Listen to the singing of the Milky Way

  When the mist shrouded the land of Bonan in Yongping County, Bonan Town began to feel like a dream in the mist. On both sides of the Yinjiang River, the fog became more dense. .
  When revisiting the Yinjiang River, one must go to the old street by the Yinjiang River. The old street has been the seat of Yongping County since the Ming Dynasty. The well-known “Xinguang Site” and splendid culture. To relive history, you must punch in the Xinhua Street on the west bank of the Yinjiang River, which is covered with bluestone slabs.
  I saw a magnificent stone archway located at the intersection of Xinhua Street. The stone archway was built in 2017. The door is 12 meters wide and 8 meters high. The street name “Xinhua Street” is engraved on the front and the word “Dehua” is engraved on the back. In other words, Xinhua Street is the main street in Yongping history, a place for commodity exchange, and a witness of historical changes. Against the backdrop of the sun, the stone archway reflects nostalgic elements such as red lanterns, horse head walls, and small green tiles on Xinhua Street, as if telling its long history and charm. With the expansion of the county to the south, there is no trace of the old prosperity on Xinhua Street. The glory and splendor of the past, as well as the cultural fragments on both sides of the Yinjiang River, can only be traced in the Yongping County Library next to the stone archway.
  Enter the door, go up to the second floor along the concrete steps, and explore in the scattered ink fragrance, which contains the endless life of countless lives after blooming, decaying, and rebirth. Between the lines, you can find the continuation of the fireworks in the markets on both sides of the Yinjiang River. Those memories that are exclusive to the Yinjiang River are hidden in a corner of a certain bookshelf. A series of historical pictures will bloom into a sea of ​​flowers in my mind, and the faint fragrance will overshadow the momentum of galloping horses and the prosperity of you coming and going. Fortunately, these books in hand are preserved in the library. As long as there are words, the memory of history will not be blocked, and all the past will be reborn in the passing time.
  I took a book, and my heart became soft. I basked in the sun on the light blue bench in the library. The squeaky bench was like the noise in the record player when I was a child. Symbols are played sporadically, dust breaks out in the sunlight, and disappears in the cracks of the books in an instant. Beyond the ink fragrance within reach, is the silver river in front of the library.
  Perhaps, since the day I left home, every step I have taken is to get closer to these memories that belong to the Milky Way. For wanderers, life is like a boat going down the river. After drifting away, even looking back again and again, the memories related to the Milky Way are in the net bag of time, leaving mottled fragments and blurred bits and pieces. Perhaps, everyone who leaves the town has a river in his heart, a big river that can sing songs of nostalgia at any time.
  50 meters east of the library is the Yinjiang River, which is a big river meandering through Xinhua Street and through the entire Bonan Town. The writer Su Tong said in the book “The River”: “The river water can talk.” The Yinjiang River is such a talking river. The Yinjiang River flows through the four towns of Longmen, Bonan, Changjie and Shuixie from north to south Longitudinal, it stretches for nearly a hundred miles in Yongping Bazi, reflecting the starlight of the Tianhe River, carrying the brilliance of civilization, going out of the deep mountains, rushing to the heart of the mountains and valleys, linking the splendor of the Bonan Ancient Road and the Southern Silk Road . Xu Xiake, a traveler in the Ming Dynasty, described the Yinjiang River in his travel notes: “Every year, Meng Dong is approaching dawn, and there is white air across the river, which looks like a silver dragon, hence the name.” For the people of Yongping, the Yinjiang River is a river of life, which nourishes the land of Yongping and nourishes the multiplication of various ethnic groups; it is a river of civilization, which waters the “Xinguang Site”, Yongping Biantun culture and dish culture. Spectrum culture; it is a river of culture. The three famous travelers in the history of the world, Marco Polo, Xu Xiake, and Edgar Snow, crossed the Bonan Ancient Road from different directions in different times and waded through the water of the Yinjiang River. Yongping left dots of cultural symbols. The literati Luo Binwang, Tong Xuan, Yang Shen, Wang Chang, and Gui Fu of all dynasties and dynasties have traveled on the ancient roads and stopped in Yongping, leaving behind many colorful poems that have flowed through the ages in the history of Chinese literature. Mountains, drinking tea, washing feet, and blowing the wind, don’t care about the turmoil of the current situation, only care about the open-mindedness and calmness of life, or laugh at the sky, or sing a sad song, or compose a poem, indulge in the mountains and rivers on the land of Bonan, laugh and watch In the world, their souls are clear and bright, and they use words to ignite the stars. Every stone on the Yinjiang River carries the seeds of thousands of years of culture; The song guides me to dream back to the Milky Way again and again.
