As the sun sets and the weather is cold, I bought two kinds of handmade glutinous rice balls from the shop, black sesame filling and peanut filling. They are small and exquisite, like glutinous rice-colored glass beads, very delicate.
  The millet porridge is boiled until it is sticky, and the thickness is just right, and then the small glutinous rice balls are boiled into fat, round bright moons. Put it into a blue and white porcelain bowl, there are a few bright full moons lying in a piece of warm golden color, there is poetry in the tranquility, and artistic beauty in the fireworks.
  This bowl not only looks good, but also tastes delicious. The taste of millet porridge is light and long-lasting, the skin of glutinous rice flour is soft and waxy, and the black sesame seeds and peanuts ground into a paste have a strong aroma, and each has its own merits, sweet but not greasy. Every mouthful feels happiness flowing gently in front of the quiet window like moonlight .
  When I first cooked glutinous rice balls, I had no experience, so I put the glutinous rice balls and the cleaned millet into the pot under cold water. After a period of cooking, I lifted the lid of the pot, and what appeared was chaos and chaos. The round moon was boiled and broken, without poetry, and the taste was not good.
  Experience is honed out in life, and the poetry and beauty of life are honed out slowly.
  I always prefer the magnolia taste of noodles, but I like the softness and sweetness of glutinous rice balls, but I don’t know how to make glutinous rice balls. The eldest sister who made glutinous rice balls in the small shop told me that good glutinous rice balls are made by grinding.
  How to grind? Grinding requires patience and care, as well as meditation. First, grind the glutinous rice into glutinous rice flour on a stone mill, and grind clockwise, over and over again, at least 7 times. Black sesame and peanuts should also be finely ground to produce a fragrance. When the ingredients are ready, don’t be impatient when making them. You have to grind them one by one carefully until they become a round little moon.
  The aroma of wine is not afraid of the depth of the alley. No wonder this elder sister’s handmade glutinous rice ball shop is located in the depths of a remote alley, and some people have come all the way.
  Isn’t it the same with many things in life? The deliciousness of food is carefully ground; a fresh green vegetable is slowly ground from a small seed in the soil and time; the bright flowers in spring are ground step by step from the cold winter of.
  We often say that “good things take time” and “things go smoothly when things slow down”. This “grinding” and “slowness” are all building the foundation for people’s hearts, making people calm and calm.
  There is a passage in “Biography”:
  Question: “When you are quiet, you also feel good, but when you are in trouble, how about it?”
  The master said: “You only know how to rest in peace, and you don’t need to work hard on yourself. If this is the case, you will fall down when you are in trouble. One must grind on things, in order Only by being able to stand upright can one be able to be ‘still and still, and move still’.” Only
  by working hard on things can one cultivate an elegant and calm state of mind. The flowers fall and the flowers bloom, the clouds roll and the clouds relax, I walk in the courtyard, let the wind from east to west, north and south. Time and worldly events unknowingly develop a person’s character and bearing.

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