Picked up the courier at the door of the unit, and Li Qian weighed it in her hand. It was very thin and light. It should be a book bought last week. It was not opened, and she threw it on the back seat when she got in the car. Because she was rushing to pick up her daughter, she was a little anxious.
  The faster the people, the slower the car. Probably because of the May Day holiday, the streets are full of cars, and the wide and stretched asphalt roads on weekdays are almost like parking lots. The sound of horns and the quarrels of drivers after cars are scratched make people miserable. For four or five stops, Li Qian walked for more than fifty minutes. The car stopped and went, stopped and went, and when it finally reached the gate of No. 18 Middle School, it was dark and the students had almost left. Under the streetlight on the right side of the school gate, Wang Xiaohe and two or three classmates were chatting enthusiastically. Seeing her daughter’s calm and sunny face, Li Qian’s unhappiness caused by the traffic jam disappeared. Xiaohe looks like her husband Wang Erjun. Standing together, the father and daughter are indescribably similar in appearance and demeanor. However, because they are young girls, Xiaohe looks more beautiful and elegant.
  Wang Xiaohe’s personality is also like his father’s, always smiling when he speaks. With a daughter in the car, things changed immediately. Xiaohe told her mother interesting stories about the class, but before Li Qian could understand, her daughter was shaking with laughter. After finally finding a gap, Li Qian asked her daughter if she wanted to eat out or go home? The daughter doesn’t care about eating at all, and she hasn’t finished telling her mother about the embarrassing things about her tablemate: “Whatever you want, don’t interrupt me.” Li Qian shook her head. I’m a third-year junior high school student, and it’s time for the senior high school entrance examination in one month. Seeing her mother shaking her head, Xiaohe smiled coquettishly: “Then, I want to eat the boiled fish made by my father. I haven’t eaten it for a long time.” ”
  Your father has something to do tonight. He will cook it for you when he is on holiday tomorrow. Today It’s just us two.”
  “The two of us again.” The daughter muttered dissatisfiedly: “Okay, shall we go eat barbecue?” When it comes to barbecue, Wang Xiaohe is not without excitement, her big watery eyes are full of anticipation .
  ”Barbecue? It’s a waste of time, isn’t it? You have to get up early tomorrow. I’ve made an appointment with a physical education teacher for you. I’ll take advantage of the May Day holiday to make up for your weaknesses. It’s a big loss if you lose too many points in sports.”
  Seeing Wang Xiaohe pouted, Li Qian softened her heart: “Okay, okay, mom will treat you to barbecue today. After eating, you have to hurry up and do your homework, don’t delay everything until the end of the long vacation. You have to get up early tomorrow! ”
  Ouye, long live Ms. Li Qian!” Xiaohe rushed over and kissed Li Qian exaggeratedly.
  The road conditions were better than before, but the vehicles were still passing by. Li Qian concentrated on driving and ignored Xiaohe. Xiaohe picked up the courier in the car and asked: What is this?
  Li Qian said a word, a little casually: It might be the novel I bought last week.
  But Xiaohe looked at it seriously: “Mom, it was sent by the city. Such a thin book? I tore it apart.”
  Seeing Xiaohe shaking her head, Li Qian felt a melting sweetness in her heart. She shook her head mockingly. She shook her head, there was no way, the only person in this world who could hold her back was her daughter. The courier was quickly opened by Xiaohe, and there was actually a notebook inside. A jacaranda flower on the cover is breathtakingly beautiful against a pale black background.
  Li Qian, who glimpsed the jacaranda from the rearview mirror, had a strange feeling in her heart. The jacaranda, the flower that witnessed her youth and love, was the messenger between her and Wang Erjun. The first time Wang Erjun expressed his love to her was under the densely blooming jacaranda tree at Sichuan University. The first gift he gave himself was also a hairpin in the shape of a jacaranda. This guy, if you see the cover of this notebook, you can buy it. Do you still need to send it to the unit? Li Qian couldn’t help shaking her head. Is he surprising himself, or expressing apology? It’s been a long time since I saw him go home for dinner.
