Guam vaccinates tourists for free

In order to revive the tourism industry under the epidemic, Guam has decided to vaccinate tourists who come to the island for vacation free of charge.

Singapore’s “Straits Times” reported on the 28th that the plan is mainly aimed at Americans in the Asia-Pacific region, and people from other countries can also participate. Gutierrez, director of the Guam Tourism Bureau, said that this must be very attractive for tourists who need to be vaccinated. The Governor of Guam Guerrero approved the plan last week and is expected to relax the quarantine regulations in early July so that the “vaccine vacation” can proceed smoothly.

It is understood that tourists participating in the program can choose to vaccinate Pfizer vaccine, Modena vaccine or vaccine produced by Johnson & Johnson. Gutierrez said that more than 30,000 people are expected to be vaccinated through this travel plan by the end of this year.

More than a dozen hotels in the Tumon tourist area of ​​Guam have already booked this service, and the local medical clinic is responsible for the specific work of vaccination. Tourism is the second largest economic industry in Guam. According to a study by the University of Guam, Guam’s arrivals fell by 76% last year compared with 2019.