How does a person become who they are today?
  Genes create rough embryos, the original family is shaped, and the growth experience is carefully polished, so “I” is me.
  In this process, the appearance of guides played an important role, just like Feng Qingyang was to Linghu Chong, Tong Xiangyu was to Guo Furong—or preaching and teaching, giving guidance, or providing emotional value, soothing the soul, or leading growth, Show you how big the world is.
  He may be the person you want to be, or someone you trust, someone who can guide you out of confusion. There is no doubt that he has guiding significance for your life.
  Sometimes, the guide gives you the background of your life; sometimes, at a critical moment in your life, he guides you to find your inner voice and take a crucial step.
  In this special report, we listen to the stories of two guides, which are also stories of growth. The author, “like a child,” said that from his mentor, Mr. Wu, “any doubt can be answered, any decision can be supported, and any grief can be appeased”; and in the author’s “time can hear” view, Every step of her journey from a rural girl to a doctoral student, there is a “little principal” figure.
  The guide takes you on the road and leads you to grow. He is also on you, projecting his own expectations and seeing more possibilities in the world.
  In such stories, we achieve growth, and love and kindness, reason and emotion, tolerance and principles are also passed on from generation to generation.

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