How does the psychological stress that disaster event brings ease

Some disastrous events in life, if the media does not properly handle the information, will easily make many viewers or listeners form a wrong feeling, resulting in a negative orientation to the value of life. In response to the crash, many people may also be worried about their future flying shadow. If you deal with the current state of acute stress, it will go away.
In the face of catastrophic events in life, individuals have different reactions, but closed and dense groups are the most likely to form the spread of negative sources. Therefore, teach them common reactions to traumatic events and how to deal with them, encourage them to keep an eye on the event, conduct systematic trauma desensitization, encourage them to talk to family and friends, and tell them that acute stress reactions do not last long and most recover within a few days.
At the same time, can use some simple, relaxation methods, such as muscle relax muscle relaxation (system), respiratory training (learning slow abdominal breathing), positive thinking (to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts) and self-worth training (learn to express their opinions, feelings, and desires), etc., to effectively relieve stress associated with anxiety and tension.
If the environment is limited, you can find a piece of white paper, choose your favorite color pen, meditate for a few minutes, so that the anxious events in your mind become the mandala under the brush, with a point as the center, circle by circle closely spread out, if one piece of paper is still not relaxed, then continue to draw a second, third… Until the anxiety is relieved. At the same time, can also draw good mandala regularly torn into a, and then further torn into pieces, tear the brain thinking of anxiety events, anxiety will slowly gradually weakened down.
In addition, after traumatic events, social support systems are crucial to mobilize as many people as possible to support the witnesses or caregivers, and channel their anxiety through chatting and other means.

“36 56? 26, 14, 74?” As Ms. Luo read the numbers, her husband nodded and blinked from time to time in front of the hospital bed, making a sound of “uh-huh.” These inexplicable numbers are luo Caiyun creates for her husband “love password”.
Luo caiyun, 37, is a native of Dianbai County, Maoming City, Guangdong Province. They met hu Mingyuan, a volunteer in Funan County, Fuyang City, Anhui Province, during a public service activity in 2007. They fell in love with each other and married in 2009.
In early 2012, Hu Mingyuan suffered a sudden myocardial infarction and cerebral hemorrhage. Although she was saved after several rescue efforts, she became a vegetable, unable to move or speak. She could only eat and drink through nasal feeding. “I’m his rock and I’m going to be there for him!” Nasal feeding, turning over, massage… Luo Caiyun took care of her husband silently. After finishing housework, she sat beside the bed chatting with him to relieve boredom.
Once, Luo finished an online joke and saw a smile on Hu’s mouth. “He’s conscious! You understand me!” Extremely surprised Luo Caiyun, tried to communicate with her husband. Hu Mingyuan also gives a response: “MMMM” “ahh”, nod or shake his head.
His world, only I understand! In July 2012, after a long period of hard thinking, a set of “love code” was born. It is written on a small card with 48 vowels and Arabic numerals from 0 to 9 in groups of six pinyin letters, each preceded by a serial number. Luo caiyun holds the card to carry on “training” to her husband, “I say to him, I say the number, if you understand, ‘um’ say aloud or nod!”
At the beginning, two people exchange is not very smooth, Luo Caiyun to repeatedly say a lot of numbers, Hu Anacreontic also want to react for a while to give a response. Under Hu Mingyuan’s bed, there is a thick pile of yellow paper, which records the couple’s daily life through the “special code”.
Over the years, she has been cheering her husband on in this special way. Encouraged, he would tell her in code, “I’ll get better.”
Luo caiyun said: “If the dawn does not come, then LET me light the lamp.” A friend in need is a friend indeed, and she did not believe that the night was long, for the torch was always in her hand!