  ”Mom, it’s full of numbers? It seems like a shopping record.” Xiaohe flipped through it curiously. Li Qian reprimanded softly: Don’t rummage around, I’ll look at it when I get home. She was worried that Wang Erjun’s mind would get hot, and he would write some love stories and play new tricks in his notebook.
  The car was parked in the parking lot near the commercial street. Before getting out of the car, Li Qian’s cell phone rang suddenly. It was an unfamiliar number. After Li Qian connected, no one spoke, and there was a slight gasp on the phone. Li Qian felt a strange feeling in her heart, a little, how should I put it, inexplicable irritability. The daughter put her arms around her neck: “Mom, whose phone is it? Don’t worry about it, let’s go eat barbecue.”
  Li Qian casually stuffed the notebook with the jacaranda printed on it and the phone into the satchel, and let her daughter take the elevator on her arm.
  There was a long queue in the barbecue shop, Li Qian didn’t want to wait, but Xiaohe couldn’t hold back her begging, so she had to take the number and wait. Xiaohe sat beside her mother attentively and beat her back. Li Qian’s body and mind immediately relaxed, regardless of whether it’s the physical examination in May or the senior high school entrance examination in June, let’s enjoy the coziness and comfort of the long vacation first! She consoled herself.
  The hand beating her back stopped, and Li Qian came back to her senses and asked her daughter: “What’s the matter?”
  Xiaohe pouted: “Mom, do you see the direction on the upper right of you? The woman in the wine-red windbreaker I’ve been staring at you.”
  Li Qian smiled at her daughter like a little spy, and turned her head to look, and sure enough, a young woman looked straight at their mother and daughter. Seeing Li Qian looking at her, the corner of the woman’s mouth turned up and she smiled strangely. Li Qian panicked for no reason, trying her best to search for familiar scenes and past intersections in her mind, wondering if she had seen them before?
  The woman in the wine-red windbreaker didn’t hesitate any longer, and walked towards the mother and daughter with a smile on her face.
  ”Are you Wang Erjun’s wife?”
  ”Are you?” Li Qian laughed at herself: I’m afraid she really has prosopagnosia. I can’t remember people. My memory is really
  failing .
  ”Didn’t Wang Chu tell you about me? I also graduated from the History Department of Sichuan University. Speaking of which, we are still alumni. You are a senior, and I am a few years younger than you. After graduation, I returned to Hanzhong. It is still Wang Chu I was transferred back to Xi’an after contacting me.”
  Li Qian relaxed, nodded and smiled: “Alumni. That’s great! Not many graduates from Sichuan University come to work in Xi’an. Are you a local? What’s your surname?” The woman didn’t answer
  . The former took Li Qian’s hand affectionately: “Senior sister, there are many people in line today, and I’m alone. It’s better to meet by chance. I’ll take advantage of your number and treat you to a meal.” Li Qian was stunned for a moment
  . , is this too familiar? Yes, or not? She didn’t know what to do.
  ”By the way, my name is Chen Ziqing, you can call me Xiao Chen.”
  Before Li Qian could answer, Chen Ziqing had already hugged Xiaohe’s shoulder affectionately: “It’s so cute, like Er Jun.” Er Jun
  ? This is too intimate, right? Li Qian was a little at a loss, but she looked at the woman with a calm face, and she seemed to have a small belly. She shook her head and smiled. Locals in Xi’an often address others without their surnames, but she has studied in Sichuan for several years, so she is not used to this kind of intimacy.
  At the table, Chen Ziqing chatted and laughed happily. She was called Senior Sister Li Qian, but she referred to Xiaohe as her younger sister. Although the seniority is a bit messy, the three women in one drama can be very hot without much effort, especially Chen Ziqing and Wang Xiaohe, who seem to be a pair of biological sisters who haven’t seen each other for many years. Which brand of coffee tastes good, which place’s milk tea makes people miss it, which one’s rice noodles are more delicious, which theater has the best sound effect, the two of them are like a treasure, and you and I talk endlessly, interspersed from time to time A few popular words, burst into laughter.