Get up early and go to the noodle shop

  The long fish noodle soup with separated fish noodles is the unique skill of the small noodle restaurant, and the long fish is eel. A large bowl of noodle soup with a small dish of eel is enough to replenish energy for the day. The noodle soup is served in a blue and white porcelain bowl, soaked in the milky white soup. If the customer has no dietary restrictions, Master Wang will add some chopped green onion or chives to enhance the freshness. Master Wang started to boil this bowl of soup the afternoon before.
  This stew can be very particular, boil the bone first. Before four o’clock in the morning, Master Wang, who had already started to work, added eel slices and then made soup. Until six o’clock in the morning, the soup was boiled, the noodles were ready, and diners from all over the town were on their way to eat noodles.
  ”Morning, Master Wang!” “Good morning!” Master Wang neatly served soup and noodles, greeted and sent off guests. It reminds me of the first time I saw his “Pao Wang Pian Eel”, the eel bones that were originally diagonal in the hands of Master Wang instantly became different, as if they had a sacred color. Master Wang pierced the head of the fish with a knife, quickly cut it along the belly of the fish, then cut it along the bone, and finally cut it again, a clean and tidy fish bone was successfully removed from the fish in these three cuts. Later, I got acquainted with the small noodle restaurant and master Wang, and knew that he is such a clean and tidy person, the chopping board is always clear and crisp, and the order of dishes is also orderly. Simple noodle soup and eel arrangement, he also tried his best to arrange them properly and beautifully in the shortest time. I praised him for being serious, and he smiled while slicing his eel, “Isn’t this how life is?”
  Days go by with three meals a day, and our family always chats about noodle restaurants and noodle restaurants while raising our chopsticks. Master Wang who lives seriously. Grandpa said: “You have to be like Lao Wang when you do your work. Be energetic!” He is indeed energetic, and it is largely due to his good environment. Wherever you work, that is your territory. Since it is a territory, how can it be sloppy? In addition to the basic cleanliness in the “dictionary”, Master Wang also installed a few lights in his small noodle shop. In addition to the warm yellow light tubes responsible for making the store brighter, there are also star-like decorative lights, which are also warm light. He proudly told me that he learned this from his son’s textbook, which said that warm colors can stimulate people’s appetite.

  In the words of Master Wang, “Business always makes you famous”. In fact, what he pursues is only four words – “healthy and delicious”, but he never got the order of these two words wrong. Master Wang is not afraid of trouble, I have seen it before, boil the fish bones first, cook the fish bones first, and then cook the fish meat, and only a few hours. Until the exact steps and just the right time, the gelatin in the fish bones is simmered in the soup without reservation, and enters the stomach of every diner, warming up the body and heart, and finally writing them into their taste bud memory for a long time. Master Wang is not afraid of waste. Later, when my grandfather mentioned it, I realized that he always picked good and expensive ingredients, and he was never stingy.
  Once, Master Wang’s son who was in elementary school was helping him, but the little guy was not clamped properly, and the poached egg that the diner wanted fell on the chopping board with a “pop”, and the son picked it up and went to the sink, probably because he wanted to wash it clean. Master Wang stopped what he was doing, pointed to the trash can in the corner, and said, “Throw it away.” There is always a reason to be recognized by the public. Can gain a lot of energy.
  In Master Wang’s small noodle restaurant, there is indeed a great seriousness. The world just woke up early in the morning, and he has full energy to serve soup, noodles, welcome and see off guests. The heat rushed towards him, making him look like a morning chef, like the breakfast of thousands of households in the world, all relying on his strong shoulders.
  I took a sip of the milky fresh fish soup, which completely activated the organs in my body. In the background of the rushing city in the morning, I choose to sit down steadily and eat a bowl of hot, fresh long fish noodle soup seriously, which is also the seriousness I insist on in my life.