Complete children’s sense of achievement

  On the eve of the last semester’s holiday, they had to move all their belongings into a classroom to prepare for changing dormitories this semester. She took care of everything else, except for one mattress, which gave her a headache for two whole days. It was a latex mattress that weighed forty kilograms. The challenge Orange faced was to move this thing down the fifth floor.
  At first, she took a passive and evasive attitude towards moving the mattress. She hoped that this thing would disappear out of thin air, so she threw it away successively, sent it to the cleaning aunt, let me find a way to carry it away, etc. Seeing that I didn’t respond, she had to bite the bullet, and finally got the mattress off the bed and stuffed it into a Fantastic duffle bag. After bargaining, she offered 10 yuan, and the male deskmate helped her move the mattress to the designated location.
  Witnessing the moving process of the male deskmate, she felt that things were not as difficult as imagined. The next day, she took the initiative to help a weak female classmate fix her mattress. Two small girls stuffed a 40-jin Big Mac into it I picked up the bag, dragged it down to the fifth floor, and then grabbed the cart with my seniors, yelling and screaming all the way to the destination without any risk.
  Afterwards, she described the process to me, saying that moving the mattress was too much fun, thinking that she couldn’t do it, but found that she could do it, this feeling was too much fun.
  Probably she passed the “extra exam” of “moving mattresses”. During the mighty movement of moving dormitories before the start of this semester, she completely abandoned her dependence psychology.
  That day I went to the cafeteria to talk about something, and the cafeteria was next to their dormitory. After talking about the matter, I wanted to see how her bed was doing, so I went to their dormitory. She was not in the dormitory. It is said that she helped others move things. Her things were all packed, but the mattress was the last She didn’t have a cloth cover on the outside. I called her mobile phone and asked if I could help put it on, and she responded fiercely: “No! Mom, you hurry up! Mom, get out of my dormitory! I managed to fix this bed! If you help Me, ruined my sense of accomplishment!”
  I immediately got up and left in despair.
  She was very dependent on me last semester. This semester, I felt that she suddenly became independent. After living in school, she was like a fish swimming into the sea, and she didn’t even risk a single one. Last semester, what she told me were all her personal trifles and troubles. This semester, these contents subsided unknowingly, replaced by trouble and confusion in management.
  She was elected monitor by her classmates. I used to think she couldn’t do it. She also felt that she couldn’t do it. Because of discipline, she was angry and cried more than once. Once, when many people opposed her, she called me crying while sitting in an empty classroom at noon, expressing her disappointment and grievances. I thought she would give up, but she said, “Mom, I just want to talk to you. For a moment, I can bear it, I don’t care what they say behind my back, even if I don’t have a friend, I can live, I still have to take care of it.” When I was in the third grade of elementary school, I stopped checking her homework and asked
  her Enjoy the sense of accomplishment of independent learning.
  That day, I didn’t put a difficult cloth cover on her mattress, and let her enjoy the sense of accomplishment in taking care of her own life.
  I didn’t block those wind and rain, and let her see that she was stronger than she thought.
  I see in her a teenage child’s desire—for our giving, not to destroy their sense of accomplishment.
  If we parents leave the sense of accomplishment of growing up to our children, parenting will be much easier and growing up will become more interesting.
  Your whole life is the result of your hard work, and I can’t help you much.
  I like this formulation – I’m not being of much help.

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