.
  The beauty and warmth of Dakedi come not only from the construction of the village appearance integrated with the modern concept of green and beautiful countryside and the green shade in the spacious courtyards of each household, but also from the enthusiasm and hospitality of the Zhuang family here and the honest folk customs.
  Walking on the village road of Dakedi, whether you meet someone you know or don’t know, as long as you want, they will always warmly invite you to come home to bake a cup of strong tea from the Zhuangjia firepit or have a special meal of Zhuangjia. light meal. Zhuangjia has its own festival almost every month. In addition to the Spring Festival, Ching Ming Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, and Mid-Autumn Festival that all Chinese people celebrate, the Zhuang family also has the Sun Festival in February, the Dragon Festival in March, the Seedling Festival in April, the Liulang Festival in June, and the Dragon Festival in July. The Qilang Festival in September, the Tasting New Festival in September (Note: These festivals are all recorded in the lunar calendar) and so on. If you go to Dakedi in time for the festival, they will graciously use Zhuang’s special delicacies, such as flower rice, cold rice noodles, green cake, “horse pole” (a kind of horse’s foot pole wrapped in glutinous rice and bacon) Zongzi), smoked bacon and rice wine to entertain you. Of course, there are different main delicacies in different festivals. For example, the main delicacy of the Dragon Festival in March is green baba, which is a green baba made of wild wormwood and glutinous rice. I won’t go into details; the Qilang Festival in July, the main food is flower rice. Only cold rice noodles are a must for every big and small festival. During the banquet, the strong women who are good at singing will inevitably give you some beautiful toast songs. Even if you don’t understand, the melodious and enthusiastic tunes are enough to make you intoxicated.
  The first time I went to Dakedi was the Qilang Festival in July. This is the most solemn festival for the Zhuang family besides the Spring Festival. At dawn on June 30th, the smoke from cooking was already rising in the sky of this small village. Some women were busy washing wooden retorts and ladles; some were busy washing glutinous rice; some were busy washing flowers for dyeing. Rice (five-color rice) purple bluegrass, Budisma, sumac, Nyonya flower, butterfly pea flower (purple bluegrass dyed is purple, dense Menghua is dyed yellow, sumac is dyed orange, Nyonya flowers are dyed green, and butterfly pea flowers are dyed blue), preparing for dyed rice. The men are busy slaughtering cows at the head of the village. The number of cows slaughtered depends on the number of households in the village. For example, in Dakedi, a small village with only 64 households, only one cow is slaughtered. After the cattle are slaughtered, they are divided equally according to the number of households, and the women at home have already steamed the fragrant flower rice, and then there is a grand sacrificial activity participated by the whole village. Legend has it that this festival commemorates the heroic feats of Nong Zhigao, a Zhuang anti-enemy hero who dedicated himself to resisting foreign aggression and maintaining national peace and unity. The sacrifice is presided over by the respected elders of the village, and all men, women and children are dressed in national costumes. After placing beef, flower rice, wine and other sacrifices on the altar, the elders muttered words, and the villagers knelt down to worship the world, begging for peace and good weather. After the sacrifice, the masters of each family will bring their relatives and friends home to prepare and have dinner together. From the first day to the third day of the next July, the whole village was immersed in the ocean of folk songs. During these three days, all the men, women and children in the village would gather in the small cultural square to sing to their heart’s content. The singing may be high-spirited and melodious, or graceful and lyrical, or narrating… It expresses the feelings in a year of production and life and the yearning for a better life. It makes people feel a strong rural atmosphere, a peaceful and happy new rural life atmosphere permeating the entire blue sky of Dakedi.
  Dakedi is located in the west of Yanshan County. It is connected to the city but not a city. It still maintains the tranquility and simplicity of the countryside. How can the people of this land integrate into the construction concept of modern new countryside without engulfing themselves in the hustle and bustle of the city? How much courage, wisdom and tolerance do you need to let the townspeople wandering in other places have a nostalgic habitat in the back garden? Now, under their hard work, this land has become a provincial-level “Ethnic Unity Demonstration Village”, a county-level “Beautiful Homeland Demonstration Village”, a county-level demonstration base for party members and cadres, and a new era civilization practice point.
  Seeing the long white clouds in the blue sky, the lush and lush forests, the happy birds passing by the lotus pond and the endless stream of tourists, I think a lot. I thought of the simple original intentions of farmers who are always in awe of the world and nature, I thought of General Secretary Xi’s ecological concept of “green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains”, and I thought of the more ancient China where the ecology is pleasant everywhere. A beautiful home where man and nature coexist harmoniously.

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