Don’t hurry

  A few days ago, I took leave and went home to visit my parents. The unit called to say that there was a new business, so I hurried back and bought a train ticket for 6 o’clock in the evening.
  My home is very close to the train station, and it only takes half an hour to get there by bus. It’s four o’clock and there are still two hours to go, but I decided to go now. Because, when we got to the station, we had to pass a middle school, and the school was dismissed at 4:20, so there would definitely be traffic jams, so as to avoid being late and unable to catch the train.
  I packed my bags to go, and my mother asked me why I left so early. I said to prevent traffic jams after school, I left early.
  My mother smiled and said to me, “There’s no need to leave so early! Our house is so close to the station.
  ” Mother.
  My mother said to me again: “Son, you leave at five o’clock, you must be in time.”
  I shook my head and said to my mother: “The six o’clock bus has only half an hour left after arriving at the station, so I’m too nervous. “My mother was silent and watched me go out the door.
  As I expected, the car stopped at the gate of the school. Fortunately, I reserved enough time, not too nervous. But when I arrived at the station, it was only 30 minutes before the departure. After getting off the bus, I hurried into the station.
  No, I just passed the security check and was about to check the ticket and enter the station when I suddenly heard my mother calling me. I looked back and saw that she was running over with my computer in hand with a smile.
  I slapped my forehead. I was so anxious to go out just now that I forgot my work computer at home. However, when did my mother come out, she must be later than me, why did she almost come with me?
  I hurriedly stepped forward to ask my mother when she came out, and my mother said it was five o’clock. I was a little surprised. I walked on the road for an hour and a half. Did my mother arrive in half an hour? I didn’t believe it, and asked my mother to confirm it with doubts.
  My mother said to me: “Son, Mom starts at five o’clock. The road is not blocked at all, and the students are all scattered. So, I will almost meet you.”
  My mother saw that I was stunned and said nothing, and then said: “What will you do in the future, don’t rush on the road. Just like today, you all know that there will be a traffic jam after school, you still have to leave early to catch the traffic jam. It’s better School mom, leave later and miss the peak of school.”
  My mother’s remarks made me speechless, and I suddenly felt that every sentence was the truth. Many times, we are in a hurry to lower our heads and hurry on the road. In fact, we can avoid the foreseeable traffic jams, which will save a lot of time in life.
  In life, everyone has to remember that avoiding the difficulties that stand in your way is the best way to get there on time.