Improve lung function by taking deep breaths regularly

Copd is a disease with a high incidence, and it is accompanied by many complications, such as chronic respiratory failure, emphysema and so on. At present, only drugs, maintenance and other means to delay the disease, reduce symptoms. Therefore, to improve daily habits and start maintenance from details, in order to maximize the quality of life of patients with COPD. Patients with COPD can start with daily life and gradually improve lung function. So, what are the specific curing methods?
? Carry out periodic review
Once you have COPD, don’t take chances. Many patients think that COPD may slowly recover after surgery and taking medicine, but there is no recurrence in the short term. Therefore, they do not take medicine and recheck, which makes their disease further aggravated. This is the result of insufficient understanding of COPD.
In view of this situation, patients with COPD need to update their ideas and be prepared to “play a protracted war”. Regular review can enable doctors to clearly understand the status of the patient’s lung function, according to the actual situation, adjust the medication, develop targeted lung function rehabilitation training program, so as to ensure that symptoms do not worsen rapidly.
? Take deep breaths often
Regular deep breathing is beneficial to enhance the lung function of the patient. There may be discomfort at first, but as the number of inhalation and exhalation increases and the intensity of exercise increases, the patient will get better.
However, it is necessary to pay attention to the air quality when breathing. Because the air quality is relatively poor in some cities, there will be haze, you can choose to practice deep breathing at home, and purchase an air purifier when conditions permit.
The specific methods of deep breathing training are as follows: Keep the arms naturally extended, palms in the air, arms gradually spread outward and upward, deep inspiration to slowly inhale, so that the lungs in the body can absorb enough oxygen, in difficult to continue to suck stop 1 ~ 2 seconds, the palm turned to the front, control the arm arc down forward, the body toward the front and lower flexion, at this time slowly exhale, eliminate clean lung turbidize, in difficult to exhale maintain 1 ~ 2 seconds, Can play a better effect.
When practicing deep breathing, it is necessary to control the intensity and avoid the feeling of fatigue, so as to properly conserve lung function.
? Adjust one’s diet
Copd is characterized by a long period of disease and repeated attacks, which will cause large energy loss in patients.
Family members should adjust the diet for COPD patients based on their current state. Can choose some relatively light diet, eat more fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes, vegetables, cabbage, kiwi, grapes, bananas, etc., also need to add some high-protein food, such as fish, lean meat, eggs, milk and so on. If you feel digestive difficulties, you can arrange some rice porridge and noodles for dinner to reduce the burden on the stomach and intestines, and you can eat in accordance with the principle of eating less and more meals.
? Appropriate movement
Some physical exercise every week is helpful for patients to recover lung function. Some low-intensity exercise can be selected, such as slow walking, sword dancing, cycling, etc. It is best to be accompanied by someone who can deal with accidents in time.
After the above introduction, we must have a preliminary understanding of the lung function maintenance of COPD. I hope patients can improve their understanding, start from the details, improve their living habits, add a layer of protection for their health, and return to normal life as soon as possible.