Daughter’s British psychotherapist, she’s quiet, she hides a knife in her smile

   The daughter is rebellious and difficult to communicate with. The mother found a senior psychotherapist for her. She wanted to solve the child’s rebellious problem, but found that instead of eliminating her rebellious psychology, she almost destroyed her daughter.
   It turned out that the daughter’s problem was not diagnosed by a psychotherapist at all, and even the psychotherapist was fake…
  The rebellious daughter had a mental problem
   On July 23, 2021, Lan Lan received a strange call during a meeting in the company , the other party claimed that he was from Liqun Supermarket, and asked Lan Lan to come to the supermarket quickly. The other party said, “Is He Wanting your daughter? She stole something from our supermarket, please come and deal with it.” Lan Lan was shocked, how could her daughter steal something in the supermarket? Did you meet a liar? Lan Lan hurriedly called her husband He Peng, and hurriedly asked the company for leave to drive to the supermarket.
   After graduating from Lanlan University at the age of 40, he worked in Qingdao Sanli Economic and Trade Co., Ltd. In 2005, Lan Lan met He Peng, who was working in Hisense Group, through a colleague’s introduction. Soon, the two entered the hall of marriage. The following year, Lan Lan gave birth to a daughter, He Wanting.
   In order to gain a firm foothold in the company, Lan Lan handed over her daughter to a nanny to take care of her after giving birth, while she plunged into her career. Lan Lan is smart and capable. After several years of hard work, she has risen step by step from a low-level employee of the company to a middle-level management cadre. At the same time, He Peng’s career has also been booming, and his income has risen. They have successively bought large flats, villas, and changed luxury cars. To outsiders, the family lives happily ever after. Their peaceful life was not broken until Lan Lan received a call from her daughter who was stealing from the supermarket.
   Lan Lan rushed to the supermarket in a hurry, unable to calm down along the way. Since her daughter entered junior high school, the child’s personality has undergone tremendous changes. The child who used to be lively and cute, liked to be clingy, and asked her for advice on everything was gone. Today’s daughter doesn’t like to talk, she often locks herself in the room, and never communicates with anyone. Lan Lan wants to take care of her, but every time she yells and drives her out.
   The most serious one, Lan Lan discovered at 12:00 in the middle of the night that her daughter was secretly playing with a mobile phone she got from somewhere. Angrily and anxious, Lan Lan grabbed the phone and found that her daughter was chatting with a strange man on QQ. The content of the chat made her mother flush. Lan Lan asked He Wanting where the phone came from and who this man was, but got no response.
   Lan Lan was so angry that she dragged her from the bed. Unexpectedly, He Wanting suddenly grabbed the stapler on the table next to it and threw it at her. Lan Lan couldn’t dodge, and was hit by the stapler in the eye. A sting made her cover her eyes with both hands, and squatted on the ground and groaned in pain. He Wanting not only didn’t check Lan Lan’s injury, but slammed her head into the wardrobe. He Wanting hit a hole in the wardrobe door, and blood flowed down her forehead…
   After this incident, Lan Lan didn’t dare to fight again. He Wanting’s requirements are too strict. She and her husband also discussed it and agreed that it was her daughter who had reached the rebellious stage of youth and would gradually get better as she got older. But she never thought that her daughter would be able to steal things, which is much more serious than the problem of rebellion.
   Lan Lan and her husband rushed to the supermarket one after another and found their daughter sitting in a small room with Erlang’s legs crossed, looking indifferent, with several security guards standing around her. Lan Lan walked over and asked with a trembling voice what was going on with the child. He Wanting held up the mineral water in her hand and said nonchalantly, “I forgot to bring money when I bought water.”
   At this time, the supermarket manager called Lan Lan and his wife outside the door and said to them, “You are a parent with such a young child. She should take good care of her.”
   Lan Lan and his wife hurriedly apologized to the manager, and explained to He Wanting: “The child just said he forgot to bring money.” The security manager shook his head: “Your child not only forgot to bring money, she was on the shelf. We unscrewed the bottle of water and drank it there. The staff asked her, and she contradicted. Later, we adjusted the surveillance and found that she also had a bottle of nail polish and a lipstick. If it was not because she was a child, we would have called the police. It’s over.”
