Land surfing? In? Dirt? Harvest the thrill of “surfing”

  Land surfboard, referred to as “Lu Chong”. As the name suggests, this is a skateboard that simulates surfing on the sea. As early as the 1990s, the sport was born abroad.
  In 1995, there were two young people beside Venice Beach, Falco and Kraft, who wanted to find the feeling of surfing on land, dreaming of galloping on asphalt and asphalt roads. They began to try brackets at various angles, and also considered combinations of materials with different hardness. Finally, Kraft welded the first biaxial bracket, and on this basis, developed a spring bridge that can support long-term and stable swings. This bracket is named C1, which marks the official birth of the landing rush movement.
  Different from traditional skateboards, the front axle of the Luchong board is more flexible, which is convenient for turning left and right. The wheels are larger, softer, and more elastic. Traditional skateboarding is still too hardcore for most people, focusing more on skills and tricks, and has extremely high requirements for body balance and skateboarding skills training.

  The land surfboard is relatively relaxed and friendly. It does not need to bother to kick the ground. It is a simple version of the exercise that can continue to advance by relying on core strength and coordinating the strength of the waist, shoulders and legs. It only slightly tests the body’s flexibility and sense of balance.
  Land surfboards are very fast to learn. For novices, they may swing back and forth and rub the ground desperately when they first get on the board, and then gradually enjoy the process of gliding. They can learn many skills in a month, unlike the basic skills of double-ups. Jumping” takes a lot of practice.
  Due to its low difficulty of getting started, it is aimed at a wide range of users, and anyone aged 10 to 45 can play to their heart’s content. Lu Chong does not have a particularly strong scene restriction, and it can be integrated with people’s lives. It is even a good option to take it out to brush the streets. Having leisure options also means that landing punch is a sport that is easy to be widely spread and is likely to continue to spread.

  According to research data, the global market size of skateboarding is expected to reach 2.4 billion US dollars in 2025, or about 15.25 billion yuan. This forecast may be conservative, ignoring domestic potential. China belongs to the early stage of development, and Lu Chong is a subdivision field that has just started.
  It stands to reason that if there are 300 million domestic skiing enthusiasts, then Lu Chong may also have a potential market of 300 million people. Those who love surfing and skiing are almost the same group of people, but when surfing and skiing are not available, there is Lu Chong. A considerable part of the players who drive the Luchong boom are skiing and surfing enthusiasts. In fact, according to media reports, 80% of the domestic clubs currently operating as Lu Chong were also skiing and surfing clubs. Coupled with the fact that an average overseas person owns 3 boards, under ideal conditions, the market potential is quite considerable. It’s a pity that there are no listed companies in the Lu Chong industry chain, and more opportunities are in the real industry.

  Compared with last year, the entire Luchong market in China has increased by 10 times year-on-year, and the prices of the three giants of imported brands have reached 1,800 to 3,000 yuan.
  The strong market demand has also prompted many domestic outdoor sports entrepreneurs to target this market. Camel, an outdoor sports brand, achieved a year-on-year sales growth of 4,000%. In addition, many ski equipment stores are now also selling Luchong equipment, including protective gear, shoes and hats, wheels, etc., and the sales volume can even be evenly matched with ski equipment.
  However, compared with overseas brands, domestic Luchong brands mostly take the cost-effective route, and the prices are generally low, basically below 1,000 yuan. Overseas brands have a first-mover advantage and have more patents. Domestic brands have a short development time, so most of them are copied or improved foreign products. As a result, in terms of quality and experience, there is still a gap between the level of most domestic landfill brands and overseas brands.

  Since 2022, not only Lu Chong has become popular in urban sports, but also cycling, frisbee, paddle board, flag football and so on.
  What they have in common may be that they yearn for the outdoors and experience life. Some people worry that these sports will disappear after the heat is over, but with the entry of all parties, the future should be colorful.
  Skateboarding and cycling itself have many events. Frisbee, paddle board, and flag football have gradually been officially recognized, and more and more people may participate.