HOKA ONE ONE KAHA 2 GTX is not afraid of the wilderness, just like walking on the ground

  Every year in autumn, the mountains and fields will reveal their most colorful side. Walking into nature is the way for every outdoor person to celebrate. Whether the route is long or short, hiking shoes are our best friends.
  When it comes to hiking shoes, do you still think of black and hard rubber outsoles, old-fashioned leather uppers, and extremely bulky stereotypes? The emergence of HOKA ONE ONE KAHA 2 GTX has changed all this.
Trendy appearance, lightweight foot feel

  Whether it is color matching, shape or outline, HOKA KAHA 2 is far from the old-fashioned traditional hiking shoes: the whole body is sand-colored and richly layered. There is also HOKA’s conspicuous LOGO and the flying bird.
  As the saying goes, it is better to carry ten catties more than wear one catty more. In terms of weight, HOKA KAHA 2 is almost the ultimate. The 40-size shoe weighs only 515 grams, and the lightness of walking will make you wonder if it can be called a “heavy” hiking shoe.
Shark tooth outsole, super grip

  Hiking shoes are the key when hiking, and the sole is the key. The outsole that is in direct contact with the ground needs to be grippy, non-slip, wear-resistant and sturdy, so how does the HOKA KAHA 2 equipped with VIBRAM perform in this respect?
  ·The outsole is not big.
  HOKA KAHA 2 has several VIBRAM megagrip rubber protruding teeth arranged horizontally and vertically on the key stress-bearing parts of the forefoot and heel, fully contacting the ground, and using a small amount of material to complete the task of gripping the ground. In addition, its separate outsole makes the feet less tired and sore. Grip, light and comfortable, the outsole of KAHA 2 kills three birds with one stone.
  Shark Teeth Bite Force If you observe
  carefully , you can find that HOKA KAHA 2 has added a small bump on the force-bearing side of the big convex teeth, like dense barbs. As a result, the grip area has been increased by 50%, and the grip force has been increased by up to 25%. This is exactly the TRACTION LUG shark tooth technology launched by VIBRAM this year. Multi-directional lugs are combined with sharktooth technology, and the grip is clearly arranged under limited materials.
  Swallowtail heel
  If you want to find an unforgettable iconic design on HOKA KAHA 2, it should be the new HUBBLE@extended version of the heel and Swallow TaiITM geometric structure. The entire heel is slightly upturned, matching the toe cap and the wide sole, like a smooth boat. And the unique dovetail structure makes the transition of each step smooth and smooth.
Double-layer midsole, shock-absorbing

  Continuing the comfort and cushioning of the previous generation KAHA, compared with most “hard-soled” hiking shoes, HOKA KAHA 2 has much less impact on the body. The sole does not transmit force to the sole of the foot hard, but releases part of the force through a slight rebound. Even after walking on stone slopes and hard trails in scenic spots for a long time, my legs and knees did not feel obviously tired.
  The main function of the midsole is cushioning, but it is not as soft as possible. If the midsole is too soft, the hiker will lose balance on some rough surfaces. The HOKA KAHA 2 has a strong support performance, it is stiff enough to walk, and it has full resilience.
  It has to be said that the double-layer density CMEVA midsole of HOKA KAHA 2 has achieved a high degree of integration of appearance and performance.
Reliable and waterproof, details are everywhere

  When you see the GORE-TEX logo on the upper, the waterproof performance of HOKA KAHA 2 is self-evident. Even if you often submerge half of the shoe in water, your feet will remain dry all the way. Thanks to the waterproof and moisture-permeable capabilities of GORE-TEX, walking in the sunny September will not feel too stuffy.
  HOKA KAHA 2 also spares no effort in designing various details. The reinforced wrapping of the toe box will not feel the toes even if I accidentally kick the stone; the wide pull button at the heel allows me to wear the shoes effortlessly; the double-layer shoelace perforation on the instep can be freely controlled The pressure on the arch of the shoe…
  It can only be said that the arrival of HOKA KAHA 2 is absolute good news for the majority of hiking enthusiasts. Who would not like a pair of hiking shoes with solid performance and rich details?

Hardcore performance, trendy appearance

  In fact, in addition to its important position in the field of trail running, HOKA ONE ONE is also a professional brand with a complete production line of outdoor shoes, and the low-key hiking series is an absolute treasure. From the appearance, it is very trendy; from the configuration, it has mid-top, VIBRAM outsole, and GORE-TEX; from the actual foot feel, it is undoubtedly a standard heavy-duty hiking shoe.
  It can be said that HOKA KAHA 2 is like a pair of solid foot warriors. What makes it different is that it is lighter and more comfortable to wear, and its appearance is more eye-catching and individual. Daily wear is also trendy enough, and you can use it to match a good vision very casually.
  If you still want to be lighter and more flexible, KAHA 2 has also launched a low-top version, which is also equipped with GORE-TEX and VIBRAM outsole to meet the convenience and brisk journey.

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