   Lan Lan and his wife apologized to the manager again, and followed the manager to the office to accept the punishment. When leaving, the manager said to them, “You must discipline her well when you go back. If this goes on, the child will cause trouble in the future…”
   On the way home, Lan Lan looked at her taciturn daughter with a heavy heart. She thought of her daughter’s rebellion, but what she never expected was that her daughter went to the supermarket to steal something. They didn’t accompany their daughter enough since they were young, but they never treated her materially, gave her the best of everything, and never lacked her pocket money, but how could this happen to the child?
   In the evening, after Lan Lan settled He Wanting to sleep, she discussed her problems with her husband. He Peng suggested taking the child to the psychiatrist of the hospital to see a psychiatrist. Judging from the daughter’s series of circumstances, it might be the child’s psychological problem. Lan Lan didn’t want to believe that her daughter had a psychological problem, and she didn’t want to take her to a psychiatrist to see a doctor. She was afraid of affecting the child’s psychology. Besides, Lan Lan has been strong all her life. If outsiders know that she has a child with mental problems, where will she put her face?
   But if they don’t take their daughter for treatment, they are worried that there is a real problem with the child’s psychology, and it is impossible for them to take leave every day to accompany their daughter at home. As the saying goes, if you steal needles when you are young and steal money when you are big, if you don’t discipline your daughter well, the whole life of their husband and wife will be in vain. After thinking about it, Lan Lan decided to turn to the “universal circle of friends”.
  Looking for a Psychotherapist for Daughter
   On July 27, 2021, Lan Lan wrote in WeChat Moments: The almighty Moments, anyone who knows a good psychotherapist, please help to recommend it. My friend’s child may have a psychological problem and is in urgent need of an excellent psychological counselor. If both parties are satisfied, the price is easy to say.
   Not long after the message was sent, many friends sent messages to Lan Lan recommending a psychotherapist. One of the self-recommended psychotherapists caught Lan Lan’s attention. She introduced herself to Lan Lan: Zhao Shuyi, female, 29 years old, studying in the Royal School of England. At the age of 23, he started working in a psychological rehabilitation treatment hospital in the United Kingdom and had contact with hundreds of patients. After returning to China at the age of 27, he worked in a health consulting room, focusing on the treatment of adolescent children, and was able to formulate corresponding treatment plans according to the children’s problems.
   Then, Zhao Shuyi sent Lan Lan her graduation certificate and various award certificates, as well as the work permit of the health consultation room. What interests Lan Lan the most is that Zhao Shuyi is a rich second-generation, and her parents are doing a lot of business. She is a psychotherapist purely because of interest, not to make money.
   The next day, Lan Lan asked Zhao Shuyi to meet. Although Zhao Shuyi looks young, she speaks well, dresses well, and is very temperamental. Lan Lan knows the Chanel bracelet that Zhao Shuyi wears, which is worth more than 30,000 yuan.
   Lan Lan told Zhao Shuyi the truth and told her daughter’s actual situation. After hearing this, Zhao Shuyi said: “Sister Lan, don’t worry, I have treated children in this situation before, and it’s not a big problem. As long as you parents cooperate well with me, I promise to give you back a healthy, happy, and excellent child after a period of time. Child.” Lan Lan grabbed each other’s hand and asked excitedly, “Really? As long as I can solve the child’s psychological problems, I will definitely cooperate well, and the price is easy to say.”

   On the same day, Lan Lan brought Zhao Shuyi to He Wanting. Lan Lan was afraid that her daughter would reject the psychiatrist, so they agreed to say that Zhao Shuyi was Lan Lan’s friend’s sister and stayed at their house temporarily because she was on a business trip to Qingdao. Lan Lan said to her daughter, “Auntie is a top student who came back from studying in the UK. Don’t you also want to study in the UK in the future? Then take this opportunity to have a good chat with Aunt Zhao.”
