If life ended tomorrow

For most of us, little thought is given to the fact that life may end tomorrow. We taboo to say death, the day is long, the day is long, where will die? Days are like rice in a bag of rice, enough to count slowly. Although sometimes, we also feel the circulation of years, white clouds and dogs, the blink of an eye. But we are just a little sad, the wind on the moon hair for a while to stay, after the day is still chaotic. A lot of things, vowed to do, but based on one reason or another, stranded. After the event, also found a reason to comfort themselves, not urgent, not urgent, the day is long.
Did the days really last? Here and there hidden crises, natural disasters, man-made disasters, coupled with unpredictable diseases, our lives, sometimes but ants, fragile. A moment before looking at or full of flowers piled up, after a moment is a ground to wither. Life is full of changes, who can guarantee tomorrow, will be safe? Imagine what you would do today if your life ended tomorrow.
You have to say love to the person who is with you. When’s the last time you told him you loved him? How often have you not prepared a gift to please him, as you do in love? You blurry his birthday. You ignored his preferences. You don’t remember what color he’s wearing today. Did he get any wrinkles? Does he have grey hair? Is he in a good mood these days? You don’t know any of this. You say love to the wind and the moon, but you are lazy to say it to him. You had so many moments of beauty, and you lost them. Because close, so ignore. Now, you think of him, heart suddenly very painful.
Spend time with your child and listen to him ask over and over again: Why can birds fly in the sky? Why aren’t we fish? Are the flowers crying? If a biscuit is buried in the ground, will it grow? You smile and touch your child’s head and listen to him patiently without showing any impatience. When he makes a mistake, you don’t get angry. You forgive. You no longer require him to be more outstanding, his dewy childhood, squeezed like a wrinkled walnut. You pray, as long as the child is healthy and safe, is the greatest good.
You’re taking your mother from the country to the doctor. Mother has been complaining about leg pain for a long time. You don’t care. You think, mother is old, the body aches here there aches, also is normal, it doesn’t matter big hinder. You prevaricate mother, mother, when I have a holiday, free, will take you to see a doctor. But when it’s time for vacation, you’ve already put your commitment to your mother behind you, and you stay in your own little world, too lazy to move. A mother is just a gift to you during the holidays.
You’re getting together with some friends. It’s a wonderful time when friends get together and talk. But you always stood your friends up and left them waiting. You always say, “Next time, next time we get together.” But which time is it next? How much of life can wait until next time?
You have to be good to yourself. God, all these years, you’ve forgotten to love yourself. You sink in the mundane things, money, fame, which all threaten you, let you have to run all the way. Only then, you know, that some, but fleeting clouds, can not catch, also can not take away. Finally, you can love yourself without worrying about anything. Make yourself a nice meal, buy yourself an expensive dress, go to the movies, or lie down in the grass and let the sun shine on you.
You’re flying to Tibet. Longing for many years, you always want to go to Tibet, want to get close to the bluest blue sky there, want to move the prayer wheel in front of the Potala Palace. How far does the pilgrim soul creep? On the red-roofed platform of the Potala Palace, can the swallow fly from the corner of the door? These, let you think of.
There are so many things to do, so many as scattered on the ground like sesame seeds, pick up the endless. Fortunately, God is kind and he promised to give you the present moment. Honey, do you know what to do? That is, don’t wait, from now on, one thing at a time to complete.