Fantasy lace

  Clothing is a hidden language. Through clothing, you can vaguely see the publicity of the soul, and inadvertently reveal a faint desire. In the clothing world of LOLITA, there is such a magical power.
  Girls’ Generation, perhaps deliberately keeping a distance from reality, always likes to wear clothes full of fairy tales, the splendid lace, the more layered umbrella skirt, and the light floral pattern, which vaguely reveal the girl’s feelings . As time passed, these decorative clothes became outdated, and I had to hide them in the closet, but I still remembered the exquisite feeling in my bones. Today, Japan has brought the costume language of Western European court fairy tales to all parts of the world, and the classical aristocratic atmosphere has penetrated into the entertainment industry, fashion industry, animation industry, and even into every detail of daily life, such as luxurious glasses on the dining table, home furnishing, etc. The lace curtains in the furnishings all highlight the luxury and glamour. Years passed in a hurry, I secretly took out the clothes hidden in the closet, and the old styles turned out to be the latest fashion. When I put on the cascading ruffled skirt again, I seemed to be lying on the grass and smelling the fragrance of the plants. The past time flashed in the colors one by one, and I couldn’t help but rejoice in grabbing the tail of time…
  Lolita The name comes from the famous Russian-American writer Nabokov’s novel “LOLITA”, which was later adapted into the movie “A Tree of Pears and Begonias”. The remake of the 1997 movie “LOLITA” set off a court doll fashion trend in Japan. In pursuit of history, the Japanese nation has a complex of advocating Europe, and many animations are carried out in the background of European style paintings, such as animation master Hayao Miyazaki’s animation “Howl’s Moving Castle”, “Witch’s Delivery Service” and so on. Since many anime characters wear LOLITA clothes, the power of animation is used to fuel the flames, including the now widely popular role-playing, which makes Lolita costumes even more popular. Perhaps, since childhood, each of us has countless beautiful dreams in our hearts. It is a hidden world hidden deep in our hearts. Lolita just waved the magic wand of clothing language and quietly walked into this magical world. Heaven and earth make fantasy a reality. Although this is only a short dream-like moment, the mind is unparalleled in relaxation and relief.
  For a long time, in order to match the fast pace of life, simple and lively clothing language is very popular, and it looks refreshed because of the lack of unnecessary cumbersome decoration. Now, the rise of Lolita costumes has led to a retro fashion storm, drawing people’s attention to the aristocratic life of medieval European courts. A small bag with a bow, a small silver crown hair ornament in the curly hair, and lace stockings over the knees, the finely carved clothing language contains a strong European style, as if entering the oil paintings of the Baroque era, which makes people travel. Walking between reality and dreams, you can’t help but let go of your hasty steps and enjoy life gracefully.
  Wandering around on the street, I occasionally see a girl dressed in Lolita walking by. The sweet pink color is full of warm creamy fragrance; the decoration of ribbons and bows also brings out a strong aesthetic style. Or the romantic feeling piled up by a lot of lace, or the elegant and gorgeous waistband design that highlights the sense of line, or the darkness and weirdness brought out by the black and white color, which makes people indulge in endless confusion, like a dream, Occasionally forget to breathe… Combining the trend with the elements of self-design, it is full of original flavor, chasing fashion and showing personality at the same time, this is the charm of LOLITA. Through clothing, you can turn back time. Middle-aged people can see the nostalgic years of youth, and teenagers can walk into childhood memories. LOLITA is like this carving traces of nostalgia for time. Lolita is not only a kind of clothing, but also a kind of spiritual thought. It can make people get rid of the constraints of reality, find themselves, and continue the once lost innocence and dreams.
  The use of clothing language to relieve the pressure of reality is also a symbol of freedom and openness in life concepts and cultural diversity. When my eyes stay in the clothing store, the highly decorative fashion styles vaguely let me see the shadow of LOLITA. Even if the styles of lace and clothing are not very coordinated, we still need to add popular elements. Even serious suits have to be decorated with lace, in order to add a bit of a playful and lovely feeling. At this time, I always smile, maybe the delicate feeling comes from the fantasy tendency of human instinct…