   He Wanting believed her mother’s statement, and on the first day Get along very harmoniously with Zhao Shuyi. In the evening, Lan Lan asked about her daughter’s situation, Zhao Shuyi shook her head and said, “Sister, since you believe me, I have to tell you the truth. The child’s situation is very complicated. According to my observation of her, this child is not only a rebellious period. , is still a patient with mild depression, and already has the consciousness of committing suicide, and needs immediate intervention and treatment.”
   Lan Lan, who has always been worried about her daughter, was stunned when she heard this. She did not expect that her daughter would commit suicide in addition to being rebellious and disobedient and stealing things. Tendency, no wonder children will do such extreme things. Lan Lan is very afraid. There are too many cases of children committing suicide. She will never allow such a thing to happen to her daughter.
   Zhao Shuyi then comforted Lan Lan and said, “Don’t worry, our psychotherapists have had too much contact with such children, and there must be a way to cure the child, but the treatment fee will be relatively high. Besides, I still live in your house. , I need to accompany the child all day during the summer vacation, so the monthly fee is at least 50,000 yuan. However, the effect can be seen, and I guarantee that the child’s situation will be completely new after a few months.”
   50,000 yuan a month is indeed not low, but for For Lan Lan, her daughter’s health is more important than anything else. If the other party can really cure her daughter’s depression, it will be worth it. After thinking for a while, Lan Lan said, “As long as the child can be saved, it doesn’t matter how much money it takes.”
   Zhao Shuyi added: “Sister, I can treat the child, but you have to agree to me on one condition.” Lan Lan asked what the condition was, and Zhao Shuyi said, “Through the communication with the child, I found that the child is very fragile, and he also It is a sign of her being closed off, so during the treatment period, you can’t ask me how I treated her, not even the child, and for the effect of the treatment, I need to take her out often, and you can’t interfere, otherwise, not only will the previous efforts be lost. , it may also make the child’s condition worse.” Lan Lan, who loved her daughter eagerly, agreed to the other party’s request without saying a word.
   In the first month, Lan Lan also found that every time her daughter came back from outside, she looked very happy, her personality was much more outgoing, and she occasionally joked with herself. The change in her daughter made Lan Lan and his wife feel at ease.
  The psychiatrist turned out to be a liar
   . One day in November 2021, Zhao Shuyi suddenly found Lan Lan, saying that her family’s business had been hit and her house had been mortgaged. Because her mother couldn’t bear the accident, she suffered a heart attack and was admitted to the hospital. I don’t have any money to treat my mother, so I hope I can pay a month’s salary in advance. Although Lan Lan was reluctant, she still gave Zhao Shuyi 50,000 yuan when she thought of her getting better and better.
   Zhao Shuyi said: “Don’t worry, I will definitely treat Wanting well. Our family’s situation will not affect my work, but it may not be convenient for me to live in your house anymore.”
   Since then, Zhao Shuyi will still be there every weekend. Taking He Wanting out, she also sent Lan Lan a screenshot of the consumption record one by one. Seeing those consumption screenshots, Lan Lan was a little unhappy. Because she was afraid of affecting her daughter’s studies, Lan Lan rarely took her out, but now Zhao Shuyi takes her daughter to the movies again and again to go to the mall and eat food, in addition to enjoyment or enjoyment. Because there is a rule with Zhao Shuyi that she can’t intervene in the treatment process, Lan Lan doesn’t say much.
   One day in January 2022, Lan Lan asked her daughter when she was having dinner and chatting: “Want to go out with Aunt Zhao, are you happy?” Who knew that He Wanting said angrily: “I don’t want to go out with her anymore, she always asks her to go out. I’m waiting in the cafe, who knows what she’s doing.” Hearing what her daughter said, Lan Lan’s heart skipped a beat. Didn’t Zhao Shuyi take the child for treatment? How can you throw a child in a cafe?
   The next day, when Zhao Shuyi came to pick up her daughter, Lan Lan asked, “What are you going to do today?” Zhao Shuyi said, “Go to rehabilitation training.”
