Cherish your negative emotions

  A friend recently changed jobs across industries like a big split. When eating and chatting together, she said that she always felt that her state was not quite right.
  She said that she had finally left the unit where she had been waiting to get off work since 11:00 noon, and had joined a start-up Internet company to show her talents. Negative emotions such as irritability and self-doubt also follow. “Did I choose the wrong one? Am I not competent enough? What should I do if I go on like this?” This kind of emotion kept growing. Although it wouldn’t break down, she always felt that it shouldn’t be like this.
  It’s fun to say, whether it’s anxiety or depression, sadness or jealousy, whichever emotion is labeled “negative,” as soon as it comes up, we instinctively drop everything else and get it done first. But emotions, or negative emotions, are really heinous crimes, and everyone “gets them and punishes them”, so the farther away, the better? Not necessarily.
  Recall all the major decisions or pivotal choices you have made in your life, and they probably all involve the participation of negative emotions:
  you became angry when you were in middle school because you heard the teacher announce the rankings and found yourself among a few good friends. He was already at the bottom of the middle, and suddenly he was afraid of being left behind by them – that was fear.
  In your junior year, you gave up the “date” with Duke Zhou and went to the library for early self-study every day because you heard that the employment situation was severe, and when you thought of the not-too-distant graduation season, you felt out of place—that was anxiety.
  You made up your mind to spend a weekend revising your resume, gritted your teeth or clicked send, because you couldn’t stand the “wonderful” colleagues and the speechless boss – that’s suffering.
  We often think that the key to gaining action is thinking, but in fact it is not the case. If there is no emotional thrust, thinking will most likely stay in the fantasy stage, and then die. Make a decision.
  Recently, I was watching “Journey to the West”, and I was particularly impressed by a small clip of the fourteenth episode: Wukong was scolded by Tang Seng because he killed the six robbers blocking the road, and he decided to return in a fit of anger. Huaguoshan is happy and happy. After being persuaded by the old Dragon King in the East China Sea, he turned his head to chase Tang Seng and met Guanyin Bodhisattva on the way. Knowing what happened, Guanyin said something very interesting: “Go early, don’t miss the idea.”
  I was secretly relieved when I saw this passage, it turned out that it wasn’t just me who needed the boost of “brain heat”. what.
  The so-called ability to act is really not after careful consideration and calculation of each step before going, but the idea first, no matter whether it is 3721 first, and then scrambling and rolling, stepping out of the road to go little by little.
  The negative emotions that make us avoid are also the most powerful boosters. It is these various negative emotions that drive us to grit our teeth and move forward on the road we choose – if we can live in a kind of satisfaction all day long, who doesn’t want to “lie down”?
  Cherish your negative emotions, you are stronger than you think, and it will make you a better person.