Generation X

  Shoe box made of mushrooms
  This “plain”-looking shoe box comes from the British “Magic Mushroom” company. They specially use dead wood, sawdust and other wastes as a substrate to cultivate mycelium, so that the mycelium “grows” into flexibility Sturdy, eco-friendly packaging. In a dry environment, this shoe box can be stored for 30 years. If you don’t want it, just break it into pieces and bury it in the soil or throw it away as kitchen waste, and it will degrade within 45 days. It is an ideal alternative to traditional packaging.   It is said that
  in the United States, 90% of express deliveries are small packages weighing less than 5 pounds. How to make them reach users faster?
Drone delivery company Wing recently unveiled a series of aircraft prototypes, ranging from large planes that can carry more than 7 pounds of cargo to smaller ones designed to carry prescription drugs under 0.6 pounds. These drones all use hybrid power, which can take off vertically like a helicopter and fly horizontally in the air, allowing users to feel the “surprise” of express delivery falling from the sky.
  Light-powered headphones
  Recently , Adidas and Swedish technology company Zound Industries launched a headphone that can be self-charging through light. This headset is equipped with a solar panel on the headband, which can absorb various types of light such as natural light and artificial light. It can be said that there is light and electricity, and the practical performance is greatly enhanced. It can last up to 80 hours on a 2-hour wired charge in a dark environment.
  Crowdfunding Glasses Camera
  Recently , Xiaomi Glasses Camera announced that the crowdfunding project has come to an end. A total of 69,000 people participated and 10.39 million yuan was raised. The appearance of this product is similar to AR glasses, and the weight of the whole machine is only 100 grams, which makes it easy to wear in sports events, concerts, travel and other scenes. Its self-developed automatic brightness adjustment function combined with high-performance augmented reality technology can provide users with a new experience of real-time shooting from the first perspective. The crowdfunding price is 2499 yuan.
  Baidu to sell AI paintings
  Not long ago, Du Xiaoxiao, a digital person produced by Baidu, released 4 AI paintings called “Unbounded”, which were evaluated by a professor of the Academy of Fine Arts as “having met the basic requirements of undergraduate art graduates”. Baidu made it into a digital collection and sold it online, and it sold more than 170,000 yuan in 24 hours. With the deepening of the combination of artificial intelligence and art big data, human artists have to cheer up.
  Lavalier microphone
  Many people want to take a video when they go out, but no matter how good the picture is, the noisy sound can ruin the whole video. A small microphone that clips to your collar can do the trick. This Yingmark lavalier microphone has an imported 30 4 high-sensitivity steel microphone head under the furry appearance, which can achieve 360-degree all-round sound recording, and has its own intelligent high-definition noise reduction function, which can easily receive the Human voice, large-capacity battery can achieve 6 hours of long battery life.

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