   Lan Lan couldn’t bear it any longer and said, “Do you think this is effective? My daughter said that during this period of time, you have been leaving her in the cafe without asking.” Then, Lan Lan repeated her daughter’s words to Zhao Shuyi.
  Unexpectedly, Zhao Shuyi smiled calmly and said calmly, “That’s why I don’t let you ask about the treatment process. Wanting’s performance is exactly the performance of all children with depression. Everyone wants to harm her. Therefore, it is normal for patients to complain and dissatisfaction during the treatment, but with the deepening of treatment, the child’s condition will get better and better.”
   Lan Lan felt that Zhao Shuyi had a certain point, so she decided to first Wait and see. When her daughter came back, Lan Lan asked casually, “Did you have a good time with Aunt Zhao today?” He Wanting said excitedly, “Have fun, I had a great time today.” Lan Lan breathed a sigh of relief. After that, her daughter seemed to like going out with Zhao Shuyi very much again. Lan Lan felt that she might have misunderstood Zhao Shuyi, because her daughter confirmed what Zhao Shuyi said and was getting better little by little.
   Soon, Zhao Shuyi successively borrowed 150,000 yuan from Lan Lan on the grounds that her family business needed working capital and that she was not feeling well. For the sake of her daughter, Lan Lan has met Zhao Shuyi’s request.
   However, on April 18, 2022, Lan Lan suddenly received a call from her daughter’s teacher, saying that the child skipped class with a boy from another class and went to an Internet cafe to play games. Lan Lan was very shocked. She and her husband had always been very strict with their daughter, and they would never let her play games. How could her daughter be addicted to games now?
   Going home at night, Lan Lan questioned her daughter. He Wanting said disapprovingly: “The teacher’s class is not good and boring.” Lan Lan said: “You are a student, you must focus on your studies, you can’t skip school if you are bored, and you are still with a boy, what’s your relationship?”
   He Wanting said: “What’s the matter? Aunt Zhao said that playing games is to develop intelligence, and talking with friends is to improve emotional intelligence. In my case, if I play more games and have more relationships, my grades and emotional intelligence will improve. Lan Lan was shocked: “When did she tell you?” He Wanting replied: “Every time we go out, we go to the Internet cafe to play games.”
   Lan Lan suppressed the anger in her heart and asked her daughter, “What else did she take you to do?” Is it?” He Wanting glanced at Lan Lan and said, “Go to her house to watch adult movies, Aunt Zhao said it was sex education for me, but she wouldn’t let me tell you.” Only then did Lan Lan realize that she spends money every month. 50,000 yuan, what kind of psychotherapist was hired for my daughter.
   She called and questioned Zhao Shuyi, but she didn’t expect Zhao Shuyi to say confidently, “This is also a treatment method for patients with depression. Only by letting her go into society and stop digging into the horns can her disease be cured.”
   At this time, Lan Lan had already No longer trusting Zhao Shuyi’s words, she asked to meet Zhao Shuyi and asked her to pay off the money owed to her as soon as possible. When Zhao Shuyi heard about the repayment, she quickly hung up Lan Lan’s phone and blocked her phone. Lan Lan took her daughter to Zhao Shuyi’s “home”, but the landlord said that she had already checked out and moved out. Only then did Lan Lan realize that she had been deceived, and hurriedly went to the police station with her husband to report the case.
   On April 26, 2022, Zhao Shuyi was arrested by the police and brought to justice. After interrogation, the police found that Zhao Shuyi was not a psychiatrist, but a professional liar. She also deceived more than Lan Lan’s family, and the amount involved in the case was as high as millions of yuan. As for those work experience and academic certificates, she also downloaded and printed them from the Internet using software.
   Lan Lan took her daughter to the hospital. After a series of examinations, it was found that He Wanting was not suffering from depression at all, she was just an ordinary adolescent rebellious. Knowing the result, Lan Lan was deeply remorseful: the child had problems growing up, and she thought it could be solved by spending money, so she casually found a psychotherapist.
   Yes, when it comes to children’s education, as parents, you must not be careless, you must accompany your children with heart and energy. Fortunately, Lan Lan woke up not too late.