  Walk on the Yingyue Bridge across the two banks and feel the artistic conception of “a crescent moon and a sorrowful bend”. The Yinjiang River at night is more full of tranquil charm. Once upon a time, the “Yinjiang Night Moon” spectacle, the first of the “Eight Views of Yongping”, appeared on the Yinjiang River. According to “Yongchang Mansion Chronicle”: Yinjiang is the Yinlong River (Yinjiang River). Suddenly I saw a full moon, bright and turbulent. After about one or two o’clock, it was not easy to see. The wonder of “Yinjiang Night Moon” is that when the sky is clear and the stars are bright, the moon will appear in the water when there is no moon in the sky. No one has ever heard of this spectacle. But this spectacle may have been seen by Yang Sheng’an, a talented scholar in the Ming Dynasty, and by literati who traveled from south to north, and they left many poems describing “Moon Night on the Yinjiang River”. For example, “The auspiciousness of the treasure is auspicious, and the night on the Yinjiang River is still dark. A golden moon is shining, and the jade people on both sides of the strait can see it.” These poems add a bit of mystery to the spectacle of “Moonlight on the Yinjiang River”.
  On the east bank of the Yinjiang River, the statue of Yang Sheng’an is calm and relaxed under the moonlight. Yang Sheng’an came all the way and left a good story on the land of Bonan. On this Milky Way, he found his hometown in his dreams. On the land of Bonan, he healed his wounds with mountains and rivers, and looked at the world with a smile of pride. Occasionally, when I miss the Yinjiang River, I will go back to the Yinjiang River like today, quietly listening to the sound of the Yinjiang River washing the shore, it seems that as long as I hear the shallow waves, all the unpleasantness will be gone Float away with the current. When I encounter a difficult situation that is really impossible to get through, I will play a theme song of the TV series “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” in a foreign land. In the cycle, feel the boldness of “how many things in the past and the present are all in the jokes”. The whole poem expresses Yang Shengan’s implicitness in boldness, deepness in high-pitchedness, indifference and tranquility in desolation and tragedy. The torrent of enlightenment made me face life more openly.
  Walk down the Yingyue Bridge, sit on the shore, and quietly feel the beauty of the four seasons and the beauty of the Yinjiang River in the night. You can only see the scenery lights of the Yinjiang Bridge and Xinhua Bridge, which are radiant in the night. The night scenery on both sides of the strait is as beautiful as a picture scroll. After seeing the scenery and walking tired, can I rely on the stones beside the Yinjiang River for the rest of my life.
  The water of the Yinjiang River in front of us seems weak and boneless, but it is very interesting to roll small waves on the landscape stones, rush here and there among the water plants, and sometimes hide in the creek on the bank to rest. . The primary school I attended when I was a child was on the bank of the Yinjiang River. When I was a child, the bank of the Yinjiang River was the playground for me and my friends. We picked up stones, built castles, and drifted on tires. Every time I looked at the water of the Yinjiang River, I laughed and sang. The sound of water and water merged into happy songs in the depths of memory, running through every cell in the body. Later, these songs became a good medicine for calming the mood.
  The Yinjiang River has only one direction, and that is the Lancang River. Whether it is standing on the side of the Lancang River or wandering on both sides of the Yinjiang River, there are always thousands of feelings in my heart. Walking the path that the poet walked, blowing the wind blown by the ancestors, gurgling Explore history in the sound of water. My family has been rooted on the banks of the Yinjiang River for a hundred years. During these hundred years, there are bits and pieces that laid the foundation for Yongping traditional Chinese and Western medicine, historical records of the development and growth of Yongping’s educational foundation, and indulgence in Yongping Mountain. The artistic preservation of water. Whether it is a young man in fresh clothes and an angry horse, or an old man singing loudly, they all disappear into the vast Bonan Mountain along with the Yinjiang River in front of them. Batch after batch of literati have left the seeds of culture for Yongping. Generations of family members pass on family traditions on both sides of the Milky Way. The dead are like this, life is limited, the river is endless, and the green mountains are always there.
  From the Yinjiang Bridge to the north, the bamboo on the old wall is faintly visible in the hustle and bustle. The family motto of “If you are poor, you don’t sell books and leave them for your children and grandchildren, but if you are old, you plant bamboo and leave them for future generations to read.” It has been passed down by the Yinjiang River for a hundred years. In the past, bamboo could be seen everywhere along the Yinjiang River, but now due to the advancement of urbanization, it has been replaced by rows of landscape trees. The Yinjiang River passes through the street, and the warm and jade-like water flows freely in the palm prints of Mother Earth. Wandering by the river, countless memories of the past float in front of my eyes and wet the stone bridge in front of me. I try to spread the splendid culture of the Yinjiang River to the world with the height of the King’s Landing. A small town has continued for thousands of years, with endless power. In a prosperous age, everyone deserves to break through the boundaries of their hearts, love nature and life after many trips and returns, and live life as a poem, because those who love life will eventually be loved by life.
  At this time, on both sides of the Yinjiang River, some people were singing and drinking in the night market fireworks, and some people’s eyes rolled into the spring evening breeze head-on, just like the writer Yu Qiuyu said: “The most attractive thing in the world is a group of people who live comfortably. It is a life signal sent by someone who is alive.”
  When a plate of fragrant yellow braised chicken was brought to the table, I instantly understood that by the Yinjiang River, there are people waiting, the old house is still there, the singing is far away, and a bowl of fireworks is just a moment away. Feel the sun and the moon are long, and the mountains and rivers are safe.

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