Get out of “the cold of the mind”

  October 10th is “World Mental Health Day”, and this year is the 29th year since this day was born in 1992. There are many kinds of mental illness, the most common are anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, panic disorder, social phobia and so on. Suffering from mental illness is definitely not “crazy”, sometimes it is more like a “psychic cold”.
  According to the latest WHO statistics, it is estimated that 5% of adults suffer from depression. According to a study published by the Peking University team in the journal The Lancet in 2019, there are an estimated 95 million people with depression in China. The National Health Commission will include depression screening in the school health checkup in 2020.
  Even though there are so many people suffering from depression worldwide, people’s understanding of depression is still lacking. It’s like there is a gap between people’s hearts, and after all, they can’t reach each other appropriately: Why can’t you get out of bed? Why can’t you cheer up? Why is it so difficult to do such a simple thing? Why do you feel sad and painful when there is no major incident? —Is all this just an excuse for laziness?
  This is not only the puzzling of others, but also the self-torture of “depressed people” from time to time.
  Probably it is “depression attracts each other.” There are many friends who suffer from depression, bipolar disorder, and even close people of friends commit suicide because of depression.

  The National Health Commission will include depression screening in the school health checkup in 2020.

  Although depression absolutely needs to be faced and understood, it should not be excessively “pathologized.” My psychiatrist friend said that “depression” sounds like a disease, but he seldom says “you have this disease” to patients. It is more correct to say “depression syndrome”—sometimes just melancholy You must find a way to dissolve it, through drugs, or various methods that are good for you, so that you can enter a positive circle, not a vicious circle.
  My Muay Thai coach is an Iranian. He has traveled to many countries and has fantastic ideas in his mind, but the charm and energy, enthusiasm and smile that he exudes will make people believe in him and are willing to run with him. .
  Once I finished a boxing exercise with him, after he stared heavily at the phone, he suddenly became irritable as if he had changed. Throwing the phone, hammering the floor, crying, rushing to press the phone, and continuing to drop the phone, hammering the floor, and crying. I hurried to comfort him and asked him why he lost control of his emotions. Only then did I learn that his bipolar disorder (also known as “bipolar disorder”) had occurred.
  I spent some time calming him down. After that, we often exchanged our emotional distress, encouraged each other, set goals, and tried not to let ourselves fall into the emotional black hole. Sometimes when we can’t reach each other’s hearts, we will give each other some time. Sometimes, doing nothing is an act.
  There are some other friends who will “talk” to each other with us. The release of this kind of negative energy can also give some relief to the mood, like a kind of “comrade-in-arms” support: I can’t help you and I can’t fully understand you, but I am also trapped in the backlight, so we must all be well. of.
  Everyone has their own life problems, and every melancholy person also has different discords. You can try to pull your feet out of the mud first, and then slowly move forward—after all, it’s better to move forward. of.