Facts and conjectures

   In Kruger National Park, South Africa, a little lamb was caught by a hungry lioness.
   However, the bloody scene did not happen. On the contrary, the tourists saw a very unusual scene.
   The lioness let go of the lamb, and did not do any other detrimental behavior to the lamb. This was an excellent opportunity for the little lamb to escape, but, I don’t know if it was scared, or for other reasons, the little lamb stood still and motionless.
   Under normal circumstances, lions will not play with their prey, so something strange is about to happen.
   The lioness once again put a big mouth close to the baby lamb’s body, and the tourists held their breath, thinking that the lioness still seemed to want to eat the baby lamb. Unexpectedly, the lioness started licking the lamb, which was a way of grooming, just like it would do to the cubs. Is the lioness benevolent, or is the maternal love overflowing?
   Many tourists recorded this rare and touching scene with cameras and mobile phones, and couldn’t wait to post it on the Internet. At the same time, they attached a few beautiful words, expressing a beautiful life insight into this rare friendship.
   Many people who saw this video were deeply moved, but they only knew one, not the other. Because they didn’t know what happened afterwards. Here’s the thing:
   after a while, the lioness’s behavior changed again. This time it is not you and me, the affectionate models, which are intoxicating, but the little lamb is struggling desperately in the mouth of the lioness again, accompanied by hysterical despair and screams.
   Finally, the little lamb broke free from the death control of the lioness. The little lamb ran desperately, and there was a bush not far in front. As long as it could get in, it might hide and escape. However, the lioness soon caught up.
   This huge carnivore only jumped twice before chasing the little lamb desperately trying to escape. One of the hind legs of the little lamb was bitten by the lioness. The lioness used one leg to press the little lamb very skillfully, and then bit the little lamb’s neck with her mouth. The tourists were heartbroken to see the blood coming from the little lamb’s wound. Everywhere came out.
   The little lamb continued to struggle, but it was the lioness’s opponent. The lioness bit its trophy and went away. The tourists who witnessed all of this changed their moods like riding a roller coaster, from moving to heartbreak, ups and downs, and could not calm down for a long time.
   It turns out that the lion is a fierce carnivore. It preys simply and neatly, and generally does not play games of teasing its prey. Once the prey is thrown by them, they will start to eat, and will not be stubborn and muddy. But why is this lioness so gentle with the lamb in the first place? This is because the lamb is less than one month old and is just a small snack for the lioness, so the lioness should use the lamb as bait to attract the ewe so that it can get a big meal for itself and the cubs . Finally, because the big meal was hopeless, the lioness brought the lamb back to make a snack for the cubs.
   Therefore, thinking aside from normal logic is called conjecture. Although it is beautiful, it is not a fact.