different solutions

  A programmer is driving a car on a steep mountain road, with a manager and an engineer from the same company sitting in the back seat. According to the arrangement of the company, the three went to the mountainous area to inspect a project together. The bumpy mountain road made the three of them miserable.
  After climbing a long uphill road, we ushered in a long downhill road. There is a cliff on the side of the road, and the programmer driving the car slams on the brakes. Unfortunately, the brakes failed, and the car lost control and hurtled downward. The programmer spun the steering wheel desperately, slammed the car into the fence on the side of the road, and the car finally stopped before almost falling off the cliff. The three climbed out of the car. Although they were not injured, their souls were frightened. They felt they had to fix the brake failure.
  ”In order to solve this problem, the company needs to set up a committee, hold several meetings, discuss a series of improvement measures, and finally come up with a solution.” The manager said.
  ”No, it takes too long to do that, and from previous experience it has never worked. I have a pencil sharpener with me, and I can open the brake system, find the problem, and fix it,” the engineer said.
  The programmer thought for a while and said: “I think you are all wrong. We should push the car back up the mountain and see if the scene just now will repeat itself!”

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