Good luck with whom

  Who is lucky to be with? Believe in your own good luck, what kind of result will this lead to? This question has fascinated people for thousands of years.
  The following are several sets of experiments.
  Golf experiment. This is an experiment conducted by researchers at the University of Cologne in Germany. One day, the researchers suddenly told some of the golf participants that you are today’s “lucky star”, while the other part did not make such an announcement. Surprisingly, these guys aced 6.4 strokes per 10, two strokes more than those who weren’t told. That is, the former scored 35% higher than the latter. This phenomenon has aroused the interest of psychologists. It appears that “superstitious stimuli do produce performance-enhancing effects”.
  The “Imp Bell” experiment. Overfield, 46, runs a website called New York Motorcycle Riders and sells merchandise at motorcycle shows around the state. On the website, Overfield tried to sell an item called the “ghost bell”, which he vigorously promoted as a kind of magical amulet, making people believe that hanging the “ghost bell” on the back seat of the car can prevent accidents. . The results did work, and the number of accidents dropped by 50% on motorcycles with the “ghost bell” on them.
  Using a similar approach to stock trading, researchers in the UK devised an experiment in which they recruited 107 traders from investment banks in London and asked them to play a computer game that simulated real-time stock indexes. They were told that pressing the Z, X, and C keys on the keyboard might have some effect on the index. However, no matter how many buttons these traders press, it will not win their trades in the slightest.
  We can believe in our own good luck, and at the same time firmly believe that good luck can bring good results. In fact, believe in good luck, and we will win extraordinary performances, because in these processes, seemingly good luck, There is actually your subconscious and hard work involved.