I’m waiting for you in the rain

  After it was published in 2008, “I’m Waiting for You in the Rain” was on the bestseller list of “New York Times” and won unanimous praise from readers in different countries. All of a sudden, this puppy named “Enzo” became popular all over the world. Enzo’s love and persistence, kindness and loyalty have caused countless readers to cry.
  From the perspective of the little dog “Enzo”, the book describes the happiness and joy, bitterness and sadness of the Danny family. For us, animal thinking is one-liner, simple and clear. But this is not the case with Enzo. Enzo can “smell” the difference in things. Enzo, who can’t speak, has his own expression system. At the same time, the author Garth Stein also portrays Enzo imaginatively, so that Enzo can predict the development of things through imagination or dreams, which makes a reasonable supplement to the development of the novel’s plot.
  The name “Enzo” comes from Enzo Ferrari, the founder of the Ferrari team. Just like the owner of this name, Enzo also loves racing very much, and what he admires most is “Car God” Senna. It was this special puppy that caught the attention of readers around the world.
  Enzo who wanted to be a “Mongolian dog”
  When Danny found Enzo from a group of puppies, the story between them kicked off. Danny is a racer who excels at racing on slippery surfaces in the rain. From the first day he and Enzo met, they watched racing videos together. Danny also explained the principle of driving to Enzo. For Danny, Enzo is his friend, he can share his hobbies with Enzo. All this beautiful until the appearance of Eve, “She just intervened in our lives and changed everything.” Not long after Eve and Danny got married, Eve became pregnant. When Eve gave birth to Zoey, she asked Enzo: “Can you promise me to protect her forever?” Comforting Eve when Danny is away and protecting Eve’s baby.”
  When someone asked Danny why he could win a race on a slippery road, he always said: “Your heart decides what you see.” Enzo engraved this sentence deeply in his mind , it wants to love Eve, so it starts to change its mood, its actions. When Eve found out that she was sick, she regarded Enzo as her confidant. She could tell Enzo many things that she could not say to Danny, although she knew that Enzo could not give her any clear answer. When Eve was seriously ill and was taken back to her parents’ home, she said to Enzo: “Only you can protect me. Please. Don’t let it happen tonight.” In Eve’s eyes, Enzo can Help her fight against the Patronus of Death.
  Enzo once saw a story about a “Mongolian dog” on the “National Geographic Channel”. In Mongolia, after a dog dies, it will be buried on a high mountain. Before reincarnation, the dog’s soul can be free in deserts and plateaus wander around. After reading this story, Enzo said: “They say that not all dogs will be reincarnated, only those who are ready will be. I am ready.” Although Enzo is an ordinary dog, but it is I always hope that when my soul soars, I can become a person who can express my thoughts and do what I want to do. It says “: I want to participate, not just observe.” The words in Zuo’s mind “your heart determines what you see”, Enzo regards himself as a person in his heart, so he gradually becomes Danny’s friend, Eve’s patron saint and Zoey’s playmate.
  Enzo who saw the “zebra toy” clearly.
  When Enzo was young, Eve left it at home for three days. During these three days, Enzo didn’t eat anything, and even had “hallucinations”. It sees Zoey’s favorite zebra toy “self-destructing, ripping out seams after seams and pulling out piles of stuffing until all the hell out of it that made it alive and it’s just a bunch of cloth and stuffing scattered around On the floor. The thing was beating like a heart just taken out of the chest, beating slowly, slower and slower, and then stopped.” This incident makes Enzo feel scared from time to time, because he knows that the zebra toy is by everyone’s side.
  In the eyes of animals, the human world is always complicated. But Enzo was always able to see clearly these troubled world affairs. Enzo is a dog with philosophical thinking. When Danny is struggling, he can use his special way to help Danny see the current situation clearly. Enzo likes to watch videotapes of racing, so he knows until the last moment, and no one will ever know who will be the first to reach the finish line.
  After Eve’s death, Danny’s father-in-law (Enzo called them “twins” because they looked like they were carved out of the same mold: the same color hair, always wearing couple clothes, they all have chemistry on their bodies. Taste) and Danny start fighting for custody of Zoey. In their view, Danny’s career is full of dangers and cannot give Zoe a good education and living environment. But Zhuo Yi likes to live with his father and Enzo. The “twins” began to use all means for Zoey’s custody, accusing Danny of sexual assault and other felonies. And Danny, because of the “twins” accusation, can’t go out to compete to make money. In order to deal with this unexpected lawsuit, Danny needs to pay high legal fees, and almost loses his family because of this, and can’t even pay for Enzo’s medical treatment. Danny, who was in a difficult situation, could only compromise with the “twins”. When Danny was about to sign, Enzo saw a zebra on Danny’s pen. Enzo suddenly understood, “It’s because of our own fears, it’s because of our self-destructive tendencies. In our lowest moments, the zebra is the worst part of us. The devil is ourselves”. So, Enzo rushed up and grabbed Danny’s documents and scratched at them. But Danny started laughing so hard that he knelt on the ground laughing until he couldn’t laugh any more. Faced with Enzo’s “disruptive” behavior, Danny did not get angry, but was very happy, because Enzo taught him that “your heart determines what you see”.
  ”Zebra”, the relationship between Danny and Enzo resembles a kind of inner unity in psychology. The devil-like “zebra” can be regarded as Danny’s “id”. As Freud said, “The id is the real psychological reality, which is the inner world that exists before a person comes into contact with the external world.” In the face of a difficult life, Danny even wanted to give up competing with the “twins” for the custody of Zoey. ). The “Id” manages to overwhelm Danny (the “ego”) with its powerful energy and drive. Enzo is Danny’s “superego”, which can correct Danny’s behavior and requires him to reflect on his own heart from time to time. “Your heart determines what you see.” In this matter, Enzo became Danny’s “heart” and helped Danny see what he really needed.
  A kind of love flows
  in the chaotic time and space. In the novel “I’m Waiting for You in the Rain”, the author intentionally constructs a kind of chaotic time and space, and combines it with the author’s writing style full of deep affection, adding a kind of Sad and moved.
  When Danny was facing difficulties and hardships, Enzo became his only pillar and the “person” who helped him take care of Zoey. However, when Luca approached Danny and offered Danny a job at Ferrari headquarters, Enzo’s hip pain became serious. Its mobility is limited and it cannot run fast. With the efforts of Danny and his lawyers, his case was dismissed and Zoey’s custody was returned. However, Enzo still failed to see Zoey and Danny reunite in the end. When Enzo’s consciousness began to blur, he remembered the story about the “Mongolian Dog” he had seen on the “National Geographic Channel”, and he still firmly said “I’m ready”. It can’t see Danny anymore, but it can still feel Danny whispering softly in its ear, “It’s okay, baby”, “It’s okay”, “You can go”, “I love you, baby” . Under Danny’s gentle call, Enzo left, and it might really have gone to the place it longed for, the place where it could be reincarnated as an adult. The arrangement of this part of the novel is very ingenious. Enzo left Danny’s side just when Danny’s life was getting on the right track, which made the novel leave readers with a stronger sense of regret.
  In the final part of the novel, when Danny is crowned champion in Italy, his daughter Zoe walks up to Danny with two fans. One of the fans said to Danny: “My son, he adores you, he can’t stop talking about you.” The father proudly introduced his son to Danny: “He first sat He’s great, he’s a genius.” Danny leaned down and asked the little boy what his name was, and the boy said, “My name is Enzo, and I want to be a champion.” Dan Ni stared at the boy until he felt that he was being rude…

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