Form of competition

   Speaking of the competition between the two countries, people often think of aircraft, cannons, and nuclear weapons. In fact, there are at least four modes of future competition between the two countries: The first, the battle for role models, is to see who can become a model for the development of each country; the second, the battle of cooperation, is to see who can unite more countries to solve the problem Global issues; the third, the battle for dividends, is to see who can bring more benefits to the world; the fourth, the battle of vision, is to see who can lead mankind to a higher civilization.
   These four most important competitions do not actually use aircraft cannons. This statement can also be used to explain the competition between individuals in modern society. Now the competition between individuals is not like in the business war novels and martial arts novels, who can make whoever end badly, the goal we can compete for is nothing more than who can become a model and who can have more collaborators , who can create dividends and who can have a higher vision.

   On TV, we can see that soldiers usually wear lightweight uniform helmets, while tank soldiers are more strange, wearing thick tank caps. Why is this? The reason is simple, the first is to reduce noise. The tank is equipped with a high-power engine and various transmission machinery, and the interior space of the tank is very small. On the battlefield, the roar of machines and the sound of tanks firing shells and machine guns spread through the tiny tanks, making it inaudible and distracting. With the tank cap on, you can block out these sounds. Secondly, wearing a tank cap is for in-vehicle calls and external communications. There are earphones and a throat microphone on the tank cap. The throat microphone is attached to the buckle strap of the tank cap, and it just sticks to the sides of the throat when the tank cap is put on. When the tank crew speaks, the throat microphone can convert the vibration of the throat part into an electrical signal, and then send it into the communication system in the car through the wire, so as to effectively prevent the noise from interfering with the microphone. The communication system in the car is connected with the radio station that communicates with the outside world, so the tank crew can easily communicate with the outside world. Finally, the tank cap also has one of the most basic purposes, which is to protect the head of the tank occupant.

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