Do things for three or four months

  The preface of the “Book of Time”, the scholar Yu Shichou wrote: “Young people, your duty is to level the land, not to worry about time. You do things in March and April, and you have your own answers in August and September.”
  For farming As far as civilization is concerned, with the passing of the seasons, changes in phenology, and stings, people began to pick up farming tools, head to the fields, and start new farming. The farm proverb says: “After the Thrilling Festival, spring plowing cannot be stopped.” The farmers began to work in the fields, and the tractors drove “booming”. As a result, the rape blossoms spread out, blooming golden yellow all over the field. The farmer also erected a lovely scarecrow in the field, which opened its arms and embraced the beautiful spring. Everyone is gearing up, in their opinion, no matter how hard you work, no matter how much you gain. People are busy plowing hard and earnestly doing “what should be done in March and April”. Only after sweating can there be the joy of “the fragrance of rice blossoms say good harvest”.
  My friend Xiaoqing, whose appearance is ugly, is an accountant in a small company, doing some trivial work. While other girls put on makeup, shopping, and chasing dramas, Xiaoqing took measures to “be harder to herself” in the spring. After graduating from college, she began to study hard for undergraduates. Occasionally I went to play with her, and she was reading those difficult definitions and formulas alone under the lamp. Later, she started the CPA exam again. For this reason, she refused all travel and shopping. Every day, she runs between study classes and units. She can’t learn many things once, so she learns twice. After a surprising examination result came out, she finally passed all the exams. In the golden autumn of harvest, her heart is full of happiness. What surprised us more is that she went to a listed company to apply for a financial supervisor, and she passed the interview. She wept with joy and said to us: “When you are young, you must work hard for March and April. Only by persisting in this way will you have the harvest in August and September. I know that it is easy to give up in life, but persistence is cool. ”
  I have a friend who is sixty years old. Last spring, he made a “grand” plan to travel around the world in the future. So he started by exercising, and then formulated a “five-year plan for travel.” He doesn’t like the tour groups of travel agencies, he is tired of running around and can’t do what he wants. So he collected information on his own and prepared to travel freely. However, language is a big obstacle. Even with translation software, it is not too convenient. Therefore, he is determined to regain English. I laughed at him: “You are so old, can you remember it?” He said seriously: “From now on, from this spring.”
  So, he started reading, writing and writing at 6 o’clock in the morning every day, insisting on two hours a day. I also found a college student in the community who spoke English with others every day. I laughed at him: “What an old naughty boy.” He didn’t care about it, and he was always happy. I think he will only be “three minutes of heat.” In less than a week, he would give up when faced with complicated and difficult letters. However, he did not expect that he insisted on it all the time, wearing reading glasses every day, learning happily. Half a year later, when I saw him again, he said that he could speak in simple English. One year later, the English online class he was learning online was almost over. He also regularly participates in an English corner activity at a university, and he can talk to foreign teachers there. I couldn’t help giving him a thumbs up, but he smiled and said: “In spring, do things in March and April, and you will have wonderful harvests in autumn.”
  March and April are when spring flowers bloom and grass grows and warblers fly. The romantic season, the new year, requires new planning. When the goal is clear, we don’t need to be anxious, but do a solid job at the moment. Then, there will naturally be answers in August and September…